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Thursday, December 31, 2009

uATX same as microATX - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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Computer form factors
Name PCB size (mm)
WTX 356×425
AT 350×305
Baby-AT 330×216
BTX 325×266
ATX 305×244
EATX (Extended) 305×330
LPX 330×229
microBTX 264×267
NLX 254×228
Ultra ATX 244×?
microATX 244×244
DTX 244×203
FlexATX 229×191
Mini-DTX 203×170
EBX 203×146
microATX (Min.) 171×171
Mini-ITX 170×170
EPIC (Express) 165×115
ESM 149×71
Nano-ITX 120×120
COM Express 125×95
ESMexpress 125×95
ETX / XTX 114×95
Pico-ITX 100×72
PC/104 (-Plus) 96×90
mobile-ITX 60×60

microATX, also known as µATX (sometimes transliterated as mATX[1] or uATX[2][3] on internet forums) is a small form factor standard for motherboards that was introduced in December of 1997.[4] The maximum size of a microATX motherboard is 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches (244 mm x 244 mm), but some microATX boards can be as small as 6.75 inches by 6.75 inches (171.45 mm x 171.45 mm)[5]. The standard ATX size is 25% longer, at 305 mm × 244 mm (12" wide x 9.6" deep).

Currently available microATX motherboards support CPUs from VIA, Intel or AMD.




microATX was explicitly designed to be backward-compatible with ATX. The mounting points of microATX motherboards are a subset of those used on full-size ATX boards, and the I/O panel is identical. Thus, microATX motherboards can be used in full-size ATX cases. Furthermore, most microATX motherboards generally use the same power connectors as ATX motherboards,[6] thus permitting the use of full-size ATX power supplies with microATX boards.

microATX boards often use the same chipsets (northbridges and southbridges) as full-size ATX boards, allowing them to use many of the same components. However, since microATX cases are typically much smaller than ATX cases, they usually have fewer expansion slots.


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