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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cyclone (Circuit Cloner) is a design for a CNC mill intended for PCB manufacturing

Here's a Great Looking Open Source Project. That could really Transform your PCB Diy Work...


[Cyclone PCB factory] The process (June 2013, v0.9.7)

Video Link...

Cyclone-PCB-Factory v0.9.7

The first 3D-printable (Rep-Rap alike) CNC machine, intended for PCB manufacture.


Mail list / Forum

If you are interested in this project, please consider joining our mail list:!forum/cyclone-pcb-factory

Wiki entry on

To-Do list

  • Hardware:
    • Reinforce left&right frames
    • Reinforce screw holders in the Z axis parts
    • Add Endstop holder files (same of Prusa/Mendel)
    • Create holder for a vacuum cleaner
  • Software:
    • Export Z probing results to a standarized file
    • Create a graphical user interface
    • Fix bug in that doesn't mind the depth of the cuts, this affects only when cutting the edges with >1 passes
  • Firmware:
    • Keep motors always on, in order to do homing only once each milling session
  • Misc:
    • Create assembly instructions



  • Note: The linear bearings of the X carriage must be glued in place (use epoxy or similar) since vibrations produced by the spindle motor move the bearings out of place.
  • v0.9.7 has an improved Z carriage: uses much less plastic, it holds the spindle tightly and leaves more metal surface exposed for better cooling.
  • v0.9.6b has a robust Y axis motor stand (improvement suggested and tested by Yopero), and the Z carriage now shows the name of the machine (how cool is that? :P)



  • No news, it is Marlin with support for G30 probing command

Interesting links & Misc. ideas


Bill of materials
TODO: Add general hardware, motors and electronics to the list.


  • Using a thick wood piece as the main base.
  • As shown in one of the pictures, a cheap dremel-like drill has nice bearings and is a good option as the main tool. Finally it will be using a proper spindle (check the BOM for the reference).
  • Desired working range of >=100mm for the X axis and >=160mm for the Y axis.
  • Parts are designed to be printable with the small volume of a Printrbot Jr
  • Bed leveling will be done with probing and an appropriate software.

Software: existing work

Here is a compilation of links that have inspired the software controller (specifically the Z probing technique):


License: Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons (


Special thanks

Derived from / we have used / inspirational

Credit for the ideas used

The origin of Cyclone took place while I was inside the Panda CNC community ( This is from December 2012 to mid-February 2013.
Here is the credit for the ideas that were used:

Please note I have taken screenshots of the post that are on the closed G+ Panda community ( You can register and see by yourself.

All other development present on Cyclone has nothing to do with Panda and is not related to the Panda project.

Render (v0.9.7)



This hardware/software is provided "as is", and you use the hardware/software at your own risk. Under nocircumstances shall any author be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use this hardware/software, even if the authors have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Get the Code here - carlosgs/Cyclone-PCB-Factory · GitHub

Cyclone PCB Factory: 3d printable circuit board mill

Cyclone PCB Factory: 3d printable circuit board mill
carlosgs/Cyclone-PCB-Factory · GitHub
Snap-together PCB mill
[Cyclone PCB factory] The process (June 2013, v0.9.7) - YouTube

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