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Monday, November 26, 2012

OpenVDB DreamWorks goes Open Source

Here's some Pro Animation Software. OpenVDB (DreamWorks) is now Open Source. Check it out...


About OpenVDB

The OpenVDB library comprises a hierarchical data structure and a suite of tools for the efficient manipulation of sparse, possibly time-varying, volumetric data discretized on a three-dimensional grid. It is based on VDB, which was developed by Ken Museth at DreamWorks Animation, and it offers an effectively infinite 3D index space, compact storage (both in memory and on disk), fast data access (both random and sequential), and a collection of algorithms specifically optimized for the data structure for common tasks such as filtering, CSG, compositing, numerical simulation, sampling, and voxelization from other geometric representations. The technical details of VDB will be described in a forthcoming paper in ACM Transactions on Graphics.

OpenVDB is maintained by DreamWorks Animation and was developed primarily by

  • Ken Museth
  • Peter Cucka
  • Mihai Alden
  • David Hill


  • Fast random and sequential voxel access
  • Mesh and particle conversion tools
  • Volumetric compositing tools
  • Sparse resampling
  • Interactive CSG
  • Topological dilation
  • Finite differencing schemes
  • Point scattering
  • Frustum transforms
  • Filtering and convolution
  • Compressed Hermite data
  • Standalone OpenGL viewer
  • Level set toolkit
  • Fast adaptive meshing without postprocessing
  • Native Houdini integration

OpenVDB DreamWorks goes Open Source
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