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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dropbox - Great way to send large files (But I like these Services Better)

This was my Reply to an e-mail from a friend about DropBox...

On 11/09/2012 04:07 PM, aaron wrote:
I came across this neat way to share large files with others that are too big to email. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free!

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the info. I mostly use Google Drive for file sharing. It's free up to 5GB ( And you don't have to send out Invites to get the 5GB either. I have an account for really large file sharing. I got in when they were new and got 50GB for free. Looks like they only have a 14 day trial for free now though:(

Also, I haven't tried them out yet. Box ( gives you 5GB for Free. But, You Send it, ( is only a "Free Trial". So I wouldn't waste my time on that. Ubuntu 1 offers 5GB for Free and also has 20GB of Music Streaming for Mobile listening for a monthly fee. This makes me wonder if the Free Account will let you upload Music. This matters to me. Since I sing and write songs and like to share them with people. But, if music files are blocked on the Free Service. Then I'm not interested in Ubuntu 1. Besides that. I run Fedora Linux and I don't really like Ubuntu. And it Does Not have an App for Fedora. What's up with that? Ubuntu? Are you going Proprietary??? The only reason that I would be interested in either of these Services it to easily send large files via e-mail. The Pic below, shows the Built in Apps Support for e-mailing files of 5MB and bigger. I use Thunderbird. A Free and Open Source e-mail App. But, I bet these features are in other e-mail Apps too.

Cloudme is another good File Sharing Service ( that is Free up to 3GB. And you get more than just file sharing. See, the Screen Shot below... 

And there is another good way to share files and have an Online Operating System too, ( Not only can you Share Files. But, there is a nice little set of Applications that you can use Online. A Cloud OS. It has Image Editing, Word Processing, a Cloud Music Player and more. See the Screen Shots below. These Apps, will also work on a Smart Phone, with the Glide App installed. You can create meetings and build a Flash Web Site too. The site looks nice. But, Flash is not a good way to build a Web Site. It wont work in all Web Browsers and doesn't index well in Search Engines. But, it has some nice bells and whistles. Glide Runs on Flash. Which Doesn't work well in Firefox 16 on my Fedora 14 System. But, it does just fine in Chrome. But, if you run Windows XP or newer. Then it should work fine for you.


Check em out...


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