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Monday, June 29, 2015

A Bunch of good tips on things to put in a Back Pack - Car Survival Kit Emergency Bag - YouTube

This video, by EverydayTacticalVids. Has a bunch of good tips. On things to put in an Emergency Back Pack. He keeps his, in his car. But, the main idea, here. Is, keep it somewhere, that is available to you, when needed. I have two Back Packs. Ready for basic, needs. Clothes, Medicines, Flash Light, Towel, Shaving Cream, Personal Hygiene Items, etc. Plastic Bags, String, Matches. Things I need when I Travel or Couch it, at a Friends House. I keep, one Pack in my Truck. And one at the foot of my Bed. In case I need to travel in a hurry. I have had and kept a Pack, ready to go. Since about 1995. Before that, and to this day. I kept a few emergency items and plenty of Tools, in my Car or Truck or Van. What ever I was driving, at the time. I also, keep a Sleeping Bag and pillows, in my Truck and two in the Van. The Van has a Bed. And it's hard to sleep, without my pillow!;) In case I get stranded in Cold Weather, the Sleeping Bags, could save lives. Or if  I get the urge to go Camping, suddenly strikes me. Then I'm ready to go. I have a small Cooler, with, Forks, Knives, Spoons, Cooking Utensils, Can Opener, Salt, Pepper, Paper Towels, etc, in my Truck. Catsup Packages from the Burger Drive Troughs. I use to keep some dry and or Canned Food, in there too. But, I don't actually drive, very often, any more. So, the food got old and I took it out. The heat of the Sun ruins almost anything faster, too. I don't actually remember if I have food, in the Truck, now. But, I have a Big Plastic Camping Box, in the Garage. Ready to go, with Utensils, Plastic Bags, Food etc. But, even the dried food, got old after 10 years. So, I took most of the food out. We do have plenty of Dried and Canned Food in the Kitchen Pantry, though. I have a Coleman Stove, that I can get out easily, if needed. And two Big Coolers, in the Garage too. One is an Ice Chest and one is an AC - DC Electric Cooler. It works great too. I use to carry it on Trips. When I had a Traveling Job. I could leave it running in the Truck, for up to 8 hours, without running the Truck Battery Down. That was a 2000 Chevy Silverado Pickup. And it was a brand new Truck, then. So, the Battery was good and the charging system worked well too. I would take it into my Hotel Room and Plug it into the AC Outlet. When I was not Driving. I also, carried a VCR and a Micro Wave too. But, that's another Story... I don't have the Truck any more. I have a 1976 Chevy Blazer 4x4 and a 1983 Dodge Van now. I've had the Blazer since 1992. It's my favorite Truck, I've ever had. I use to go Four Wheeling in it allot. Anyway, I've always liked being prepared. I have driven, mostly older Cars, Trucks and Vans. In my lifetime. I tried to always keep them well maintained. But, once in a while. Something would break. And I would just Pull off the Road. Find a Safe Spot to stop. And fix the problem. And then be on my way again. I always, kept extra parts and plenty tools, for Emergence Road Fixes. If I could afford to keep Brand New, Extra Parts. I would. If not. I fall back on the Used, but, still Usable Parts. That I had taken off and saved for a Rainy Day. I only got stuck, on the side of the road, without the right part. One time, in the late 70's. I blew a Freeze Plug out of the Motor. In my 70SS Chevelle. It had a 402 Bog Block. And I had put in an expandable Rubber Freeze Plug in it. To replace Metal one, that rusted out. Right behind the Motor Mount. I couldn't get in there to put in a regular Plug. They have to be Driven in, with a Hammer. But half way through my trip home. The Motor Mount hit the nut on that adjustable Freeze Plug and knocked it clean out! Buy the time I realized, it. And the Motor was Heating up, from loss of Water. That Plug, was about mile or so back down the road. And could have rolled of in a Field on into a Ditch. Slim chance of finding that thing. This was way out in the Country. No Phone Booth or House in Site, for miles. And No such thing as a Mobile Phone, in those days (1977). I had my wife and young children with me. On a 125 mile trip, back home, to Azle. To visit my Mom. And it was hot Summer Time. But, a local Farmer. Saw us and stopped. He had us follow him, back to his Farm. Just a bit down the side road. And he and his buddy. Put a regular freeze Plug, in my Motor. For me, for Fee! He wouldn't let me pay him a thing. I could tell, he didn't like my type. Long hair and all. Because he had said. He wouldn't have stopped. Except, he saw my little children, in the car, in the Heat. I didn't really know if I could trust him either. I had seen one too many, Scary Movies. About what happens to Hippies, who get stranded in the Country, on a Hot Summer Day. He was very gruff. And kept telling me to go in the house and they would take car of my car. I thought, maybe they were going to hide it behind the Barn. And try to steel my SS Chevelle. And run us off with Shot Guns. Or Kill us!:O But his wife, was very nice and invited my Wife and kids inside. So, there I was. Thinking... What's more Important. Protecting my car. OR Protecting My wife and kids, inside or where ever they had been lured to... So, I went into the House, to make sure my family was ok. It all turned out better than I was imagining. They installed that Freeze Plug in no time. And he wouldn't tell me his secret. On how he got that thing in there. Behind that Motor Mount. Without taking it off. I can't remember now, for sure. But, I think we did eat dinner with them. And I was very grateful and let them all know, for sure. I think he was a bit Surprised, when I mentioned the Lord. And how I figured, the Lord had sent him to help us. And I think we both learned a little lesson. About not judging people by their Fashion Choices, that day. Me with my long Hippie Hair. And him, with his Red Neck Looks and attitude. Back in 1977... And yes, I have kept both Steel and Brass, Brand New Freeze Plugs in my Tool Box ever since that day... Never needed one again:) So, as for being Prepared...  EverydayTacticalVids, in this video. Has quite a few good tips, on things to put in your Pack. In case of an emergency, of several types. Check out the related links too...


Car Survival Kit / Emergency Bag

Video link...

Published on Dec 23, 2013

Car Survival Bag / Emergency Bag

This is the bag I keep in the trunk of my car at all times. The opening of the video explains some of the thinking that goes into the item selection, and the end of the video explains the other items I have in my car for giving away and for specifically car repair. That said, watch, enjoy, subscribe, and comment.

Want to purchase EDC, tactical, emergency, or survival items? I'd be very thankful if you would use the following link to support Everyday Tactical Vids when you search for gear on Amazon:

Bag - L.A. Police Gear Operator Backpack
Patches - Pick Your Favorites
Keychain tape measure
Keychain thermometer
ITW Tac Links
Fixed blade - HK Conspiracy (plain edge)
SOL Emergency Whistle
Weight Bearing Carabiner
Generic 'Altoids' Tin
UCO Waterproof Matches
Bic Lighters
Magnesium and Ferro Rod
SOL Signal Mirror
Large Sewing Needles
CRKT Eat N' Tool
Mini Sharpie
Repel bug spray
Clear 50 gallon garbage bag/drum liner
Mountaineering sunglasses
4 sticks of beef jerky
Travel, compact Bible
Husky crank flashlight
Streamlight Task Light
Black Diamond headlamp
Mechanix gloves
Hand warmers
Batteries in box (AAA, AA, C, and a small screwdriver)
Coleman meal-in-a-bag
2 Wetfire fire starters
3 pens
1 highlighter
2 Motorola Talkabout Radios
Small pad of paper
Blackhawk Roll-out Medical bag
Outdoor Gear dry bag
ITW XL Zip-lock bag
Trucker's Friend Utility/Demolition Tool
Klean Kanteen and nesting cup
Wire -- light and heavier gage
Zip ties
Small sewing kit
2 Large
50 feet paracord (high quality)
50 feet paracord (lower quality)
Banana Boat SPF 50 lip balm
100 ft. paracord
SOL Sport Utility blanket
Fleece jacket
Level-2 long-sleeved EMS shirt
Extra wool socks
Northface fleece hat
2 large, heavy duty rubber bands
Dental floss
Rubber bands
Swiss Army Knife
2 smaller needles
Potable Aqua (water treatment)
Poncho (red)
Wool gloves
Boonie hat
Neck warmer/sniper wrap
Dust masks (3)
Toilet paper
Duct tape (2 rolls/2 colors)
Hand warmers
Emergency reflective blanket

Want to purchase EDC, tactical, emergency, or survival items? I'd be very thankful if you would use the following link to support Everyday Tactical Vids when you search for gear on Amazon:

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- 5.11 ATAC PLX Flashlight:

- Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight:

- Benchmade Griptilian:

- Blackhawk Roll-out Medical Bag:

- UTG Messenger Bag:

- Condor Messenger Bag:

- Bahco Laplander Folding Saw:

- Mora Companion Knife:

- KaBar BK2:

- Klean Kanteen Water Bottles:

- Corona Folding Saw:

- Schrade SCAXE2:

- Various Kinds of Paracord:

- Emergency Mylar Blankets:

- Survivor Fire Starter:

- CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk:

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