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Friday, December 13, 2013

Hacking A Reader For Medical Test Strips - medscan by Rahul RAJEEV

Here's a great Project, that could actually help save lives!. I involves the Hacking A Reader For Medical Test Strips. It's called, medscan and Rahul RAJEEV made this to make these Medical Devices Accessible for under $100. The Proprietary Versions cost allot of money. Check out medscan - Rahul's Project...


MedSCAN : Medical card/strip test reader

Hacking an old CD drive to scan and digitize medical test cards and strips. Undertaken as a part of Developer Weekend 2013 24-hour hackathon.

Medical Test strips/ testing cards are now commonly available test for the most common pathogens as well as qualitatively measure one’s health. A quick Google search will reveal this fact. These are easy to use, cheap, and accessible; making them a life saver in situations of emergency where the accuracy of Laboratory testing is not as important or simply not accessible. It helps field doctors during natural disasters as well as in rural settings diagnose and divide risk levels of various diseases. But there are a few key issues with this type of diagnostic testing:
  • The results are mostly qualitative, while doctors (and users) mostly need quantitative data.
  • The reading of the result is manual and hence subjective(especially if you are color blind)
  • Tabulation and storage of this data is painful.
I was exposed to this problem while I was working at Clearbridge BioLoc – a start-up that makes cutting edge diagnostic test cards that can complete hours’ worth of lab tests (including ELISA and Immuno-Assay) in just a few minutes. I worked on a proof of concept for their card scanner called the AssayQuest™.
The solution to all the above mentioned problems is having a test card/strip scanner. But these are extremely rare and costly. For instance, this HbA1C test kit.
So I decided to build sub- $100 scanner at a 24-hour hackathon.

Read More and see Videos and Pics...

Hacking A Reader For Medical Test Strips - medscan by Rahul RAJEEV

Hacking A Reader For Medical Test Strips
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