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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Sleet and Ice in Azle (DFW) TX 12-07-13

We had Ice and Sleet yesterday (12-06-13). And it is still here, today (Saturday). It is supposed to stay till Monday or Tuesday. It was 80F the day before the Cold Weather came in!:O I haven't been outside, any further than the Porch. To take some Pics. I made a Slide Show Video of my Pics yesterday.

Snow Sleet Ice Azle TX short by Don Bishop 12-06-13

Or You can watch it on YouTube here,

The Roads are very Slick, every where. So, I've seen on TV. Since, we don't have many Sand Trucks or Snow Plows in our Area. Most of the Roads, don't get Cleared of the Ice. Many Trees and Big Limbs have fallen on Homes and Cars, from the weight of the Ice. And some Car Port Covers have fallen on Cars too. And on some Apartment Complexes, in the area. And some Boat Covers at one of the Lakes. Fell on the Boats too. It's quite a mess, when we get this kind of Weather here. Since, we don't get it very often. We are just not very prepared for it, here. If your from a Cold Regen, that gets allot of this kind of Weather. You would probably laugh or be afraid of the Drivers here. When we have Ice on the Roads. They do some crazy things! Oh, and "
Saturday morning, more than 130,000 customers remain without power in North Texas." And "The airport’s focus on Saturday was on airfield surfaces and public roadways, in addition to accommodating about 3,300 travelers who were forced to stay overnight in the terminals." Here's is a local News Page, with some videos, It's 24F now and it's not supposed to get above Freezing Today. It's "Beginning to look allot like Christmas". But, I'm so glad that we only get this kid of Weather, a few days, each year. Stay Warm!:)

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