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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kororaa 17 (Bubbles) Released - Fedora 17 Linux Remix

Kororaa 17 is a new one to me. It's a Fedora Linux Remix and it sounds very interesting. It is ready to go. Right after initial installation or you can run it Live too on USB or CD - DVD. It does come with the Dreaded (as far as I am concerned) Gnome 3 Desktop as the Default Desktop. So, do most Fedora Based Distros. But, there is also KDE and Cinnamon (Experimental) Desktops available too. I have been Running Fedora Linux as my Main OS, since Fedora 5 and it is my favorite OS. I have tried out many other Fedora Remixes. But, I have ended up, building my own Personal Remix. Each time that a new Version of Fedora comes out. I am still running Fedora 14. Because of the advent of Gnome 3. I find Gnome 3 completely unusable and do not want to change the way I work. I'm not using a Mobile Phone. I'm using a Desktop Computer!:O So, have stayed with Gnome 2, for as long as it works for me and the OS is Safe Online. But, I have been watching for other Desktop's that could be a good substituted for Gnome 2 and work in the newer versions of Fedora (Cinnamon, Mate etc). Some Apps that I really like. I see, come installed on Kororaa 17, VLC Media Player - Streamer and Kdenlive Video Editor. And a must have for me, Krusader (a twin panel file manager). I tried out Kororaa-17-x86_64-Live-KDE Live, on a USB Stick. And did a little Video Editing in Kdenlive. It worked great and was fast too. That's on a 1.8Ghz Core 2 Duo, with 1.5Gig of am and a 512mb Video Card. So, Kororaa should run great on a newer System! I'm now planning on installing Kororaa on one of my Hard Drives on this System. I'll still keep using my own Fedora Remix for my Every Day Work. But, Kdenlive stopped working in my Fedora 14 System a few updates ago and I really miss it. Check out Kororaa for your Self. You may just love it!:)  


Kororaa 17(Video)

Video Link...

Kororaa 17 (Bubbles) released

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Kororaa 17 (codename “Bubbles”) which is now available for download. Although I delayed this release by two weeks, unfortunately only half a dozen or so mirrors have currently synchronised the ISO images. Please be patient with slower downloads until the rest complete. Thank you.

We are starting to get a nice little community around Kororaa and I’d to thank everyone for their help and support, which is greatly appreciated. I’d like to especially thank the following three people (in alphabetical order), who have all played a crucial role in making this release possible:

  • Ian Firns (firnsy)
  • Jim Dean (ozjd)
  • Liam Campbell (lijcam)

Derived from Fedora 171, this release comes with the usual Kororaa extras out of the box, such as:

  • Tweaked KDE and GNOME base systems
  • Experimental support for Cinnamon desktop in GNOME
  • Third party repositories (Adobe, Chrome, RPMFusion, VirtualBox)
  • Firefox as the default web browser (with integration theme for KDE)
  • Firefox extensions enabled (Adblock Plus, DownThemAll, Flashblock, Xclear)
  • Instant messaging client (Kopete for KDE, Empathy for GNOME)
  • Microblogging client (Choqok for KDE, Gwibber for GNOME)
  • Full multimedia support (excluding Flash, see next)
  • Adobe Flash plugin installable via package manager
  • Jockey device manager to handle drivers such as ATI and NVIDIA
  • Video editor (Kdenlive for KDE, OpenShot for GNOME)
  • VLC as the default media player
  • SELinux enabled (particularly worthwhile for Flash)
  • English (Australian/British) support & dictionaries
  • and more..

GNOME 3 comes with two desktops – the default Shell (plus fallback mode) as well as experimental support for Cinnamon desktop from Linux Mint. Shell includes a number of extensions to provide an enhanced user experience (and help ease the transition from GNOME 2.x), and Cinnamon has also been designed to provide a more comfortable experience. Kororaa also includes GNOME Tweak Tool to put further customisation at the user’s fingertips.

GNOME Desktop Cinnamon Desktop
Kororaa 17 GNOME desktop Kororaa 17 Cinnamon desktop

The KDE desktop has a custom layout with specific default applications, such as Firefox for the web and VLC for media. KDE has long shipped the Netbook interface, designed for computers with smaller screen real estate.

KDE Desktop KDE Netbook Desktop
Kororaa 17 KDE desktop Kororaa 17 KDE Netbook desktop

It is still recommended that existing Kororaa users perform a fresh install and users still on Kororaa 15 should install 17 as the older version is no longer supported upstream.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the forums, so download it today and let us know!

Note: Kororaa is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project. Official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website.


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