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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1988 Toyota Pickup $800 or Trade

1988 Toyota Pickup $800 or Trade for a Rebuilt Chevy Turbo 350
Transmission for 4 Wheel Drive Blazer. Also consider trading for 4
Wheeler, Dirt Bike, Trail-Street Preferred or Possibly Trade for
Chopper in need of some repairs. Toyota Pickup with 22RE Fuel Injected
4 cylinder with Auto Transmission Long Bed Pickup has 140423 Miles on
the Odometer. Auto Trans with overdrive, works good. I had the
Radiator acid vat-ed and cleaned. I believe the Motor needs a Head
Gasket or complete rebuild. I bought it from a friend I thought all it
needed was a fuel pump. It's an in tank electric. They were pretty
expensive so I did some research and figured out that a Holley
Electric Fuel Pump which is really for a V8 Mustang would work and it
was allot cheaper. So I put the Holley in since I was figuring I might
do an engine swap one day anyway. I got it running and tuned it up,
put New Plugs, Wires and Distributor Cap on it. I put some New Side
Mirrors and one of those Chrome Rings on the front passenger side
wheel, also the Seat Pad in the cab. It had some rusty spots on the
sides, so I cut them out and filled them with fiberglass and body
putty. I still haven't sanded them down and painted them yet. After I
started driving it, I found out that it was overheating. I took it to
a radiator shop and had the radiator vatted and cleaned. I was
beginning to worry about the Head Gasket by that time, since it always
overheated after about 15 to 20 mile trips. The Radiator Shop
confirmed that the Head Gasket was about to go. I parked it in Aug 06
and I just haven't felt like working on it, since I have some health
problems. When I tried to start it to move it to the back, it wouldn't
stay running. I think that water is leaking into the cylinders now and
diluting the fuel. The Head is aluminum so it will probably need to be
machined when you put on the new Head Gasket. I let it set for a while
and now the motor wouln't turn over. I think it's rusted up from the
water leaking into the cylinders. Thus I think it would be best to
rebuild the motor. The tires have good tread and it drives straight.
It has Fuel Infection and is rated at 22mpg. Don, More Pics at

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