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Sunday, May 5, 2013

MSP430 Touchscreen Piano - Tiano-MSP430 based TouchScreen Piano by Indian Tinker

Here's a nice Project for your TI MSP-430...


Tiano-MSP430 based TouchScreen Piano

Touchscreens..huh.. They are all around us..Phones ,tablets, phablets and now even laptops. Most of them have a capacitive touchscreen where the change in capacitance at a point is used to sense it and then perform the corresponding action. Capacitive ones are multi point sensing. They sense more than 2 points and hence we get those pinch to zoom features etc.

On the other hand , almost archaic version on touchscreen is the resistive version. That are pretty easy to interface with almost any microcontroller with an ADC. In this project i did over the weekend i tried to interface a touchscreen ( resistive one..) ,available at mobile repair shops in Delhi with a MSP430G2553 (Although MSP430G2231 would also do)  to make a piano.



Tone Library for MSP430

MSP430 Touchscreen Piano

MSP430 touchscreen piano
Tiano-MSP430 based TouchScreen Piano | Indian Tinker
Tiano- MSP430 based Touchscreen Piano - YouTube
AVR341: Four and five-wire Touch Screen Controller - doc8091.pdf
4-Wire and 8-Wire Resistive Touch-Screen Controller Using the MSP430 (Rev. A) - slaa384a.pdf
Tone Library for MSP430 | Indian Tinker
Solfège - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frequencies of Musical Notes
Playing Tones On MSP430 Launchpad - YouTube

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