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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update 4.7 - Video DownloadHelper

Update 4.7 - Video DownloadHelper


We now Recommend: Install SecretHelper to Extend Video DownloadHelper with the capability to hide your downloads

From version 4.6.5 to 4.7

  • Implemented multiple simultaneous downloads: Up to now, you had to choose between downloading files one by one (the default), or start a download as soon as it was requested, which could badly affect your bandwidth when visiting other pages. You can now define the maximum number of concurrent downloads. The default value is 2 and can be changed from the extension preferences in section Services, tab Download
  • Implemented bug #38: Requesting a quick download should display a notification
  • Fixed (reopened) bug #6: Cannot save files containing the backslash character in the name
  • Fixed bug #106: SmartName error in console
  • Fixed bug #86: When added to black list, corresponding should be removed immediately from the download menu
  • Fixed bug #113: If smartname provides a too big description, Firefox hangs in tweet this video
  • Made compatible with Songbird 1.4.1 to 1.6a.
  • Updated locales.

Make your downloads invisible to people sharing your computer

This extension fits nicely into the Video DownloadHelper architecture to provide an easy way to secure your downloads with a password.

Convert Helper

Video Conversion

Make videos easier to watch and manipulate on windows Turn video clips into audio MP3 files


Tweet the videos you see

Tell the world about the videos you found

Smart Naming

Smart Naming

Meaningful names for your video downloads

Safe Mode

Safe mode

Protect the younger ones from adult content


If DownloadHelper does not detect a video

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