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Monday, April 27, 2009

SME Server:Documentation:User Manual - SME Server

SME Server:Documentation:User Manual

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The User Manual is meant to be a very basic guide to help those who are simply trying to use SME Server, rather than those who are administrating SME or are developing SME applications. It is geared to those who are new to SME and does not require a high level of technical understanding. We recommend that SME Administrators take a look at the User Manual as well as their own, in order to see SME as it appears to their users.

Chapter 1. Remote Access

1.1 Passwords
1.2 VPN Access
1.3 Shell Access

Chapter 2. Configuring Your Applications

2.1. Configuring your email client
2.2. Configuring your Web Browser
2.3. Configuring your Company Directory – Address Book

Chapter 3. User File Storage on the SME Server

3.1 Windows
3.2 Macintosh OS
3.3 Linux

Chapter 4. Webmail

4.1 Enabling Webmail On Your System
4.2 Starting Webmail
4.3 Logging In
4.4 Viewing The Inbox
4.5 Logging Out of Webmail
4.6 Composing Messages
4.7 Reading Messages
4.8 Deleting Messages
4.9 Using Contacts
4.10 Changing Webmail Preferences
4.11 Helpful Webmail Plugins

One page User Manual
All the chapters on one page

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SME Server:Documentation

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SME Server Manuals

The Administration Manual describes installation and day to day operation by the local Server Admin.
The User Manual provides information to help users configure their client applications, and interact with the server.
The Developers Manual contains information required to integrate applications into SME.
There are also Frequently Asked Questions and Howto and Contrib Collections.

Administration Manual : Index

Chapter 1. Welcome to SME Server 7
Chapter 2. The role of the SME Server
Chapter 3. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
Chapter 4. Hardware requirements of the SME Server
Chapter 5. Installing and configuring your SME Server Software
Chapter 6. The Server Console
Chapter 7. Configuring the computers on your network
Chapter 8. On-going administration using the server-manager
Chapter 9. server-manager : Collaboration
Chapter 10. server-manager : Administration
Chapter 11. server-manager : Security
Chapter 12. server-manager : Miscellaneous
Chapter 13. server-manager : Configuration
Chapter 14. Information Bays (i-bays)
SME Manual Appendix
SME Manual Glossary

User Manual : Index

Chapter 1. Remote Access
Chapter 2. Configuring Applications
Chapter 3. File Storage
Chapter 4. Webmail

Developers Manual : Index

Section I. An overview of the SME Server
Section II. SME Server internals
Section III. How to create an SME Server package - step by step
Section IV. Advanced customization of the SME Server
Section V. Documentation and resources
Section VI. License texts


The manuals are protected from general editing. Add proposed changes to the discussion tab.

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Main Page

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SME Server Current Release:

SME Server 7.4 released on 21st November 2008.

Development Status:

SME Server 7.x - bugzilla:4785
SME Server 8.0 - Wiki - bugzilla:3640

Welcome to the information and documentation wiki for SME Server

We're here to provide collaborative documentation of the SME Server project. SME Server is a leading distribution for small and medium enterprises. It stands apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable 'contributions'. It is published under the GPL license and while freely available, a small donation is requested.

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SME Server Manuals


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Individual SME Server Contribs

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The Wiki documentation is the primary source of information for SME Server.

Use the forums if you want advice how to do something not covered in the wiki
Post to the forums if you found or did something, and you think other people might find it interesting

Raise a bug if you tried to do something covered in the wiki and it didn't work.
For more information on Bugzilla see the Bugzilla Help page.


Wiki localisation
Cactus 15:41, 18 April 2007 (EDT) - As I have noticed that some people started translating pages for the Wiki I started implementing a language bar which automatically determines the translations available for the page you are viewing. For more details on implementing this read then instruction in Template:Languages

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