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Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Way To Use Linux In Windows | Freeware

Easy Way To Use Linux In Windows

During my time at University, I have come across many useful tools available in Linux that are not available in Windows.... After trying virtual machines and a brief stint with andLinux (also quite nice), I have now found an easy way of using Linux programs in Windows.  Portable Ubuntu is a distribution that, like andLinux, is based on the coLinux kernel.  It allows you to use Ubuntu 8.04LTS while you are booted into Windows.  Another major advantage is that, like the name suggests, the folder created by the installation file is portable.  You can simply copy it to a flash disk or another PC and have the same functionality where ever you go.  You can easily reach your files on the C drive via /mnt/C/.  When you run the program, you end up with a small task bar that you can move as you wish.  If you somehow manage to break it, you simply delete the folder and start from scratch.  It is really easy and does not leave any traces on your Windows drive....

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