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Friday, March 28, 2014

Suburban Gorilla Project on Extreme 4x4 - YouTube

Here's an interesting How To Video. On putting a Hummer Body Kit, on a Chevy Suburban Frame. They also put a Banks Diesel Engine and an Allison Auto Trans in it. Thy said the they paid $50 for the Suburban. Which sounds like a good deal. But, by the time they got through Stripping it, for their Conversion. Looks to me like they Paid, $500 for a Frame. That's pretty much all they used of the Truck. So, I'm wondering... With all the Tools, that they have in their Shop. Couldn't they have Built their own Frame for about the same money? Especially, if they went to a local scrap Metal Yard and bout the Steel at a good Price. Although, it would be allot more Work for them.
Anyway, I didn't know about these Hummer Body Kits. So it is interesting to see. Now, what I would like to do. Is Put a Chevy Blazer or Suburban Body on, one of those Government Surplus 6x6 Frames. With a Diesel Engine, already in it.
But, only if the Body was really in bad shape. Those things are so Cool!:).. I mean, if you can afford to buy a brand new Banks Diesel Engine and an Allison Transmission. Why Pinch Pennies on the Frame? Check the related links too...


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Published on Nov 15, 2012

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