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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arm mounted light cannon; villains beware - Hack a Day

Arm mounted light cannon; villains beware

posted Jul 18th 2010 11:18am by Mike Szczys
filed under: wearable hacks

In a hack worthy of the flick Kick Ass, [Chein] built this arm-mounted light weapon. The lamp in the palm of your hand has a ring of LEDs for a nice glowing effect, but the real story is the xenon bulb at its center. The flash capacitor and charge circuit from a disposable camera are used to step up the battery voltage to 330V for an intense and slightly blinding discharge. The charging is started when you press a button on the back of the hand harness, with the flash coming when one of your fingers touches a conveniently positioned trigger. Check it out after the break.

This non-lethal weapon makes for a nice alternative to the dangers involve in playing with fire.

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Go there...

Yes, I remember those things... A friend of mine taught me just how bright those Disposable Camera Flashes are, back in the late 90's. He is a Photographer and worked in a Photo Lab at the time. Remember Film Cameras??? He use to save all the batteries and some of the flash mechanisms when he took them apart to get the film out to Develop it. Those little capacitors in those thing are very powerful! And when you set one off in your hand, you may just get a nice big JOLT to Boot!:O I wrapped mine with some tape since I kept shocking my self while trying to get my revenge on my Buddie for blinding me for 5 minutes every time he set that thing off in my face. One night three of us guys got into a contest to see who could blind the other with the little stealth flash devises. An then went on a drive too look at Christmas lights. Seemed logical to us at the time;) Luckily I wasn't driving, cause I probably wold have run over something or someone with all those bright flashes going off in my face that night. One bad side effect I noticed... I became very nauseated after about 20 minutes of riding in a car and being repeatedly blinded by incessant flashing. The game was soon over form me... I still have mine, somewhere in a drawer and often thought... there must be some good use I could put this thing to. Hmmm, maybe a Security Flash Light... Good Work Chein!:) But, I'm not much into wearing allot of gear on my arm when I'm running around;)


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