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Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to make a simple Arduino wireless shield - Hack-Wiki - Hard- und Softwarehacks

How to make a simple Arduino wireless shield

There’s always the need for cheaper Arduino equipment and there’s always the need for wireless activities in your project. But an Arduino wireless shield costs much. Everyone of us has got an ethernet shield. They are good but not wireless. Well. Let’s see if we can improve this. At first you need an ethernet shield and a wireless router TL-WR702N. (both 30-35€ that’s half as much as the wireless shield here in Germany costs)

Take a millfile and carefully abridge the left and the right side about 0.3mm so that the PCB fits backwards between the pinheader on the Arduino.

Take some glue to fix the Router at the pins. Take care of the ethernet connector. It shouldn’t touch anything on the ethernet shield. After that the router should be removable like an Arduino shield.

Power supply: the advantage of this little router is that it works out of the box with 5V.

5V: solder it to the right site of R113 but don’t bridge it.


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