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Thursday, January 14, 2010

DownloadsSearchmonkey can be downloaded on a variety of platforms

Searchmonkey can be downloaded on a variety of platforms, and pre-built packages exist for many of the popular operating systems!

Jump to the operating system for details on how to get Searchmonkey

Windows XP, Vista

A zip-file containing all of the libraries and necessary binaries can be downloaded right now.

Download Linux!

A newer version of Searchmonkey exists, see the porting guide for details.


To download the latest version of Searchmonkey simply access a shell and enter the following:

# aptitude install searchmonkey

For this to work, Ubuntu must be configured to access the Universe repository

Download for Ubuntu!

Fedora Core or RPM

To download the latest version in RPM format simply download below.

Download RPM!

Make sure that you download the correct version to match your operating system, or follow the instructions from ATRPM to


Simply use the built in package compiler to add searchmonkey (note that it may be necessary to update your makefiles first)

# make install searchmonkey

Compile from source

If your operating system is not listed, the simplest method of getting Searchmonkey is to compile the source from scratch. On Linux this is a relatively trivial matter:

# ./configure
# make install

The latest source is always available:

Download Source!

For more information please consult technical support.

Release Notes

Searchmonkey is distributed with full release notes. Please take the time to download and read them as it contains useful information and a list of known issues/work arounds.

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