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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FTDI EVE - LCD Touch Display Controller (the FT800) Embedded Video Engine with, display, audio, and touch operations

This Chip, EVE (the FT800) Embedded Video Engine (EVE). Sounds like it could make it possible, for even a beginner, like me, to be able to build their own Project Board. With, display, audio, and touch operations. EVE is Targeted for, QVGA and WQVGA TFT Display Panels. Check it out...


Embedded Video Engine from FTDI Chip

Video Link...

FTDI EVE - LCD Touch Display Controller

FTDI Chip is redefining the cost and quality paradigm for graphic user interface (GUI) development with the introduction of the FT800, Embedded Video Engine (EVE). With 3 in 1 functionality including display, audio, and touch operations, engineers now have an advanced solution to easily create and output state-of-the-art interactive display systems. Targeted at QVGA and WQVGA TFT display panels, EVE’s object orientated approach eliminates the traditional frame buffer memory as it renders an image, on a line by line basis, to 1/16th pixel resolution. Simply, initialize the object memory, then control the objects and their attributes by creating and manipulating a small display list buffer, which can be done even with a low-end 8-bit CPU. The embedded audio controller allows midi-like sounds or PCM audio playback. Packaged in a space-saving 48LD QFN package, the FT800 comes preloaded with a useful set of fonts and sounds in ROM, making it suitable for many applications.

  • Targeted at QVGA and WQVGA resolution TFT displays with parallel RGB interface
  • Dithering hardware provides 24-bit (true colour) support on an 18-bit interface
  • 256k internal object memory
  • Store up to 2000 objects in 8k byte display list
  • Inbuilt controller supports 4-wire resistive touch panels
  • PWM output for programmable display brightness
  • Anti-aliasing support improves display perception
  • Low-power - 35mA typical in active mode down, and 25uA in sleep mode
  • Widgets (innovation mechanisms) allow easy creation of complex objects (e.g analog clocks)
  • Integrated audio output - play beeps, tones or recorded audio
  • SPI or I2C interface to system microcontroller
  • Space saving 48LD QFN package

EVE’s Development Support
Programming Guide

An extensive programming guide with source code and application notes have been created so that experienced developers can create their own unique displays list and incorporate with microcontroller tool environments to produce complete graphics systems.

GUI based tool (Visual TFT)

FTDI Chip has collaborated with MikroElektronika to provide libraries to access their easy to use GUI based too, Visual TFT, for developing display images that can be compiled for numerous system microcontrollers.

Click to learn more about the features of                    MikroElektronika's Visual TFT

The tools allow for users to drag and drop objects onto a palette to create the image that the processor must display. The Visual TFT tool will convert this graphical input to text code which may be compiled by the many compilers supported by MikroElektronika. Code may be further edited in the text editor to alter the objects placed on the palette (e.g. colour, location, attributes, etc).

Development Tools

MikroElektronika are further supporting EVE with the release of affordable development tools, the ConnectEVE and EVE Click boards, both exclusively designed to support the revolutionary FT800 display controller IC, bringing fast and visually stunning user interfaces to your devices.


MikroElektronika's affordable development tools and Visual TFT are now available to purchase from the MikroElektronika website.


What is Visual TFT?

Visual TFT is a standalone application used for rapid development of graphical user interfaces for TFT displays. Software generates code compatible with mikroElektronika compilers: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal, for all suported MCU architectures: PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR and ARM. Software implements intuitive environment and many drag-and-drop components which can be used for building applications easily and fast.

We want you to download and try out the software - FOR FREE! Even with demo limit software allows you to freely design your GUI with as many components as you want, but code generation is limited to maximum of seven components.

Read More and Download Visual TFT...

EVE - Embedded Video Engine series and the initial chip offering the FT800 by FTDI Chip (easy to use and combines display, audio, and touch into a single chip)

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FTDI EVE - LCD Touch Display Controller
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Visual TFT - Software for Rapid Development of embedded GUI devices with TFT display

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