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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Portable Media Center Extender - hack247

This is something I would like to build. It would be great to be able to Transmit Video from a Media Center Computer, throughout the House and Yard too...


DIY Portable Media Center Extender

Posted on 29.05.06 in the category Electronics

I needed a device that would enable me to interact with my x-box running XBMC, allow me to watch streaming internet TV in the garden, or control my music collection from anywhere in the house, after looking at all the available options, the Portable Media Center Extender was born!

We managed to find a wireless video sender and receiver at a knock down price, the Televes Digidom 7602 AV Video Sender is a  2Ghz Transmitter with a 100m range that also transmits infrared signals over UHF.  This was perfect for the job and its compact size made it even more suited.  We managed to pick up the transmitter and receiver for £10 which was a bargain, wired them both up and tested them out for range and picture quality.  The infrared transmitting function was also tested to ensure it suited our requirements.

Now we had to start thinking about a screen and a case for the project, the minimum width was dictated by the AV sender PCB but the overall dimensions would have to be as small as possible to make it portable  At the same time it  would need an LCD large enough to be of any use.  After looking around at different size displays we eventually decided on the official Sony PSone LCD screen.

The pictures above show the LCD after it has been stripped Here are some specs 5" TFT LCD Screen 7.5v 3a 640×480 Resolution Stereo Sound Output This LCD offered a good resolution at a decent size, managed to get hold of a redundant one and started stripping it. We also decided on a project box from Maplins.  The screen size was marked out for a template, cuts were made using a dremel cutting disc to score them, and then snapped off with pliers. The box is nice and shiny aluminum underneath, but the protective sheet was left on until the end to avoid it getting scratched.



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