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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps - Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps - Disappointment or Delight? -

Here's an interesting Article, about Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps. Check it out and the info links below...


Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps: Disappointment or Delight? -

Android - Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps
Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps: Disappointment or Delight? | Hackaday
SmartScope Oscilloscope - Android Apps on Google Play
Function Generator
Phone connector (audio) - Wikipedia
Advanced Spectrum Analyzer PRO - Android Apps on Google Play
keuwlsoft-func-gen.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 540 pixels)
moto-with-soundcard.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 511 pixels)
A Preamplifier for Smartphone Oscilloscopes - All
vuche-labs-spectrum-analyzer.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 450 pixels)

News 11-16-16 and links (58) - Your customisable start page!
Linux Today - L2TP over IPsec using OpenSwan with Freeradius authentication on Ubuntu 16.04
Linux Today - Dynamic power save and Wi-Fi latency in Linux
Linux Today - Total War: WARHAMMER Is Coming to Linux, SteamOS, and Mac on November 22, 2016
Linux Today - How to install Sayonara (lightweight) Music Player on Linux
Linux Today - Create Your Own Ubuntu 16.10 Live ISO with the New Linux For All (LFA) Distro
Linux Today - Microsoft partner claims Munich should switch from Linux to Windows 10
Linux Today - The battle for Apache Cassandra highlights major problem with open source projects
Linux Today - Major Linux security hole gapes open
Linux Today - Running a Gluster Cluster on the Raspberry Pi with Docker
Linux Today - KDE Neon Offers a Near-Perfect Desktop on a Solid Platform
Star Trek Phone Dock Might as Well Be From Picard's Night Stand | Hackaday
Another Kind of Cloud: The Internet of Farts | Hackaday
An SDR For The Rest Of Them | Hackaday
Waiting For A Letter? This IoT Mailbox Will Tell You Exactly When It Arrives. | Hackaday
2,000 LEDs on Fire | Hackaday
Put an Honest Face On Alexa With This HAL 9000 Build | Hackaday
A Linux Exploit That Uses 6502 Code | Hackaday
The Little Mechanism That Made Precise Time-keeping Possible | Hackaday
Ikea Desk Lamp That Will Defend Your Lungs | Hackaday
What to do about free riders in open organizations and communities |
Linux Today - Addressing open source's free rider problem
News 11-17-16 and Linux links
Smartphone Bench Instrument Apps: Disappointment or Delight? | Hackaday
Slow 3.5″ Raspberry Pi LCD Hacked to 40 MHz with ESP8266 | Hackaday
Bot Wars: A Collateral Gift of the Automation Revolution | Hackaday
Characterizing A Cheap 500MHz Counter Module | Hackaday
Taig Mill Anointed with Ball Screws (at last!) | Hackaday
Spinning 3D POV Display: a High School Term Project | Hackaday
Solving Hackaday's Crypto Challenge | Hackaday
PoisonTap Makes Raspberry Pi Zero Exploit Locked Computers | Hackaday
How to Control Your Instruments From A Computer: It's Easier Than You Think | Hackaday
Crowdfunding: Oh Great, Now Anyone Can Invest In An Indiegogo Campaign | Hackaday
Linux Today - Report: Linux, NoSQL, Nginx set foundation for AWS app dominance
Linux Today - Tilling the Brownfield: Bumps on the Road to the Container Dream
Linux Today - Don't Believe the Lies; Microsoft Hates Linux and Merely Pulls E.E.E. Tactics Against It, Including .NET Promotion
Linux Today - How to Check Which Apache Modules are Enabled/Loaded in Linux
Linux Today - Microsoft Buries Old Animosity by Joining Linux Foundation
Linux Today - SUSE advances its open-source storage system
Linux Today - Disk encryption with Calamares, the Linux installer
Linux Today - How Capital One is embracing open source
Linux Today - Debian 8 KDE: good and evil of FOSS
Linux Today - Almost all the world's fastest supercomputers run Linux
Offline Mode Makes Windows Defender Even Smarter | Gizmo's Freeware
News -1-16-16 links
Edible art from a Robot Pancake Printer | Hackaday
Hacker Welcomes Grandaughter with Web Enabled Frame | Hackaday
Hacklet 91: Ultrasonic Projects | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi Wind Measurement | Hackaday
Rehabbing an Historic Tool from Champion Blower and Forge Co. | Hackaday
Shmoocon 2016: Computing In A Post Quantum World | Hackaday
Shmoocon 2016: Phishing for the Phishers | Hackaday
Shmoocon 2016: Z-Wave Protocol Hacked with SDR | Hackaday
SpaceX successfully fired up its returned Falcon 9
Wolfenstein in 600 Lines of Code | Hackaday
News 01-01-16 #2 w lilnks
32C3: My Robot Will Crush You With Its Soft Delicate Hands! | Hackaday
Arch Reactor Hackerspace Is Moving! | Hackaday
Arch Reactor - YouTube
Art for Planespotters | Hackaday
Drone-maker DJI starts testing GPS-based flight restrictions
EZ-Spin Motor Spins "Forever" | Hackaday
HGT review of the Lego Wireless Remote Follow Focus - YouTube
Hillbillygriptruck - YouTube
Hillbilly Lego Focus Puller | Hackaday
Home Made Half Life 2 Turret Powered By Pi | Hackaday
Interactive art with wooden mirrors - The wooden mirror (1/4) - YouTube
Making a Wooden Multi-Mirror Display Device | Hackaday
Nanoparticle-enhanced metals could radically change cars
OrCam's MyMe wearable will watch and decode the world for you
Portable, DIY Radiography | Hackaday
Researchers use the Force (in an Apple Watch) to fly a drone
Self-driving buses will be a big part of the transit puzzle
Shark with Frickin' LED Tells People not to Bother you | Hackaday
The best in-ear noise-cancelling headphones
Truck-Sized Star Destroyer Takes Flight | Hackaday
News 01-01-16 links
2015: As the Hardware World Turns | Hackaday
Amplifying the Body's Electric Signals with SEMG - YouTube
Circuit Portraits | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Featured | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: The Last One Of 2014 | Hackaday
MITRE Challenge | The MITRE Corporation
Real Burning HOMEMADE LIGHTSABER!!! styropyro's version - YouTube
Sourcing Your CNC Tools in 2016: Buy Them | Hackaday Hexagons with no waste - YouTube of pastry - YouTube LC water jet slicer for pastry - YouTube
News 01-05-16 with links
Current meter shows current time | Hackaday
Driving WS2811 LEDs with…VGA? | Hackaday
Federico Musto of Arduino SRL Shows Us New Products and New Directions | Hackaday
Federico Musto of Arduino SRL Shows Us New Products and New Directions | Hackaday
Garmin bike headset warns about traffic behind you
Get Your Amateur Radio License Already! | Hackaday
Nixie Tube Energy Meter Dresses up Front Hall | Hackaday
Paddy Neumann's Bounce Per Ounce is Better Than NASA's | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi + Wolfram Data Drop | Hackaday
StarMAT greets visitors with the Imperial March | Hackaday
Steampunk iMacs With Real Turning Gears | Hackaday
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Adhesive Tape | Hackaday
News 01-06-15 with and links
25 Years of Hardware Manufacturing in Plovdiv | Hackaday
Android Set Top Box Lets You Stream and Record via HDMI Input | Hackaday
BabyBaby: A 1948 Computer on an FPGA | Hackaday
BabyBaby or Extremely Small Experimental Computer •
Comcast home security exploit could let burglars in (updated)
Dear Veronica: The magic of electromagnetism!
DIY Hakko Soldering Station | Hackaday
Drinky the robot is the perfect companion for lonely drunks
ESP8266 GoPro Remote Adds Buttons, Screen | Hackaday
Hack Your Brain: the McCollough Effect | Hackaday
Here's what you missed on day two at CES
HTC and Under Armour's HealthBox hits the UK in June
Pump Up the Volume with Lead Shot and LEDs | Hackaday
Really, Really Retro Computer On An FPGA | Hackaday
Sennheiser's 3D audio will finally make VR complete
Ten Mile Raspberry Pi WiFi (with a Catch) | Hackaday
Teslasuit does full-body haptic feedback for VR
The 3D Printers of CES | Hackaday
The Most Plausible Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy Ever Devised | Hackaday
The Oculus Rift costs $599 and ships in March
WiFi Alliance Introduces 802.11ah | Hackaday
World's oldest computer music unveiled | Hackaday
Your Fingers Will Never Leave Your Hands with This Firecracker Launcher | Hackaday
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Free Cell Data Transfer with Slowest Morse Code Ever | Hackaday
Hacking When It Counts: The Great Depression | Hackaday
Hands-on with the crazy projects from Samsung's secret lab
Helping Gorilla Hands | Hackaday
How to Find a Lost Drone with the Integral | Hackaday
Make PCBs with DLP, OMG! | Hackaday
Open-Source Firmware for a Mini Quadrotor | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi Zero – Turning the Pi into a USB Gadget, over USB | Hackaday
Reverse Engineering A Real Candle | Hackaday
SaveMySugar: send messages using Morse code over phone rings - YouTube
Schlieren-Videography •
SpacewΛr Comes to Life from Bonus Formlabs Printer Parts | Hackaday
Time-lapse Projects •
Ultimate 14-in-1 Soldering Station!
Ultimate 14-in-1 Soldering Station! - All
Using Acetone to Create Print Transfers | Hackaday
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A CNC Build Log From The Not So Distant Past | Hackaday
Desolder DIP Packages Like a Pro | Hackaday
Donuts of ShmooCon | Hackaday
Even Easier Toner Transfer PCBs | Hackaday
Hackers and Heroes: Rise of the CCC and Hackerspaces | Hackaday
Hacking Chipped 3D Printer Filament On The Da Vinci Printer | Hackaday
LUX Searches in the Deep for Dark Matter | Hackaday
Powerful Crossbow is Almost Entirely 3D Printed | Hackaday
String Racing Robots are Here ! | Hackaday
Using Over 3000A to Rapidly Charge an iPhone | Hackaday
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Cheap Smartwatch Teardown | Hackaday
Hams in Space: Project OSCAR | Hackaday
Inject Packets with an ESP8266 | Hackaday
Microchip's Proposal To Acquire Atmel | Hackaday
My Payphone Runs Linux | Hackaday
Nanotech Makes Safer Lithium Batteries | Hackaday
Oh Baby, Baby10 – Build a Classic Analog Music Sequencer | Hackaday
Oona Räisänen - YouTube
PS/2 Keyboard for Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
ToxPhone •
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A Shareable Wireless Biometric Flash Drive | Hackaday
DIY Laser Lumia Lights Up The Night | Hackaday
Fail of the Week: Not All Mold Releases Release All Molds. | Hackaday
Ham Radio Public Service Activities – Rewarding and Useful | Hackaday
Robotic Suitcase Follows You Around | Hackaday
Smart Mirror Notices You and Turns On | Hackaday
Software Controlled Hard Drive Solenoid Engine | Hackaday
The Stork Looks Different Than We Thought | Hackaday
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A new app could help doctors predict risks of preterm birth
Brain monitoring chips dissolve when you're done with them
Continuing Education via Wheel Balancing | Hackaday
Custom Siri Automation with HomeKit and ESP8266 | Hackaday
Emulating and Cloning Smart Cards | Hackaday
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How a novel class of microscopes have changed science
Light-triggered nanoparticles kill drug-resistant bacteria
Mouse Pen from Old Parts | Hackaday
Precision CNC Drawing with EtchABot | Hackaday
Recursive Soldering Iron Hacking | Hackaday
Researchers use Myo muscle-sensing wearable for prosthetics
Running Calculus on an Arduino | Hackaday
Science: no, you can't be Spider-Man
Scientists write with nanoparticles using a laser and a bubble
Tidal charged ex-subscribers and re-activated accounts (update)
Up Your Tiny House Game with Stone Age Hacks | Hackaday
What's in a tool? A case for Made in USA. | Hackaday
News 01-19-16 w links and more
70 74..77 - Science-2016-Sakimoto-74-7.pdf
Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea: A Growing Threat
Apple wins a US sales ban on ancient Samsung smartphones
Average Home Has About 100 Types of Bugs, Critters
Basically, Its Minecraft | Hackaday
Catch-Up Sleep May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Cyborg Photosynthetic Bacteria! | Hackaday
Developed on Hackaday : HaDge update – it's a HACK | Hackaday
Hackaday at SCaLE 14x | Hackaday
Hacking Education – A Makerspace Experiment | Hackaday
J.C. Bose and the Invention of Radio | Hackaday
'Life is Strange' disc puts every episode in a tidy package
Lyme-Causing Ticks Expand Their Range in U.S.
Microbial Fuel Cell with a Side of Betta Fish | Hackaday
Microsoft to recall Surface Pro power cords over fire risks
Multiple Sclerosis Stem Cell Treatment: FAQ
Shmoocon 2016: Efficient Debugging For OS X | Hackaday
Shmoocon 2016: Reverse Engineering Cheap Chinese Radio Firmware | Hackaday
Solderless Breadboard Parasitics | Hackaday
'Tropes vs. Women in Video Games' is changing a bit
Why No Plane Parachutes? And Other Questions. | Hackaday
News 01-21-16 links
Cleanest Rasberry Pi NES Mod | Hackaday
ESP-Micro is a Tiny Development Board | Hackaday
Kids and Hacking: Electromagnetic Eggs | Hackaday
Microchip To Acquire Atmel for $3.56 Billion | Hackaday
Robots and Crickets | Hackaday
Saving Old Voices by Dumping ROMs | Hackaday
Sort Faster with FPGAs | Hackaday
Track Satellites with a 2-axis Antenna Positioner | Hackaday
Web Connected Breathalyser with Phone Display | Hackaday
News 01-21-16 links
Digital Clock + iPhone Dock | Hackaday
Drawn in by the Siren's Song | Hackaday
Fail of the week : Watt a loss | Hackaday
Giant Mersenne Prime Found | Hackaday
Hackaday Europe: Call for Proposals | Hackaday
Misleading Tech: Kickstarter, Bomb Sights, and Medical Rejuvinators | Hackaday
Test drive you new programming font. | Hackaday
News 01-23-16 and links
35 Million People Didn't Notice When Zynq Took Over Their Radio | Hackaday
Amazing IMU-based Motion Capture Suit Turns You Into a Cartoon | Hackaday
Ben Heck's DIY Novena laptop, part 3
Finally, an Acceptable Use of the Apple Watch | Hackaday
Hacklet 92 – Workbenches and Toolboxes | Hackaday
ICYMI: Self-warming concrete, underwater robot and more
Let's Play…Wheel of Solder! | Hackaday
Tie-Fighter Quadcopters Anyone Can Build | Hackaday
News 01-26-15 links
Bye-bye ATmega328P, Hello 328PB! | Hackaday
GitHub - openhardwarecoza/LaserWeb: Node.js based, Windows/Linux/Mac/Raspberry Pi/Vagrant supported, host software for Lasercutters/Engravers running Marlin/Smoothieware/Grbl/LasaurGrbl with integrated parametric Gcode generators, Raster support, as well as Raster and Vector Engraving. SVG and DXF supported for cutting, PNG, BMP, JPEG support for raster engraving.
Hacking a USB Port Onto an Old Router | Hackaday
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No… It's High Voltage EPROM Man! | Hackaday
Laserweb: Ariel Yahni running test Raster jobs - YouTube
Marvin Minsky, AI Pioneer, Dies at 88 | Hackaday
Scrolling a Message on a Building in a Time Lapse Video | Hackaday
Stop Driving Laser Cutters with 3D Printer Software! | Hackaday
Sub $300 CNC, If You Have a 3d Printer | Hackaday
The Dark Arts: Meet the LulzSec Hackers | Hackaday
The Newest Graphing Calculator Game | Hackaday
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the Phonetic Alphabet? | Hackaday
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3D Printer Tool: Set Your Extruder Steps With Ease | Hackaday
A Tale of Two (Sub $100) Oscilloscopes | Hackaday
Augmented Reality Becomes Useful, Real | Hackaday
Augmented Reality Ultrasound | Hackaday
Cheap WiFi Devices are Hardware Hacker Gold | Hackaday
Conductive Concrete Melts Snow and Ice | Hackaday
Linux Today - Using Android tablets as embedded smart touchscreens (how-to)
Old School Gauges Let You Know Which Way the Wind Blows | Hackaday
Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in just One Second | Hackaday
Stanford's 'Gecko Glove' makes Spider-Man climbing possible
TP-LINK's WiFi Defaults to Worst Unique Passwords Ever | Hackaday
Using Android tablets as embedded smart touchscreens ·
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Adorable Quadruped Robot Hops and Walks | Hackaday
Building The Novena Laptop | Hackaday
Hack Mobile with a Bus Pirate GUI for Your Phone | Hackaday
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Keep Your Nozzle Hot and Your Prints Cool | Hackaday
Most Beautiful Mini-Galaga-Pi Ever! | Hackaday
One of the Largest Hacks Yet Exposes Data on Hundreds of Thousands of Kids | Motherboard
Open Furby Opens The Furby | Hackaday
Pimped out 70's Home Intercom System, Now with More Pi | Hackaday
The Michigan Mighty-Mite Rides Again | Hackaday
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ESP8266 Transmits Television on Channel 3 | Hackaday
Hacking the Internet of Things: Decoding LoRa | Hackaday
Hacklet 93 – Robotics Toolkit and ESP8266 Packet Injection | Hackaday
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How To Jump Start a Car In 5 Minutes ! - With DIY Dead Car Battery Charger - YouTube
Pacman Proves Due is More than Uno | Hackaday
The Infinite Monkey Cage and General Relativity | Hackaday
This is My 3D Printed Brain! | Hackaday
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A Hackers Guide to Arts, Crafts, Food, and Music in Shenzhen | Hackaday
Crosswords Help You Learn Regular Expressions | Hackaday
Farewell to the Ziegfeld, one of the last movie palaces
Hackaday and Adafruit Launch the Pi Zero Contest | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: January 31, 2016 | Hackaday
London Tries Smart Cities | Hackaday
Need a Nano-Ammeter? You Already Have One! | Hackaday
New Research Sheds Light on 3D Printing Fumes | Hackaday
One Hoss Shay and Our Society of Obsolescence | Hackaday
Rumors of Xilinx Sale Abound | Hackaday
Tribed 3D Printer Configuration Doesn't Ever Need To Be Leveled | Hackaday
Ultimaker "tribed" automatic hardware bed calibration with FSR sensors (3D printing) - YouTube
News 02-02-16 links
Building One Thing In China | Hackaday
Build Your Swarm: Control Cockroaches for Under $30! | Hackaday
Cramming a Pi Zero into a USB Hub | Hackaday
Fully Printed CNC On an IKEA Table | Hackaday
Making Parametric Models in Fusion 360 | Hackaday
Snooping on SIM Cards | Hackaday
Super Thin ICs are Coming | Hackaday
Vacuum? No, Tonight We Go To War Against the Dust Mite | Hackaday
News 02-02-16 links
A supermassive black hole is shooting X-rays across galaxies
Experimental Gases, Danger, and The Rock-afire Explosion | Hackaday
FAA drone registry is a privacy nightmare
Flip Your Desktop Over to Boot Linux | Hackaday
FTDI Drivers Break Fake Chips, Again | Hackaday
Google rolling out free gigabit internet in public housing - projects - windows xp box.. so good they slashdotted it twice...
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A Vase of Ice and Fire | Hackaday
Code Craft: Cross Compiling for the Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
Fire Breathing Animatronic Waterfowl, Just Because | Hackaday
High Energy Gardening Means Nuking Plants | Hackaday
Power from Paper | Hackaday
Russian Rocket Tech Comes In From the Cold | Hackaday
Solder Paste Dispenser has No 3D Printed Parts! | Hackaday
Sparklecon: Crappy Robots, Better Robots, Hammer Jenga, Tesla Coils | Hackaday
News 02-04-16 and links
Amazon's Echo can now play music directly from Spotify
Apple Music now lets Android users save music to an SD card
Drone Racing Might Just Be the Next Big Thing | Hackaday
Google engineer finds holes in three 'secure' browsers
GoPro is axing budget Hero line, confirms 'connected' Hero5
Handheld Nintendo 64 Only Plays Ocarina of Time | Hackaday
ICYMI: Underground AI delivery, sea life discovery and more
IRS expects its e-file tax system to be back online today
Motorized Strandbeest is Remote Controlled and Awesome | Hackaday
Parents can call their kids directly on this smartwatch in Japan
Pimp My Scope: Touchscreen Edition | Hackaday
Select Twitter users are seeing a dedicated GIF button
SYNEK's countertop draft system will soon put growlers on tap
This File Will Self-Destruct in 24 hours | Hackaday
Three vows to fix prices to ensure O2 merger is approved
News 02-05-16 links
Anti-Drone Mania Reaches Panic Levels for Superbowl | Hackaday
Building The World's Smallest RGB LED Cube | Hackaday
Filament Thickness Sensors, What Are They and What Are They Good For? | Hackaday
Grandma's Phone, DSL, and the Copper They Share | Hackaday
Learn How A Radial Engine Works or Gawk at Amazing Wood Model | Hackaday
Replacing The iPhone 6 Button Bricks The Phone | Hackaday
The USB Type-C Cable That Will Break Your Computer | Hackaday
This is How You Run a Hackathon: Tech Valley Center of Gravity | Hackaday
Tinijet — Affordable Waterjet Cutting At Home | Hackaday
"You Sank my Dysprosium!": Periodic Table Battleship | Hackaday
News 02-09-16 links
$20 Wireless Arduino Home Automation w/ OpenHAB •
Adafruit Pi Zero Contest •
ArduShield – most versatile shield for ARDUINO •
BBQ Thermometers Get Serious | Hackaday
Cheap Chinese Laser Cutters • .Stack •
Giving WiFi To An Apple Newton | Hackaday
HackChat topic: CMOS to TTL •
How a Muslim Immigrant from Bangladesh Became America's Master Builder | Hackaday
Laseraxe 405nm 1600mW DIY Desktop Mini Laser Engraver Engraving Machine Laser Cutter Etcher 35X50cm Adjustable Laser Power-in Laser Equipment from Industry & Business on | Alibaba Group
Learn Resin Casting Techniques: Duplicating Plastic Parts | Hackaday
Local Hacker Discovers Card Edge Connectors | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Cut All the Cables in this Speedy Teleco Switch Upgrade | Hackaday
Solder Stencils with a 3D Printer | Hackaday
This Car Lets You Fistbump to Unlock | Hackaday
Upgrading Old Synths To OLED | Hackaday
VHS-Tape-Plasma Mirror Drives Tiny Particle Accelerator | Hackaday
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Arrow Hailstorms: Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling - YouTube
Cover Your Glass: A Lesson in Design Trades | Hackaday
Frickin' Amazing Clock | Hackaday
Gatling Gun Shoots Arrows Out of Coke Bottles | Hackaday
Lego Gaming Computer Case | Hackaday
Simple Headphone Bracket Shows Off Carbon Fiber Basics | Hackaday
Swarm of Robot Boats Coming To An Ocean Near You Soon | Hackaday
Using Photogrammetry To Design 3D Printed Parts | Hackaday
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AIs get a crash course in humanity by interpreting stories
Ben Heck's FPGA dev board tutorial
Brushed DC Servo Drive | Hackaday
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ICYMI: Cotton Candy body parts, robotic bartender and more
Manned Multicopter Project Undaunted By Crash | Hackaday
New Efficiency Standards for Wall Warts in the US | Hackaday
One-year timelapse video of the sun shows its dancing corona
Space architecture: Six buildings for the final frontier (67) - Your customisable start page!
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A Quadcopter Controlled By A Pi Zero | Hackaday
Bench Testing a Switch Mode Drop In Replacement For the LM7805 | Hackaday
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Brain Waves can Answer Spock's (and VR's) Toughest Question | Hackaday
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How I Embraced my Introvert and Joined the Hacker Community | Hackaday
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Mobile virtual network operator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
New Shape-Shifting Polymer Works Hard, Plays Hard | Hackaday
Particle Electron – The Solution To Cellular Things | Hackaday
Repairing and Improving Cheap Bench Power Supplies | Hackaday
Teaching a CNC New Tricks | Hackaday
Where are all the Camless Engines? | Hackaday
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2,100 Mechanical Mechanisms | Hackaday
$79 Smart Mirror Uses Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
Announcing Hackaday Belgrade's Talks and Speakers | Hackaday
A Wooden Performance Is Fine WIth This Sequencer | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: Leap Eve, 2016 | Hackaday
How to Hack WiFi Password from Smart Doorbells
Password Extraction Via Front Doorbell | Hackaday
PCB Laminator Is Its Own Project | Hackaday
SensorTape Unrolls New Sensor Deployment Possibilities | Hackaday
News 03-02-16 and links
1,000-pixel headlights could offer improved vision at night
Building an Interactive LED Lamp To Annoy Yourself | Hackaday
Converting an Electric Scooter to Lithium Batteries and Disabling the Safeties | Hackaday
Don't even think about vaping on a plane
Getting it Right by Getting it Wrong: RepRap and the Evolution of 3D Printing | Hackaday
Google Is Building A 100kW Radio Transmitter At A Spaceport And No One Knows Why | Hackaday
Incredibly complex machine plays music with marbles
Mindless Toddler Toy Becomes Teaching Tool | Hackaday
The first YouTube Red Originals are now available (104) - Your customisable start page!
Watch the Engadget staff on: FBI vs. Apple
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YouTube creators stand a real chance of winning Emmy awards
Zero's electric motorcycles replace range anxiety with fun
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3D Laser Carving with the Smoothieboard | Hackaday
Arduino Makerbeam Live Plotter Controlled By HTML5 Canvas and Java Website | Hackaday
At last! A SIL-Duino! | Hackaday
Dual UART/I2C Breakout Goes Both Ways | Hackaday
Rescuing The World's First Preserved Railway | Hackaday
Sage Advice for the New Ham | Hackaday
Serial Telemetry To Wi-Fi With An ESP8266 | Hackaday
Social Engineering Your Way To The Target PA System | Hackaday
Start Your Day the Arduino Way with this IoT Shower Controller | Hackaday
Target stores attacked by pornographic pranksters - BBC News
Wiring was Arduino before Arduino | Hackaday
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Ask Hackaday: Is PLA Biodegradable? | Hackaday
Candy Dispenser Riddles You This | Hackaday
Does the World Need an FPGA Arduino? | Hackaday
Game Boy Camera Cartridge Reversed, Photos Dumped | Hackaday
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Thanks for the Memories: Touring the Awesome Random Access of Old | Hackaday
Turn A Free Flashlight Into LED Strips | Hackaday (87) - Your customisable start page!
Wall-E Goes Corporate, Offering Telepresence Service | Hackaday
News 03-11-16 Articles
10 ways big data, analytics, and sensors are helping behind the scenes - TechRepublic
AI app uses social media to spot public health outbreaks - TechRepublic
Election Tech: The 3 technologies at epicenter of 2016 presidential campaign, and what you can learn - TechRepublic
How to use Amazon Mechanical Turk to perform tasks too complex to compute - TechRepublic
Is 'data labeling' the new blue-collar job of the AI era? - TechRepublic
Live Webcast - How to Build Intelligent Systems Using Cognitive Patterns - TechRepublic
Microsoft announces new Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (but there's a catch) - TechRepublic
President Obama's new open data initiative could help cities help themselves - TechRepublic
The 20 best schools to study big data analytics - TechRepublic
The rise and fall (but mostly fall) of social media 1.0 - TechRepublic
The top 10 projects to try out with your Raspberry Pi 3 - TechRepublic
Veteran startup founders explain how to build and grow your company - TechRepublic
White House expands TechHire for Americans, opens door to more international students, powers up makers - TechRepublic
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A Pi Powered Recording Studio | Hackaday
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Blinky LED Bike Bag | Hackaday
Broken RC Car Goes Online | Hackaday
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Linux Today - Open source is programming the digital future
Linux Today - SONIC is not, I repeat, NOT a Microsoft Linux distro
Linux Today - The White House opens its doors to open source
Linux Today - Two 96Boards SBCs debut, including one with AMD's ARM SoC
Machine Shop Soaps Are Good, Clean Learning Fun | Hackaday
Petite Package Provides Powerful Robot | Hackaday
TrainLight: Transit Info At A Glance | Hackaday (84) - Your customisable start page!
News 03-18-16 and links
11 kV D.D.O. fuse explodes on a cable fault - YouTube
A bit unusual brushes for DC motor | whatdidihack
A Field Guide to the North American Utility Pole | Hackaday
Apple surprised at DoJ's request to cross-examine witnesses
Battery Backup For The Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
Beyond Measure: Instrumentation Amplifiers | Hackaday
Elevated - The making of a Lineman - YouTube
Google lays out its autonomous car proposal to the Feds
Laser Removes Rust Like Magic | Hackaday
Red Hot glowing powerlines - YouTube
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SLTC | Home
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With HoloLens, you can now remodel your kitchen at Lowe's
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Roll Your Own Amazon Echo on a Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
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Vintage Computer Festival East XI – Vintage Computer Federation
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A Field Guide to the North American Communications Tower | Hackaday
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Hand Gestures Drive Car | Hackaday
Induction Heater - 6" Coil vs. 1/2" bar - YouTube
Makerville Knit: Industrial-Strength WiFi Breakout | Hackaday
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Autonomous Tractor Brings In The Harvest | Hackaday
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ChaiBot Demo - YouTube
Disposable Camera Flashes Live Again | Hackaday
DIY Infrared Rework Station •
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Get Your Game On: Troy's TVCoG Hosts VR and Gaming Hackathon | Hackaday
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IR Rework Station | Hackaday
Linux Today - Adapt - Run any app version on any Ubuntu version
Linux Today - How to Chroot SSH Users on Centos 7
Linux Today - How to practically use your Linux terminal (four examples)
Linux Today - How to remove Unwanted Services from Linux.
Linux Today - How to Use Awk and Regular Expressions to Filter Text or String in Files
Linux Today - Maybe it's time to trust Microsoft. Maybe not.
Linux Today - Open-Source Stress Testing & Torturing Your Linux Software/Hardware
Linux Today - The brand new OpenGL engine 'NXT' for RuneScape releases April 18th
Linux Today - Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 Officially Released
Linux Today - Vivaldi 1.0 Web Browser Arrives for Linux Users as an Opera & Chrome Alternative
Take the Long Road to a Precise Laser PCB Exposer | Hackaday
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1921 Ner-A-Car Motorcycle Reborn With Epic Parts Remanufacture | Hackaday
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Building Simplified Machinery •
David J. Gingery Publishing
Details • Building Simplified Machinery •
Details • Building Simplified Machinery •
Details • Building Simplified Machinery •
EPROM Timer | Hackaday
Error Correction of 3D Printers | Hackaday
Getting Serious about Crystal Radios | Hackaday
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Red bricks: Alphabet to turn off Revolv's lights | Hackaday
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3D Printed Linkage Produces Automatic Hacksaw! | Hackaday
3D Printed Power Hacksaw - YouTube
An Open Source Two Stroke Diesel | Hackaday
Bistrobot: Make Me A Sandwich | Hackaday
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Build Your Own GSM Base Station For Fun And Profit | Hackaday
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10$ curve tracer •
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Are You in Bed? | Hackaday
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Engineers Multi Tool •
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Honing Head •
Instrument Digitizer using Computer Vision •
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MiniBSD laptop computer •
Popular Electronics - February 1975 - Computing History
Review: Transistor Tester | Hackaday
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Teslaphoresis: Tesla Coil Causes Self-Assembly In Carbon Nanotubes | Hackaday
Test Equipment Projects •
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VCF East: A Retro Hackathon | Hackaday
vLabtool introductory video - YouTube
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AI-powered cameras make thermal imaging more accessible
Bootstrapping an Amiga 2000 Graphics Card Because Vintage is Pricey | Hackaday
Candado RFID - YouTube
Designing a 360 Degree All Metal Hinge | Hackaday
First Hackaday Prize Challenge Closes in One Week | Hackaday
GameGirl: A Better Portable Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
Google won't face Supreme Court fight over book scanning
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Horrific USB power supply fault. (Electrocution risk.) - YouTube
How To Know When An Accelerator Is Not Right For Your Startup | Hackaday
IMAX wants to host your indoor cycling sessions
ImplicitCAD: Programmatic CAD Built with 3D Printing in Mind | Hackaday
It's complicated: A film examines our relationship with social media
Overhauling every town in 'Skyrim' took one dev four years
Podcasts are now available in Google Play Music
RFID Lock Keeps Your Bike Safe | Hackaday
Sciencing DVD-RW Laser Diodes | Hackaday
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About – All The Claims
A Friendly Flying Robot Pet | Hackaday
All Prior Art – Algorithmically generated prior art
All Prior Art | Hackaday
All The Claims – Algorithmically generated claims as prior art
A Requiem For Meters | Hackaday
A Swashplateless MAV: Thrust, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw from Only Two Motors - YouTube
BeagleBone Pin-Toggling Torture Test | Hackaday
Desktop Siege Weapon: Fireball Cannon | Hackaday
Hacking When it Counts: POW Canteen Radios | Hackaday
Home - PINE 64
Knife To Meet You: A custom hardware knife-avoidance game 🔪 - YouTube
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, AZERTY | Hackaday
Make Your Own ESP8266 Breadboard Adapter | Hackaday
Pine64: The Un-Review | Hackaday
"That's Not a Knife…" | Hackaday
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World Create Day: A Subcontinent, An Island Continent, And Asia | Hackaday
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A coin-sized ARM Linux computer with WIFI | Indiegogo
Arduino Quadcopter Game Uses Serial Monitor | Hackaday
Astronaut becomes the first person to finish a marathon in space
Atomic Arduino (and Other) Development | Hackaday
Ben Heck's mechanical TV, part 2
Camera Slider Helps get the Shots with E-Waste Controller | Hackaday
Dutch police seize a secure communications network
Energy Monitor Optically Couples to Smart Meter | Hackaday
Gear Clock Uses Stepper Motor | Hackaday
Google is creating a startup haven to prevent staff from leaving
Hackaday Links: April 24, 2016 | Hackaday
Home Made Pen Plotter | Hackaday
Inhabitat's Week in Green: Solar Impulse's trans-Pacific flight, and more!
Magical Blinky Capacitive Sensing Tweezers | Hackaday
Plexitube Owl Clock Watches You Sleep | Hackaday
Small Experiments in DIY Home Security | Hackaday
Uber drivers partner with the Teamsters Union in California (99) - Your customisable start page!
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2016 Hackaday Prize Begins Anew and Anything Goes | Hackaday
A Polymer Concrete DIY CNC With No Perceptible Budget In Sight | Hackaday
Apple Watch sequel reportedly includes cellular data
Comcast isn't letting customers use Starz's video service
Cyclists Use Tiny Motors to Cheat | Hackaday
Disney forges a deal to use Nokia's VR camera
Fail Of The Week: Don't Tie Those Serial Lines High | Hackaday
FreshTeam is a messaging app that tracks employee locations
From Trash To TV | Hackaday
HTC Vive companion app now available for iOS users
It's official: Charter owns Time Warner Cable
MakerBot will start outsourcing its 3D printers
Passwords? Just Use Your Head! | Hackaday
Poopable Cameras | Hackaday
Printing Magnetic Fields | Hackaday
Sophi Kravitz Talks The Tech Behind Art | Hackaday
UF researchers let people race drones using their minds
University of Florida brain-drone race - YouTube (83) - Your customisable start page!
Workshops For Timid Solderers | Hackaday
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8-bit Video Wall Made From 160 Gaming Keyboards | Hackaday
A Green Powered Sailboat | Hackaday
Belgrade Experience: MikroElektronika, Museums, and FPGA Computing | Hackaday
Bill Phillips Moniac Economic Analog Computer - YouTube
Circuit Bender Artist bends Fresnel Lens for Art | Hackaday
DIY Thermal Imaging Smartphone | Hackaday
DIY Vacuum Chamber Proves Thermodynamics Professor Isn't Making It All Up | Hackaday
Green powered sailboat •
KAPULA - The Thermal Smartphone •
Materials To Know: Baltic Birch | Hackaday
Pillaging the Wealth of Information in a Datasheet | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: MONIAC | Hackaday
USB Soldering Iron is Surprisingly Capable | Hackaday
USB soldering iron test and teardown with schematic. - YouTube (41) - Your customisable start page!
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3D Printering: Laser Cutting 3D Objects | Hackaday
$50k In Play: Giving Away 50 LightBlue Bean This Week | Hackaday
A Simple And Inexpensive GPS Navigation Device | Hackaday
Caption CERN Contest Week 13 | Hackaday
Massive Microsoft Machinations For Makers | Hackaday
More Hackathon Tickets Just Made Available | Hackaday
Use A Lamp To See Into The Future | Hackaday
Your Body is Your PIN with Bodyprint | Hackaday
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An Exceptionally Small UV Sensor | Hackaday
Decoding and Replicating Xantrex Solar Charge Wireless Data | Hackaday
Door Bell Used To Reset WiFi Router | Hackaday
ESP8266 WiFi Throwies | Hackaday
Excruciating Quest Turns Chromebook Pixel IPS Into Exquisite Extra Monitor | Hackaday
Hackaday Events: NY, LA, SF, LA | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Fixation On Nitrogen | Hackaday
Measuring Temperature On An AVR Without A Sensor | Hackaday
Megapixy: a 13" Retina-class screen on a boom arm. •
RoomMote, a DIY Remote for Your Room Project | Hackaday
Vintage Computer Festival Europa 16.0: The Hackaday Report | Hackaday
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3D Printing Hailstone Molds for Science | Hackaday
Amazing Analysis of a 350,000 LED Airport Art Project | Hackaday
Analog to Digital Converter (ADC): A True Understanding | Hackaday
Arduino 101 is LIGHT SENSITIVE!! - YouTube
Automatic Digital Microscope •
Can you hear SamSat-218D? | Hackaday
Clever And Elegant Tilt Sensors From Ferrofluid | Hackaday
Designing Flat Flexible PCBs | Hackaday
Don't Take Photos of Your Arduino 101 Either, Its Light Sensitive | Hackaday
Fail of the Week: ESP8266 Heats Temperature Sensor | Hackaday
LiFePO4wered/USB •
Retro-futuristic automobile control panel •
Talk to the Glove | Hackaday
These 20 Projects Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize | Hackaday
Understanding Analog to Digital Conversion - YouTube
Which Wireless Tech is Right For You? | Hackaday
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Arduino-Based Dispenser Delivers Liquids, Powders | Hackaday
Fibonacci Clock Is Hard To Read, Looks Good | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Aspirin For Everyone | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Worldwide: Workbench Projects Bengaluru | Hackaday
Safety Belt Holds Up Pants and Passwords | Hackaday
School Kids Build Ontario Power Generation System Model | Hackaday
SPARC: A Voice Controlled Robot Sings Sweetly in DTMF | Hackaday
The Simplest Quadrupedal Robot Ever | Hackaday
We're Giving out 125 Teensy-LC Boards this Week | Hackaday
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2015 Hackaday Prize Worldwide: LA - YouTube
Cross Bladed Axe - YouTube
Embroidered Nyan Cat Brings a Meme to the Real World | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: An EM Drive | Hackaday
Hamvention 2015, Less Than One Week Away! | Hackaday
Hardware You Might See in a Bar in New York | Hackaday
Live Now: 2015 Hackaday Prize Worldwide: LA | Hackaday
New Cross Bladed Axe Not For Cosplay or Larping | Hackaday
Printed Tentacles for PCB Probing | Hackaday
Raspberry Preserve – A BitTorrent Sync client in a Mason Jar | Hackaday
Review: uISP programmer for AVR | Hackaday
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3D Printer Prints Sound | Hackaday
3D Printing Bone | Hackaday
An Affordable Ultrasonic Soldering Iron | Hackaday
Google tries turning search links black
Hackaday Links: It's Mother's Day And You Forgot | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Raimi's Bionic Arm | Hackaday
HMV is closing the gap with Amazon in the UK
Minimal MQTT: Building a Broker | Hackaday
Mk1 grip styles 25feb16 - YouTube
Netflix nabs 'Ultimate Beastmaster' reality competition show
Operational Gearbox
Personal electric plane won't need an airport
Pocketwatch X-Ray - YouTube
Rasberry Pi Zero Plays Every Simpsons Episode Ever at Random | Hackaday
Researchers develop a drug-sniffing car that can pinpoint your stash
Running a Hackerspace is Hard: Egypt Edition | Hackaday
Smallest MIDI Synth, Again! | Hackaday
Spotify is making its own video shows
The AiraWear massage hoodie is absurd, but it works
The Coming Wide-Spread Use of Drones in Agriculture | Hackaday
The Electronic Mercenary | Will solder for money.
The X-Ray Playground - YouTube
Ultrasonic Soldering Iron • (78) - Your customisable start page!
Virtual Boy emulator digs up VR's embarrassing past
Virtual Boy Wario Land - Cardboard Test - YouTube
X-Ray Everything! | Hackaday
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5 questions to ask when choosing a CRM for your small business - TechRepublic
After three years of Linux, Munich reveals draft of crunch report that could decide its open source future - TechRepublic
Android Security Update May 2016: What you need to know - TechRepublic
An insider's look at iOS security - TechRepublic
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Swarm AI predicts the 2016 Kentucky Derby - TechRepublic
Tune up your iOS device with PhoneClean - TechRepublic
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$50k in Play: 20 Bulbdial Clock Kits | Hackaday
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Forbidden Fruit Machine | Hackaday
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See You at LayerOne this Weekend | Hackaday
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3D Scanning Rig And DIY Turntable | Hackaday
Commodore 64 Mods Make A Mobile Computer | Hackaday
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Hacklet 48 – Weather Sensing Projects | Hackaday
My C64 use 12V DC (battery) power source now. - YouTube
NES Controller Made Out Of Fused Craft Beads | Hackaday
Pictures that Defeat Key Locks | Hackaday
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$50k in Play: Awarding 65 Stickvise this Week | Hackaday
An Open Source Toolchain For iCE40 FPGAs | Hackaday
Avago Buys Broadcom For $37 Billion | Hackaday
Caption CERN Contest – Dr. Frankenstein would be proud | Hackaday
Eye-Controlled Wheelchair Advances from Talented Teenage Hackers | Hackaday
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Itemizing Water Consumption At Home | Hackaday
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AN/FPS-118 Over-The-Horizon-Backscatter (OTH-B) Radar - YouTube
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Hackaday Prize Worldwide LA: The Ultimate Workshop, Party, And Hackathon | Hackaday
IoT Enabled Thomas The Tank Engine | Hackaday
My Robot Army @ Maker Faire | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Cover Your CONUS with OTH-B Radar | Hackaday
ShakeIt – an interactive light game | Hackaday
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Some Snap-Fits For Thought | Hackaday
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1575 Bottle of Beer on the (LED) Wall | Hackaday
Autonomous Plant Watering Thingamajig | Hackaday
Control the Real World with an Arduino-Enabled Minecraft Mod | Hackaday
Fixing a Broken Bandsaw with a Custom Steel Part | Hackaday
Greet the Sun with a 555 Flute | Hackaday
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Linux Today - 25 Practical examples of the find command
Linux Today - 4 tips for GIMP beginners
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Linux Today - Emacspeak, an audible interface for Linux
Linux Today - How to install and configure Solr 6 on Ubuntu 16.04
Linux Today - How to install TYPO3 8.1 with Nginx (LEMP) on Ubuntu 16.04
Linux Today - If Your Kickstarter Campaign Isn't Ready for Prime Time
Linux Today - Open source Micro:bit SBC now available for pre-order
Linux Today - To make technology transformative, be willing to sunset old business processes
Netbook Finds New Home in a Jaguar Dashboard | Hackaday
Real-Time FPGA Finger Detection | Hackaday
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Anodized Phone Mount For Your Bike | Hackaday
Astronaut Or Astronot? Community Voting Begins! | Hackaday
Caption CERN Contest – Tabletop Projection | Hackaday
Embedding PCBs In 3D Prints | Hackaday
Googly Eyes Follow You Around the Room | Hackaday
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Startup Bus: Hardware Hacking on the Highway | Hackaday
Weekly Winners: Stickvise | Hackaday
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50 Winners Using Texas Instruments Parts | Hackaday
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Laser Engraving in Color? | Hackaday
Restoring An Espresso Machine To The 21st Century | Hackaday
Stenography (Yes, with Arduinos) | Hackaday
uController Code Profiler Debugs Your Microcontroller | Hackaday
USA vs Japan: Giant Robot Battle | Hackaday
World's Greatest Bubble Machine born of Space Program | Hackaday
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A Cake Tin Makes A Great Tube Amp Chassis | Hackaday
Artificial Muscles To Bring Relief To Robotic Tenseness | Hackaday
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Learn To Program With Literate Programming | Hackaday
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Linux Today - Linux 4.7 rc2
Linux Today - ownCloud Folds in U.S. as Its Founder Starts New Firm
Linux Today - Redirect traffic between servers after server migrations and changing IP Address
Linux Today - Smem - Reports Memory Consumption Per-Process and Per-User Basis in Linux
Linux Today - The Number Of Linux Games Has More Than Quadrupled In The Past Two Years
Poetic SSIDs | Hackaday
Robot Moth Is Learning to Fly Like A Real Moth | Hackaday
Smem - Reports Memory Consumption Per-Process and Per-User Basis in Linux
The Number Of Linux Games Has More Than Quadrupled In The Past Two Years - Phoronix
These 20 Projects Just Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize | Hackaday
The World's Supply Of DB-19 Connectors | Hackaday
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50 Winners Using Microchip Parts | Hackaday
AYTABTU - Transistor based computer •
Beaglebone Black Home Automation •
BeagleLogic GSoC 2014 End-of-Coding-Period Presentation - YouTube
Build Siren •
Collabatorium on Wednesday | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: It's Like Apple Pay, But For Receipts | Hackaday
Hackaday's Interview with Arduino CEO [Massimo Banzi] | Hackaday
Indoor Experiments in Zero Gravity •
Intense Brushless DC Stage Brings More E-Bike Power | Hackaday
Jasmine's Profile •
Local food malls with global impact. •
Low-power environmental data logger •
Micro:bit — BBC Gets A Million Kids Into Embedded Dev | Hackaday
MultiSpork •
Nutritional Content of Food with RamanPi •
On-Demand Paper Clips | Hackaday
PASS: Pollution Analytics Shared Socially •
Position estimation using Arduino+GY80+Encoders •
Project ICARUS 3.0: Solar Anti-Poaching UAS •
Quadcopter from scratch •
RVJet with Drone Deploy Cloud Control Initial Flight Tests - YouTube
Send serial to Comtrol Devicemaster with Arduino •
The Doctor's Companion, K-9 •
Tick Tock Timer •
Times various internal functions and code sections
Turn your BeagleBoneBlack in to a 14-channel, 100Msps Logic Analyzer | Hackaday
Upgrading An Old Lantern | Hackaday
Writing Doom For The Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
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A Mountain of Prizes For Projects Using These Parts | Hackaday
Bringing a Century Stereo into the 21st Century | Hackaday
Coding Malware for Fun and Not for Profit (Because that would be illegal) | MalwareTech
"Giger Counter" Makes Radiation Detection Surreal | Hackaday
Hacking The IM-ME To Open Garages | Hackaday
Hard Disk Firmware Hacking (Final) | MalwareTech
Hard Drive Rootkit Is Frighteningly Persistent | Hackaday
InceptionKit - MTSBK.pdf
Lego Printer Prints Lego | Hackaday
MalwareTech SBK - A Bootkit Capable of Surviving Reformat | MalwareTech
Scan report for at UTC - VirusTotal
Subwoofer Vortex Cannon: 300V of "Thwup!" | Hackaday
Teensy Adds S/PDIF to Library | Hackaday
Vortex cannon using capacitor discharge •
We Have A Problem: 3D Printers Are Too Expensive | Hackaday
News 06-10-16 links
3D Internal Structure For Better 3D Printed Objects | Hackaday
An Atari ST Rises From The Ashes | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: Where are the Flying Cars? | Hackaday
Does Intel Measure Up at the Austin X Games? | Hackaday
Fixing a broken CCFL Backlight | Hackaday
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Hoverboard comes to life | Hackaday
Reverse Engineering Hoverboard Motor Drive | Hackaday
Reviving a Dead Zanzithophone | Hackaday
Zero Parts-Count Temperature Sensor | Hackaday
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3D Miniature Chess Pieces Made With A Laser Cutter | Hackaday
610bob - YouTube
A Different Kind of Plastic Shredder for 3D Filament Making | Hackaday
An Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator Replacement | Hackaday
Arduino - ArduinoBoardZero
Crowdfunding Follies: Proof That Ohm's Law Is Arcane Knowledge | Hackaday
GSG-Elektronik - Lenovo A10 Linux
Hackaday Links: June 14, 2015 | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A DIY Smartphone | Hackaday
Hacking An Android Laptop To Run Linux | Hackaday
Hacking A Wireless AC Power Outlet | Hackaday
Index of /downloads/cd-rom/de0-nano-soc/
Lenovo A10 Netbook with Linux - Google Translate
Neural Networks And MarI/O | Hackaday
Parallax Propeller 1 Goes Open Source | Hackaday
Terasic - DE Main Boards - DE0-Nano-SoC Kit/Atlas-SoC Kit
The Oldland CPU 32-bit FPGA Core | Hackaday
Two New Dev Boards That Won't Make Your Wallet Hurt-So-Good | Hackaday
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Calculator Fix - Album on Imgur
Compiling the latest Arduino IDE for Raspberry Pi | crimier
MicroPython and the European Space Agency - MicroPython Forum
ProtoPalette | ProtoPalette™ helps you build amazing things.
Raspberry Pi • View topic - Arduino-ide-1.6.4 + due on the Raspberry Pi
Scratch Build [Intel NUC Competition] Project FLUX by FAT - Page 4 - Forums
Stuff The Ballot Boxes For The Best Hackaday Prize Entry | Hackaday
The CoasterDad MakerSpace | Indiegogo
The CoasterDad Project | Bringing Physics, Family & Fun To Kids Everywhere!
The Hackaday Prize - Hackaday Projects
Tips from a Newb: Hole Saw in er40 collet - YouTube
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Come to our Shenzhen Meetup and Tell Your Friends | Hackaday
Get up, Stand up. With a Little Help from the Mindfulness Bracelet | Hackaday
Give In To Nostalgia With a Retro Game And Watch | Hackaday
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King of Clever Reads 4-Pin Rotary Encoder with one Analog pin | Hackaday
Phonographs Through The Eye Of An Electron Microscope | Hackaday
Prevent Failed Prints With A Filament Speed Sensor | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Making Porcelain Insulators | Hackaday
Reverse Engineering how a USB Switch Switches | Hackaday
VGATonic v2 Serial VGA Graphics Card •
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Animated GIFs On A Graphing Calculator | Hackaday
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Ask Hackaday (And Adafruit): The New CEO Of MakerBot | Hackaday
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Microcassette Recorders Become A Tape Delay | Hackaday
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RCA Jukebox [touch] | ArtHive
Rise of Hardware: A PCH Hackathon | Hackaday
ScenSor Module DWM1000 - WSN | DecaWave
Trash to treasure Bluetooth radio and tube amp build | Hackaday
Vintage Stereo Reborn With All The Bells And Whistles | Hackaday
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ADNS-3080 for 2D depth sensing with Arduino - YouTube
Air Quality Sensors in Every Classroom | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: Whatever Happened to LED Light Sensors? | Hackaday
Building a Swarm of Autonomous Ocean Boats | Hackaday
Building your Air sensor and Photon - YouTube
CNC Upgrade to Guitar Pickup Winding Machine | Hackaday
Denver Mini Maker Faire: Fun With Pinball | Hackaday
DIY Custom LCD - YouTube
Evaluating the Unusual and Innovative Perf+ Protoboard | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Visualizing Magnetic Fields | Hackaday
Hacker's Toolbox: The Handheld Screw Driver | Hackaday
How to Make a Custom LCD from Scratch | Hackaday
How To Set Up And Run A Makerspace | Hackaday
Marvelous MIDI Button Box | Hackaday
Micro Tesla Turbine is an Engineering Tour de Force | Hackaday
Micro Tesla Turbine Mk2 | Part 1 | The Rotor - YouTube
Micro Tesla Turbine MK2 | Part2 | Housing, End Caps, Nozzle - YouTube
Mouse Brains Plus Line Laser Equals Rangefinder | Hackaday
Prusa Shows Us the New i3 MK2 3D Printer and Where the Community is Headed | Hackaday
Wrangling High Voltage | Hackaday
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An Interview With The CEO Of MakerBot | Hackaday
A Real Dash For A Truck Simulator | Hackaday
Astronaut Or Astronot: Round 1 Over, Round 2 Begins | Hackaday
Caption CERN Contest – Work Until You Drop | Hackaday
Cheap, Easy To Build Robot For beginners | Hackaday
Delta 3D Printer Made From Unorthodox Parts | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Recording RC Planes With Third Person View | Hackaday
Hacklet 52 – Breakout Board Projects | Hackaday
Review: FriedCircuits USB Tester | Hackaday
Tracking Bitcoin With The ESP8266 | Hackaday
News 06-20-15 #2 Hackaday links
Altium Gives Away The Farm With New Circuit Maker Software | Hackaday
An Electronic Woodwind With An Onboard Synthesizer | Hackaday
Free PCB Design Tools | CircuitMaker
Hackaday Prize Entry: HOMER, A 2D GPU For Microcontrollers | Hackaday
IR Remote For Smartphone Via Bluetooth Adapter | Hackaday
Making A Bobblehead Of You | Hackaday
Steering High Altitude Rockets With Cold Gas | Hackaday
The First PipBoy We'll See This Year | Hackaday
▶ TruPlay-Controlling Bluetooth A2DP Devices using MSP430and OVC3860 - YouTube
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A Hacker's Guide to Getting Old | Hackaday
Behold: Valve's VR and AR Prototypes | Hackaday
Capacitors Made Easy The Hackaday Way | Hackaday
Espressif Releases ESP8266-Killer! | Hackaday
Evaluating the Unusual and Innovative Perf+ Protoboard | Hackaday
FAA Finalizes Rules For Drones, UAS, and Model Aircraft | Hackaday
Fallout 4 Gets Logic Gates, Is Functionally Complete | Hackaday
Gawking Text Files | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: BLE Beacon Library | Hackaday
How Lasers Actually Work | Hackaday
Network Security Theatre | Hackaday
New Hard Drives for Old Computers | Hackaday
Walnut Windfall Winds up in Custom Keyboard | Hackaday
News 06-24-15 Hackaday Links
▶ BadUSB - On Accessories that Turn Evil by Karsten Nohl + Jakob Lell - YouTube
▶ Building Prototypes Dan Gelbart part 1 of 18 Introduction - YouTube
Charging Safely over USB — Reclaimer Labs
Crawlspace Warehouse Includes Midget Forklift | Hackaday
Discrete Transistor Computer Is Not Discreet | Hackaday
Down-Draft Table Keeps The Shop Dust Free | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Multispectral Imaging Based On LandSat 7 | Hackaday
Inceptionism: Mind Blown by What Neural Nets Think They See | Hackaday
Omnifarious- Shapeshifting Objects - YouTube
Pneumatic Multiplexer | Hackaday
▶ Pneumatic Multiplexing Progress - YouTube
Remove Security Issues From Untrusted USB Connections | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Don't Balk at Pitch-Up in the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo | Hackaday
▶ The man with 1,000 Klein Bottles UNDER his house - Numberphile - YouTube
The Shady World of Drone Racing | Hackaday
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Automating 3D Printers With Robots | Hackaday
Driving BB-8: More Than One Way to Move this Bot | Hackaday
EV History: The Lightning Precedes The Thunder | Hackaday
Get Set For SAQ On Alexanderson Day With These Active Antennas | Hackaday
Ghostbuster Proton Pack Made from Everything | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Local Positioning System | Hackaday
PinJig Soldering Clamp has Pins Seized by Airport Security | Hackaday
Removing DRM From Aaron Swartz's eBook | Hackaday
Taking Killer Robots Seriously | Hackaday
The Politest Patent Discussion, OSHW v. Patents | Hackaday
Voja's EEPROM Emulator From 1991 | Hackaday
News 06-28-15 links
2D Printed Tachometer For A Lathe | Hackaday
Alexanderson alternator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alexanderson Day 2015 | Vänföreningen Alexander Grimeton Veteranradios Vänner
ASCII Art With Pure Data And A Typewriter | Hackaday
AutoSpeed - The $10 Digital Counter
Demonstration of the solenoids used in the Smith Corona Typewriter to Printer conversion - YouTube
Digital Counter From Stuff You Have In Your Junk Drawer | Hackaday
Downdraft Fume Extractor Saves Your Lungs | Hackaday
Factory Friday: Solder Fume Extraction — Other Machine Co.
Hackaday Prize Entry: Saving Water with the Vinduino | Hackaday
Human-Machine Interface Projects at TEI 2016 | Hackaday
Lathe Tachometer
Over-the-horizon radar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
SAQrx VLF Receiver - SM6LKM
▶ Smith Corona Arduino, "The Typewriter Symphony", Leroy Anderson, 1950. (Take 2) - YouTube
▶ Smith Corona Typewriter to Printer Conversion using Solenoids and Arduino - YouTube
Smith Corona Typewriter to Printer Hack
The Alexanderson Transmitter: Very-low Frequency Radio Rides Again! | Hackaday
Too Hot for Fido? Get Alerted! | Hackaday
Typewriter Types, Plays Music | Hackaday
Varberg Radio Station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
VLF Transmitter Cutler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wirelessly Weighing Plants with the ESP8266 | Hackaday
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3D Printing Binaural Microphones | Hackaday
CPU Heatsinks to cool microwave dinners - YouTube
Easy Way To Listen To Cube Sats | Hackaday
Electric Lawn Mower Converted to RC Control | Hackaday
Etching PCBs With A 3D Printer | Hackaday
FlatCAM: PCB Prototyping CAD/CAM
Hackaday Links: June 28, 2015 | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: An SD Card Arduino | Hackaday
Making PCB with 3D printer and permanent marker - YouTube
MapleMaker 3D Printer is As Printable as They Get | Hackaday
mapleMaker Mini V2 | mapleMaker Media
The Spirit of Hackaday Shines in Shenzhen | Hackaday
True Random Number Generator for a True Hacker | Hackaday
What You See Is What You (Laser) Cut | Hackaday
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3 Hours until Collabatorium | Hackaday
Amazingly Detailed Robotics Ground Vehicle Guide | Hackaday
Disassembled Mouse Keeps Track Of Gas Meter | Hackaday
DNS Tunneling with an ESP8266 | Hackaday
Embed with Elliot: We Don't Need No Stinkin' RTCs | Hackaday
Generate Graph Paper — Complete with Jolly Wrencher | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Hacker Channel •
Hacking a $100 Signal Generator | Hackaday
Miniature Cannon Packs a Punch, Shows off Manual Machining Skills | Hackaday
Your Brain Thinks Its Burning You, But It's Not | Hackaday
News 07-01-16 and links
1024 "Pixel" Sound Camera Treats Eyes to Real-Time Audio | Hackaday
A Strandbeest Bicycle | Hackaday
Bridging the Air Gap; Data Transfer via Fan Noise | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: An MRI Machine | Hackaday
HALT In The Name Of Testing | Hackaday
Interactive WeddingBots Built Into Nespresso Capsules | Hackaday
Linux Today - 14 Best IDEs for C++ Programming or Source Code Editors on Linux
Linux Today - Atom-based gateway taps new Eclipse open source IoT cloud platform
Linux Today - Calamares 2.3 Universal Linux OS Installer Released with Full-Disk Encryption
Linux Today - Linux Mint 18 Brings Mint-Y Theme to Linux Desktop
Linux Today - MeX Operating System Brings Cinnamon 3.0 & Linux Kernel 4.6 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Linux Today - Page Not found.
Linux Today - Using ATA Over Ethernet (AoE) on CentOS 7 (Initiator and Target)
SpotMini Struts Its Stuff | Hackaday
Transcend Wifi SD Card Is A Tiny Linux Server | Hackaday
Tutorial on Signal Processing in Linux with Octave | Hackaday (84) - Your customisable start page!
What Could Go Wrong: SPI | Hackaday
News 07-02-15 links
DIY Air Compressor Made From Refrigerator and Fire Extinguisher | Hackaday
DIY Small Size Air Compressor on the Cheap
Floor Lamps | Full Grown
Full Grown
Full Grown Promo - YouTube
Full Grown - YouTube
Hackaday Prize Entry: An E-Juice Robot | Hackaday
▶ Homemade Air Compressor - YouTube
▶ How we can grow furniture: Gavin Munro at TEDxDerby - YouTube
Lighting | Type | Full Grown
Logic Noise: Ping-Pong Stereo Mixer Demo - YouTube
Logic Noise: Ping-pong Stereo, Mixers, and More | Hackaday
New Part Day: Memristors | Hackaday
Retro-fit old radio with Arduino and FM module | Hackaday
Solar-Cell Laser Communication System | Hackaday
We're Hiring Contributors And Social Media Masterminds | Hackaday
Why Build Furniture When you can Grow it? | Hackaday
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15 Quadcopters Up for Grabs in Wings, Wheels, and Propellers Contest | Hackaday
Arduinos (and other AVRs) Write To Own Flash | Hackaday
Arduino Shades of Grey Water •
Astronaut Or Astronot: Win $1000 For Clicking A Button | Hackaday
Bench Top 5-Axis Mill •
Binary Fuel Tank •
binary - YouTube
Details • Bench Power Supply •
Details • Bench Power Supply Musings •
Details • Project InchWorm •
Driverless Mouse and Keyboard Sharing •
Emergency Backup Power and Wallwarts Eliminator •
Follow Projects
gallery_page •
Hackaday Prize Entry: What To Do With A Bunch Of Old Computer Adapters | Hackaday
Hackaday Store
Hacklet 54 – Virtual Reality Projects | Hackaday
Internet enabled smoke alarm •
makerblueprint/retrospecification · GitHub
Mbas - Mail box alert system •
Motion Sensor and video filter system using FPGA •
Open Source Bench Top Power Supply •
Optics Laboratory Made From LEGO | Hackaday
power supply for the rest of us •
Results for "benchtop" •
Retro Modules •
RunFree •
Tiny x86 Systems With Graphics Cards | Hackaday
Voice Controlled Surveillance Drone •
News 07-05-16 and links
A Very Tidy Circular Saw Bench | Hackaday
Data Exfiltration With Broadcast Radio And CD-ROM Drives | Hackaday
Emulating A Remote Control Ceiling Fan Transmitter In An FPGA | Hackaday
Feel Extreme Workbench Envy After Seeing The Tempel | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: ESP Swiss Knife | Hackaday
Inside the Supplyframe Design Lab on Opening Night | Hackaday
IPhone Polarizing Camera Solves Filter Orientation Problem Using Flash | Hackaday
Juno has begun its tour of Jupiter after a five-year journey
Juno snaps a pic of Jupiter before it reaches the gas giant
Looptaggr: Endless Graffiti | Hackaday
Makerspace North, from Empty Warehouse to Maker Magnet | Hackaday
R/C Hot Rod Built Completely From Scratch | Hackaday
Refurbishing Armored Tablets | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: DC to DC Conversion by Vibrator | Hackaday
Taming the Beast: Pro-Tips for Designing a Safe Homebrew Laser Cutter | Hackaday
News 07-09-16 and links
Ask Hackaday: How Hard Is It To Make A Bad Solder Joint? | Hackaday
Beautiful Raspberry Pi Laptop Inspired By Psion | Hackaday
Converting a Lawnmower Engine To Run on Compressed Air | Hackaday
Cute USART Trick Brings PWM to IR LEDs | Hackaday
Dallas' bomb robot sparks debate around police militarization
Dear Silicon Valley: Not everything can be solved with apps
Digital Opponent In An Analog Package | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Selfie Bot Let's You Vlog Hands Free | Hackaday
HDHomeRun tuners connect directly to Samsung TVs
Join the GUI Generation: QTCreator | Hackaday
Neural Network Targets Cats with a Sprinkler System | Hackaday
Public Access - The Public Access Weekly: Space madness
Skype bots get new features and will work in group chats
Smallest BASIC Computer? | Hackaday
This Redditor stumbled upon a hidden porn game on an '80s Mac
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account was compromised by hackers
News 07-10-16 links
3D Printering: Makerbot's Class Action Suit Dismissed | Hackaday
Capacitors are Simple, Right? | Hackaday
Door Iris Porthole is the Perfect Fix for Detroit Hackerspace | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Modular, Low Cost Braille Display | Hackaday
Hacklet 115 – More Quick Tool Hacks | Hackaday
Improving Rice Cooker Efficiency | Hackaday
Modular Drum Machine Creates Random Rhythms | Hackaday
Physical Kill Switch For Rogue Applications | Hackaday
Staying In and Playing Skyrim Has Rarely Been This Healthy | Hackaday (60) - Your customisable start page!
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A Pi Robot Without a Hat | Hackaday
Avoiding Exercise with an ESP8266 and Blynk | Hackaday
Challenge Accepted: Automation | Hackaday
Cracking The Sega Saturn After 20 Years | Hackaday
Don Eyles Walks Us Through the Lunar Module Source Code | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Reverse Engineering Blood Glucose Monitors | Hackaday
Hardware Reverse Engineering Learning Platform •
Micropython Binaries for the ESP8266 to be Released | Hackaday
Modding The Monoprice MP Mini Printer | Hackaday
Not Quite 101 Uses For An Analog UHF TV Tuner | Hackaday
Put a Reverse Engineered Power Meter in Your Toolkit | Hackaday
STM32 and FPGAs In A Tiny Package | Hackaday
The Dubious Claim of a World Helium Shortage | Hackaday
What's Special about Fifty Ohms? | Hackaday
News 07-13-16 and other links too
Build Your Own Brushless Motor | Hackaday
DIYing Huge BGA Packages | Hackaday
Expanding Horizons With The Ion Propelled Lifter | Hackaday
Gawking Hex Files | Hackaday
Going Lo-Tech For The Perfect Pokemon Go Throw | Hackaday
Gremlins are Air to Air Drones | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Electronics Anywhere, Any Time | Hackaday
Linux Today - Mozilla begins process of letting Firefox rust
Linux Today - Open-source Linux a step closer to automotive use
Linux Today - VirtualBox 5.1 Increases Linux Integration, Improves Multimedia Support
Make Your Own Transparent Wood | Hackaday
Solar Powered Hydroponics | Hackaday
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Frankensteined Cordless Drill Lives Again | Hackaday
FREE 3D Printing in New York? | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: 3D Printed Modular Keyboard | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Tracking Rhinos With UAVs | Hackaday
Homemade 2-Axis DSLR Brushless Gimbal Test - YouTube
Homemade Camera Stabilizer | Hackaday
New Part Day: The ESP8266 Killer | Hackaday
Safe Cracking With Signal Analysis | Hackaday
Vintage Electronics Magazines Predicted Our Current Future | Hackaday
News 07-14-16 links
A Drone Photosphere is Worth 4000 Times Pi Words | Hackaday
Another Small Linux Computer With Pi In Its Name | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: The World's First Tampon Monitor | Hackaday
Highlights From Robotic Shipwreck Exploration | Hackaday
In Bed With an Arduino, Fighting Sleep Apnea | Hackaday
Learn Resin Casting Techniques: Cold Casting | Hackaday
Lightweight Game Console Packs a Punch | Hackaday
Microcontrollers now substitute for CPUs | Hackaday
Nirvana Like You've Never Heard Them Before | Hackaday
Riding Shotgun In The Apollo 12 Lunar Lander | Hackaday (79) - Your customisable start page!
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45-Year Old Nixie Calculator Turned UDP Server | Hackaday
A Grounded Option for the Jet-Setting Homebody | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: Does Apple Know Jack About Headphones? | Hackaday
Code Craft – Embedding C++: Multitasking | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Simple CNC | Hackaday
Ham Antenna Rises to the Occasion | Hackaday
Mechanical Mower Made From Junk! - YouTube
Perovskite Solar: Coming Soon? | Hackaday
This Motorless Pull-Behind Mower is Made From Junk | Hackaday
Two Great Radios Taste Great Together | Hackaday (93) - Your customisable start page!
What Is Home Automation? | Hackaday
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3D Printed Diffuser Lights Up This Magnifier | Hackaday
Case Modding The Old School Way | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Measuring 3D Magnetic Fields | Hackaday
Hacklet 116 – Audio Projects | Hackaday
Isolated Voltage Measurements Through Frequency | Hackaday
Kansas City Maker Faire: Lawn da Vinci is the Droid You're Looking For | Hackaday
Linux Today - 5 hacks for landing your tech dream job
Linux Today - 7 Ways To Learn Linux in A Structured Manner
Linux Today - An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Mint
Linux Today - Best Universal Package Manager for Linux?
Linux Today - David A. Wheeler: Working to Prevent the Next Heartbleed
Linux Today - How to Optimize and Compress JPEG or PNG Images in Linux Commandline
Linux Today - Page Not found.
Linux Today - Tech Comics: 'Sirious' Problems
Linux Today - The Influence of Debian in Linux Open Source Community
Linux Today - Ubuntu Forums Hacked! Here Is What Hacker Stole?
Mechanized One-Man Sawmill | Hackaday
Pokédex Case Keeps Your Phone Powered Up So You Can Catch 'Em All | Hackaday
Tearing Apart The Nintendo PlayStation | Hackaday (95) - Your customisable start page!
Video Games In As Few Dimensions As Possible | Hackaday
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3D Printed Electric Unicycle | Hackaday
BitCluster Brings a New Way to Snoop Through BitCoin Transactions | Hackaday
Cellphone Hacks | Hackaday
Encrypted USB Bootloader for AVRs | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Let Your Muscles Do The Work | Hackaday
Hackaday SuperConference: Call for Proposals | Hackaday
Hackerspaces are Hard: Insurance | Hackaday
Hacklet 117 – NFC Projects | Hackaday
How to Measure the Extremely Small: Atomic Mass | Hackaday
Liddiard Omnidirectional Wheels | Hackaday
Manipulators get a 1000x FPGA-based speed bump | Hackaday
MicroPython on the ESP8266: Kicking the Tires | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: The Modern Telephone | Hackaday
Semisolid Lithium Ion Batteries Promise Better Cars, Solar | Hackaday
Sonic 3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling Makes a Swoosh | Hackaday
VertiGo - A Wall-Climbing Robot Including Ground-Wall Transition - YouTube
VertiGo Robot Drives Up Walls | Hackaday
News 07-26-16 and links (96) - Your customisable start page!
Linux Today - How to Install Pure-FTPd with TLS and virtual users on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1
Linux Today - Howdy, Ubuntu on Windows! Getting Started
Linux Today - /dev/random Seeing Improvements For Linux 4.8
Linux Today - OpenStack Pico and Questa set to Debut in 2017 and 2018
Linux Today - Lennart Poettering Announces systemd 231 Init System for GNU/Linux Distributions
Linux Today - ArchStrike Ethical Hacking Linux Operating System Gets Its First ISO Builds
Mergers and Acquisitions: Analog and Linear | Hackaday
Pressure-formed Parabolic Mirror from a Mylar Blanket | Hackaday
Ugly DIY Portable Soldering Iron | Hackaday
Pokemon Go – Bot Edition | Hackaday
Editor Wars | Hackaday
We Declare The Grandmaster Of Pokemon Go GPS Cheats | Hackaday
Root on the Philips Hue IoT Bridge | Hackaday
History Of The Capacitor – The Modern Era | Hackaday
Get Subpixel Printing With a DLP 3D Printer | Hackaday
Bending The New Amazon Dash Button To Your Will | Hackaday
Linux Today - Clear Linux Is Among the First Distros to Adopt Kernel 4.7, X.Org Server 1.18.4
Linux Today - Systemback - Restore Ubuntu Desktop and Server to previous state
Linux Today - Avoiding data disasters with Sanoid
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cheap Robotic Microscope | Hackaday
Dirk the homeless robot - YouTube
News 07-29-16 links (112) - Your customisable start page!
3-Phase BLDC Motor Controller will Run you $20 in Parts | Hackaday
This NES Emulator Build Lets You Use Cartridges to Play Games | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Profiling Underwater Light | Hackaday
20kW Light Is As Bright As You'd Expect | Hackaday
New Chip Alert: RTL8710, A Cheaper ESP8266 Competitor | Hackaday
DEF CON Meetup At The Grave Of James T. Kirk | Hackaday
From Project To Kit: So You Want To Sell Electronic Kits | Hackaday
Power Log Splitting: Trying (and Sometimes Failing) to Build a Better Ax | Hackaday
Design for Hackers | Hackaday
Squirrel Café To Predict The Weather From Customer Data | Hackaday
Repaired Manned Multicopter Flies without Horrifying Crash | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: Is The ESP8266 5V Tolerant? | Hackaday
Amazing SDR Built by 16 Year Old | Hackaday
News 08-02-16 and links
3D Printer Enclosure Is Pleasant On The Eyes And Ears | Hackaday
Home Automation Is Hung Up On Software | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Old Transistors | Hackaday
HardwareX Is A Scientific Journal For Open Hardware | Hackaday
The Othermill Is Something Else | Hackaday
Ugly Manhattan Adapters | Hackaday
Microsoft Live Account Credentials Leaking From Windows 8 And Above | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Visible Spectrophotometer | Hackaday
Infrared Flashlight with Screen Uncovers What's Hidden | Hackaday
Linux Today - Using PHP-FPM with Apache on Ubuntu 16.04
Linux Today - How to setup a UFW firewall on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server
Linux Today - Linux how long a process has been running?
Linux Today - Become a Better Open Source Advocate by Becoming a Better Human Being
Linux Today - Stream Videos To Chromecast From The Command Line Using Stream2Chromecast
Linux Today - Selling open source the smart way
Linux Today - How to clear Command line history in Linux
Linux Today - How to Limit the Network Bandwidth Used by Applications in a Linux System with Trickle
Linux Today - Stellarium 0.15.0 Open-Source and Free Planetarium Software Is a Massive Release
Linux Today - 5 tools to support distributed sysadmin teams
How to Limit the Network Bandwidth Used by Applications in a Linux System with Trickle
News 08-04-15 links
Amazon's AI Escapes its Hardware Prison | Hackaday
Building a Battery from Molten Salt | Hackaday
Caption CERN Contest – All Good Things… | Hackaday
Clocking (or Overclocking) an AVR | Hackaday
Cooking with Shop Tools: Most Dangerous Breakfast | Hackaday
Dissolve Steel Drill Bits in Alum from the Grocery | Hackaday
Embed with Elliot: the Static Keyword You Don't Fully Understand | Hackaday
Engineers Create Super-Hard Whack-a-Mole | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Wearable Electrodermal Activity Monitor | Hackaday
'The Martian': A Landmark Change in How Sci-Fi is Written | Hackaday
News 08-06-16 and links (67) - Your customisable start page!
Linux Today - Tiny Linux SBC with mini-PCIe slot runs Linux or Android on 2W
Tiny Linux SBC with mini-PCIe slot runs Linux or Android on 2W
Linux Today - Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop to Enable Sounds for Notifications, Add New Screensaver
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop to Enable Sounds for Notifications, Add New Screensaver
Linux Today - 5 Best Linux Distributions To Recover Dead Computers Data (Linux Data Recovery)
5 Best Linux Distributions To Recover Dead Computers Data (Linux Data Recovery) - LinuxAndUbuntu
Linux Today - openSUSE Tumbleweed GNU/Linux Operating System Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.7
openSUSE Tumbleweed GNU/Linux Operating System Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.7
Linux Today - Linux_Logo - A Command Line Tool to Print Color ANSI Logos of Linux Distributions
Linux_Logo - A Command Line Tool to Print Color ANSI Logos of Linux Distributions
Linux Today - Exploring the security challenges in Linux-based IoT devices
Linux Today - Moving from a single machine with Docker to a cluster of Pi???s
Linux Today - 10 reasons you should use LibreOffice and not Microsoft Word
DEF CON: BSODomizing In High Definition | Hackaday
Animated Progress Bar Shows LCD New Tricks | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Diagnosing Concussions | Hackaday
Building a Full-Spectrum Digital Camera on the Cheap | Hackaday
Fail Of The Week: The Pitfalls Of Designing A Wideband Radio | Hackaday
Art and Creepy Mechanisms | Hackaday
Hackaday Dictionary: Mils and Inches and Meters (oh my) | Hackaday
Arduino Replaces Bad AC Thermostat, Hacker Stays Cool | Hackaday
From Project To Kit: Getting The Hardware Right | Hackaday
DEF CON's X86 Badge | Hackaday
News 08-08-15 links
Building A Dead-On-Accurate Model Ford Pickup From Scratch | Hackaday
Corey Doctorow Rails Against the Effect of DRM and the DMCA | Hackaday
DEF CON: Abusing Scripts in Multiplayer Games | Hackaday
DEF CON: The Proxy for ProxyHam | Hackaday
DEF CON Uber Badge so Hot It's Radioactive | Hackaday
Hacker Reads Magnetic Stripe Card With Flatbed Scanner | Hackaday
Hacklet 69 – Morse Code Projects | Hackaday
Hack Your Cat's Brain to Hunt For Food | Hackaday
Nolan Bushnell and Hackaday on the Latest Episode of The Tomorrow Show | Hackaday
News 08-09-15 liinks
DEF CON® 23 Hacking Conference - Speakers
Hackaday Prize Entry: Gas Grenade Helps Instead of Exploding | Hackaday
Hacking a KVM: Teach a Keyboard Switch to Spy | Hackaday
Lego Exoskeleton Controls Pacific Rim Robot | Hackaday
Millions of Satellite Receivers are Low-Hanging Fruit for Botnets | Hackaday
Self Built Power Meter Uses Dual Sense Transformers | Hackaday
Wooden Escalator Fit for a Slinky | Hackaday
News 08-14-15 lilnks
3D Printed Vice Holds Dev Boards Beside Breadboard | Hackaday
Becoming a State Machine Design Mastermind | Hackaday
Crack Open a USB Car Charger to make it a Variable DC-DC Converter | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Sixth Sense | Hackaday
Junked Inspection Camera Given 15-Year Face-lift with Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
Panel-Mounted Breadboard Accessories | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 IoT Core: A Huge Letdown | Hackaday
Tricking a Car Stereo to Think Your Cellphone is a Tapedeck | Hackaday
Where Are They Now: Terrible Kickstarters | Hackaday
Your Homework for this Weekend | Hackaday
News 08-18-16 links (125) - Your customisable start page!
The Turing Tapes | Hackaday
Filling The Automation Gap In Garment Manufacturing | Hackaday
Hacking When It Counts: Spy Radios | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Tom Carter Revolutionized your Phone | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: What Are Magnetic Gears (Good For)? | Hackaday
History Of The Diode | Hackaday
Hackaday Columns | Hackaday
Capacitive Imaging With A Raspberry Pi Touch Screen | Hackaday
Infrared Targeting On a Small Scale | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Robot Shore | Hackaday
Struggling Robot Made With DIY Soft Limbs | Hackaday
Lego-Like Chemistry and Biology Erector Set | Hackaday
Intel Releases The Tiny Joule Compute Module | Hackaday
Solar-powered Weather Station Has the Complete Suite of Sensors | Hackaday
Universal Serial Abuse | Hackaday
Tips For Buying Your First Milling Machine | Hackaday
turn android phone into raspberry pi | Search Results | Hackaday
From Project To Kit: Instructions Are Everything | Hackaday
Yak Shaving: Hacker Mode vs Maker Mode | Hackaday
Turn Your Motorola Android Phone Into a Raspberry Pi | Hackaday
New 3D Printer M3D Pro Hits Kickstarter | Hackaday
Fractals Among Us | Hackaday
Asking the Security Question of Home Automation | Hackaday
Arduino + Software Defined Radio = Millions of Vulnerable Volkswagens | Hackaday
News 08-18-16 links
Linux Today - Making documentation easy with Read the Docs
Introduction to Read the Docs to simplify project documentation |
Linux Today - Whatsie - Install & Use Whatsapp In Linux???
Linux Today - Install phpMyAdmin with LAMP stack on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server
Install phpMyAdmin with LAMP stack on Ubuntu 16.04 - OSTechNix
Linux Today - Linux dd Command Show Progress Copy Bar With Status
Linux dd Command Show Progress Copy Bar With Status
Linux Today - How to Clone or Backup Linux Disk Using Clonezilla
How to Clone or Backup Linux Disk Using Clonezilla
Linux Today - It's time to say goodbye to Linux 4.6
It's time to say goodbye to Linux 4.6 | Network World
Linux Today - Intel "Aero" drone board runs Yocto on Cherry Trail
Linux Today - How to create your own Docker Image with a Dockerfile
How to create Docker Images with a Dockerfile
Linux Today - Forget desktop Linux, build your own $40 Android PC
Linux Today - How to make make disk image with dd on Linux or Unix
How to make make disk image with dd on Linux or Unix
Projects | Read the Docs
News 08-20-15 links
CCC 2015: Moon Robots, Data Destuction, and an Epic Thunderstorm | Hackaday
Drivers for 3D Printers and Why We Need Them | Hackaday
Giant Stepper Motor Gets You Up to Speed on Theory | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Open-source Pulse Oximetry | Hackaday
High Tech, Low Cost Digital Torque Meter | Hackaday
Learning Verilog for FPGAs: Flip Flops | Hackaday
Lessons From The Fablab Masters | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: One Does Not Simply String Up a Half-Million VDC Transmission Line | Hackaday
Steam-Powered Machine Shop | Hackaday
Tap On! Tap Off! The Backlight! | Hackaday
The EM Drive Might Not Work, but We Get Helicarriers If It Does | Hackaday
Using a Capacitor as an Actuator?! | Hackaday
You Can Have my TIPs When You Pry them from my Cold, Dead Hands | Hackaday
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EL Wire Gets Some Touching After Effects | Hackaday
Shop-built Inspection Camera Lends Optical Help on a Budget | Hackaday
Interactive Dynamic Video | Hackaday
Books You Should Read: The Soul of A New Machine | Hackaday
Intel Makes A Cool Robot Brain In Latest Attempt to Pry Hackers From Their Wallets | Hackaday
From Project To Kit: The Final Furlong | Hackaday
Making A Thinkpad Great Again | Hackaday
[Prototype] X220 FHD mod
Police Baffled? Send For The Radio Amateurs! | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A CNC Scribe For Making Circuit Boards | Hackaday
Projecta: The Ultimate Solution For The PCB Printing Problem by IntMinds — Kickstarter
Exoskeleton Designed for Children | Hackaday
The World's First Child-Sized Exoskeleton Will Melt Your Heart
CSIC introduces the world's first child-exoskeleton for spinal muscular atrophy - YouTube
Projecta - Complete Process In Real Time - YouTube
News 08-28-16 links
Open Source SNES to USB Converter Lets You Emulate Legally | Hackaday
Stop Buying Expensive Circular Saw Blades, Use Paper Instead | Hackaday
Dirt Cheap VR Gun with Tracking for $15 of Added Hardware | Hackaday
Bombing The Sky For The Sake Of Radio | Hackaday
Low Noise Floor Microphone | Hackaday
Filtering Noisy Data with an Arduino | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Real Life XEyes | Hackaday
Weather-aware Shoe Rack Helps You Get Ready for the Day | Hackaday
Working in Peace With an Off-Grid Office Shed | Hackaday
Amazing Carbon Foam Doesn't Take Much Bread | Hackaday
Hands-On the Shaper Origin: A Tool That Changes How We Build | Hackaday
Roomba vs Poop: Teaching Robots to Detect Pet Mess | Hackaday
Colossus: Face To Face With The First Electronic Computer | Hackaday
You're Overdue for a Visit to the Library | Hackaday
Hacklet 122 – Spectrometers | Hackaday
Books You Should Read: The Soul of A New Machine | Hackaday
Fine Business, Good Buddy: Amateur Radio for Truckers | Hackaday
Fail Of The Week: Machining Bismuth | Hackaday
Tools of the Trade – Test and Programming | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: August 28, 2016 | Hackaday
DuraPAC | ACME Portable
Teensy E-Paper Adapter Board •
News 09-01 16 links
High-:publishVoltage Fractals | Hackaday
Likely Everything You Need To Know Before Adopting A Drill Press | Hackaday
Blowtorch SMD Reflow | Hackaday
How To Make Your Weller Wireless | Hackaday
How to Use Docker to Cross Compile for Raspberry Pi (and More) | Hackaday
Cat-Operated Cat Food Dispenser | Hackaday
How the Human Brain Stores Data | Hackaday
How I²C EEPROM Talks to the Bus | Hackaday
Inventables Releases Improved X-Carve CNC Router | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Open Sip And Puff | Hackaday
Hackaday 10th Anniversary: Quinn Dunki and Veronica | Hackaday
Drill Press 101 « Blondihacks
News 09-01-16 links
Hackaday Prize Entry: Open Sip And Puff | Hackaday
Antenna Rotation Arduino Style | Hackaday
Internet Of Things Woodworking | Hackaday
The Evolution of a DIY Circuit Board Plotter | Hackaday
NES Light Gun Fires Awesome Laser Effect | Hackaday
Circuit Design? Spread the Joy | Hackaday
Big Brother and Others Are Watching Your Car | Hackaday
Review: Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D Printer | Hackaday
How Accurate Is Microstepping Really? | Hackaday
Hands-On the Shaper Origin: A Tool That Changes How We Build | Hackaday
Working For Elon Musk | Hackaday
Build a Tiny (Unstable) Bugging Device | Hackaday
Amazon Dash Button Finds Your Phone | Hackaday
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10,000 Lumen Sunrise Lamp Curses the Darkness | Hackaday
Make Your Own Simple VHF Tuning Capacitor | Hackaday
A Homemade Variable Tuning Capacitor for tuning in your FM stations...
A variable capacitor made from junk | Hackaday
Building air variable capacitors | Hackaday
Five-Stage Coilgun Powered by an Arc Welder! | Hackaday
Decoding Rediscovered Rope Memory From the Apollo Guidance Computer | Hackaday
Books You Should Read: Engineer to Win By Carroll Smith | Hackaday
Mini Plasma Cutter | Hackaday
"Starry Night" Dress Shines on the Experience of Multiple Builds | Hackaday
Racing Roomba Packs the Power to Pop Wheelies | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Magic Bit-Of-Wire Motion Detector Library For Arduino | Hackaday
From Project To Kit: After The Sale | Hackaday
GitHub - lincolnjohnson/SunriseClock: Blinding LED Sunrise Clock
Hackaday Prize Entry: BunnyBot Helps Out All On Its Own | Hackaday
Tour de Force Battery Hacking | Hackaday
Interesting Switch Autopsy | Hackaday
Using RealSense Cameras With OS X and Linux | Hackaday
In Soviet Russia, DIY Laser Rangefinder Scan YOU!! | Hackaday
News 09-04-16 links
Hackaday Prize Entry: Cheap Visible Light Communication | Hackaday
Game Pie Advance Brings Retro Gaming To Your Fingertips | Hackaday
Talking DIY Z-80 Retrocomputer Complete with Dev Tools | Hackaday
Altitude Controlled LED Jacket Changes Color as You Climb | Hackaday
Hacklet 123 – Watches | Hackaday
Flying A Normally-Sized Drone With A Nano-Drone's Brain | Hackaday
Software USB On the ESP8266 | Hackaday
Visible Light Communication for the masses •
Z80 retrocomputing part 1 - RC2014 Z80 retro computer kit build - YouTube
Wifi Controlled USB Mouse and Keyboard (ESP8285) - YouTube
Hackaday Dictionary: Mux/Demux | Hackaday
News 09-09-15 links
Aerogel Insulation for 3D Printers | Hackaday
Arduino TinyGPS Updated To Support GLONASS | Hackaday
Exponential Growth In Linear Time: The End Of Moore's Law | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Semifinalist: Smart Medication Dispenser | Hackaday
Hack Puts Aging Sprinkler System Online | Hackaday
Saturday in Washington DC: Hackaday Meetup | Hackaday
The iPad Controlled Camera Slider | Hackaday
Video FPGA with No External A/D | Hackaday
News 09-10-16 and links
Linux Today - The rise of the shareable document
Linux Today - Tech Comics: Where's My Phone?
Linux Today - Which Linux compression tool works the best?
Linux Today - Tasksel - Install Group of Software in A Single Click on Debian/Ubuntu
Linux Today - Hewlett Packard Enterprise buys SUSE
Linux Today - Blocking Big Brother with Senji Security
Linux Today - Running WordPress on Kubernetes
Linux Today - The New Features Expected In DNF-2, Currently In Development
Linux Today - Wrapping Your Head Around Private Blockchains
Careful Crafting Makes DIY 7-Segment Display Shine | Hackaday
Giant-Scale Physical Pong | Hackaday
Bring Doping, Mirofluidics, Photovoltaics, and More Into the Home | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Characterizing LED and Laser Diodes | Hackaday
Landscape Lighting that Also Texts | Hackaday
VW Engineer Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy | Hackaday
NES Zapper: Improved with Lasers | Hackaday
Books You Should Read: Poorly Made In China | Hackaday
Very Simple PC Frequency Counter Works Up To 100MHz | Hackaday
Life On Contract: Estimating Project Time | Hackaday
What is There to Know About Resistors? | Hackaday
The Quantum Eraser | Hackaday
Megasquirting My 1983 Datsun Z | Hackaday
Lconnect by drkmsmithjr
Hacklet 124 Running Robots and The Claw | Hackaday
Mr. Runner •
News 09-17-16 links
Possible Fire Hazard: Wanhao "Recalls" Duplicator i3 3D Printer | Hackaday
[Geohot] Selling His "Self-Driving" Car Tech for $1k by New Year | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: Are Gaming PCs Hard to Build? | Hackaday
Portable Workbench Crams An Entire Workspace Into One Box | Hackaday
Hacklet 125 – DIY Laptops | Hackaday
Drone Flies 12 cm on Wireless Power | Hackaday
Wilderness Radio Build | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: High End Preamps | Hackaday
High Performance Crystal Radio | Hackaday
Smartphone TV Remote Courtesy of Homekit and ESP8266 | Hackaday
Resistance in Motion: What You Should Know About Variable Resistors | Hackaday
ESP32 Hands-On: Awesome Promise | Hackaday
Wanhao Duplicator i3 Should Put an End to "Cheapest Printer" Kickstarters | Hackaday
The Bootup Guide to Homebrew Two-Stage Tentacle Mechanisms | Hackaday
Get Your Ticket to SuperCon, the Greatest Hardware Creation Con | Hackaday
News 09-19-16 links
Thermoelectric Dry Ice Generator Does Not Work (Yet) | Hackaday
"Smilemachine" Helmet is a Delightful Mixture of Tech | Hackaday
Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes US House | Hackaday
Grinding Gears: Figuring Out The Ratio | Hackaday
Real-Life Space Invaders with Drones and Lasers | Hackaday
Preparing Your Product For The FCC | Hackaday
New Part Day: A Truly Secure Workstation | Hackaday
Raptor Engineering::Talos™ Secure Workstation
Real, Life-Sized Transformers | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Text To Speech The Hard Way | Hackaday
ICYMI: In the future, rooms will read your emotions
News 09-27-15 links
Demonstrating Baudot Code | Hackaday
Enormous Delta-bot 3D Designed to Print an Entire House | Hackaday
Hackaday's Omaha Mini Maker Faire Roundup | Hackaday
If You Could Build a Clock in World of Goo… | Hackaday
JavaScript for the ESP8266 | Hackaday
La realtà del sogno - Massa Lombarda, 18-20 settembre 2015 - YouTube
Mystery FPGA Circuit Feels the Pressure | Hackaday
School of Friends Use Thought Control on a Shark | Hackaday
Sending The Internet From an LED Lightbulb | Hackaday
World Maker Faire 2015: Automatic Photo Collage | Hackaday
News 09-28-15 links
Building the Ultimate IKEA Bed | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: September 27, 2015 | Hackaday
Neato Botvac LiDAR Repair Includes Juicy Pics and a Tool Hack | Hackaday
Robotic Cockroach Built By Russian University | Hackaday
Roundup: Retro Computers in Your Browser | Hackaday
The Conductive Paper That Sparked a Revolution | Hackaday
The Netflix and Chill Button | Hackaday
News 10-01-16 and links (112) - Your customisable start page!
Facebook gives select Pages the power to tag their products
Apple loses FaceTime patent retrial, ordered to pay $302.4 million
Yahoo open-sources machine learning porn filter
The first Chevy Bolt EV you see might be your Lyft ride
Google's VR paint game 'Tilt Brush' will get multiplayer
Google Maps will show where your next Calendar appointment is
Twitch rolls out video uploads, clip editing on iOS and Android
GLM unveils its exotic electric G4 concept car
Twitch announces ad-free streaming for Amazon Prime members
Riding Rollercoasters with 3D Printed Kidneys, Passing Stones | Hackaday
Tiny Pipe Organ Needs Tiny Church | Hackaday
When LEGO Flies | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Crowdsourced Tactile Interfaces | Hackaday
Making an Espresso Pot In the Machine Shop | Hackaday
DIY Watt-Balance Redefines Your Kilograms From Scratch | Hackaday
Very, Very Tiny X86 Systems | Hackaday
SolidPC Q4 - Carrier Board | SolidRun
SolidPC Q4 Carrier | SolidRun
Qualcomm Looks to Gobble Up NXP | Hackaday
Lock Up Your Raspberry Pi with Google Authenticator | Hackaday
Cellular Automata Explorer | Hackaday
3D Printering: Trinamic TMC2130 Stepper Motor Drivers | Hackaday
New SuperCon Badge is 40% Lighter and a Work of Art | Hackaday
Chemical Formulas 101 | Hackaday
Automatic Resistance: Resistors Controlled by the Environment | Hackaday
Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle DRC and Gerber Files | Hackaday
Calling All Procrastinators | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: How Do You Make A Hotplate? | Hackaday
New Part Day: Wireless BeagleBones On A Chip | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Power Driven Articulated Dummy | Hackaday
ICYMI: Harnessing mother nature's fury for energy
News 10-03-15 #4 with links too
Aetho's 'Aeon' GoPro stabilizer looks slick, and so will your video
Alphabet replaces Google's 'Don't be evil' with 'Do the right thing'
A White Hat Virus for the Internet of Things | Hackaday
Creating Video Trails In OpenCV | Hackaday
Data Logger Powered by Linkit One Board | Hackaday
DIY Lego Slit-Scan 2001 Stargate | Hackaday
Embed with Elliot: Interrupts, the Ugly | Hackaday
Fizzy microparticles may save lives on the battlefield
Laser Etching Graphene Supercapacitors | Hackaday
Listen to a 'CD' made from fool's gold, powered by a Raspberry Pi
Party Balloon Crosses Atlantic, Tours Europe & Phones Home | Hackaday
Tech Journos Link Samsung To Volkswagen, Somehow | Hackaday
The interfaces that bridge the human-machine divide
The Square Inch Project Challenges Your Layout Skills | Hackaday
TiVo exec explains Bolt strategy, Fire TV app and new Pro next year
Vintage BBC Computer gets FPGA Buddies | Hackaday
News 10-12-16 links (67) - Your customisable start page!
Honey, They Shrunk the Transistor | Hackaday
How to Measure the Dielectric Constant for DIY Capacitors | Hackaday
An Easy Home Made Electroadhesive | Hackaday
Get Hands-On: Workshop Tickets Now Available | Hackaday
Ask Hackaday: DIY Handwriting Recognition | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi Boots CP/M | Hackaday
NextThingCo Introduces C.H.I.P. Pro, GR8 System On Module | Hackaday
Get C.H.I.P. - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer
CHIP_Pro-Hardware/GR8_Datasheet_v1.0.pdf at master · NextThingCo/CHIP_Pro-Hardware · GitHub
New Part Day: A BeagleBone On A Chip | Hackaday
Next Thing Co. Admits To Lying About $9 Computer
Allwinner R8 Module Datasheet and Price. Is the $9 C.H.I.P Computer Selling at a Loss?
Hackaday Prize Entry: Hands|On Gloves Speaks Sign Language | Hackaday
Resurrecting the Retro-futuristic Poly-1 | Hackaday
3D Printed Electric Longboard Courtesy Of Stratasys | Hackaday
What We Are Doing Wrong. The Robot That's Not in Our Pocket | Hackaday
The People, Talks, and Swag of Open Hardware Summit | Hackaday
Using The FCC EAS For Fun And Profit | Hackaday
Certification For Open Source Hardware Announced | Hackaday
BuildTak, PEI, and Early Adopter Syndrome | Hackaday
News 10-13-15 links
Citizen Scientist: Forrest Mims | Hackaday
Converting 8mm film to digital | Hackaday
DARE To Fly: Live Coverage Of A 50KM Rocket Launch | Hackaday
Electronic Ruler Works Out Logic Truth Tables | Hackaday
Fail of the Week: Marginally Documented Pad Shorts to Maskless PCB | Hackaday
Graphene Grown on Semiconductors Big Step Toward Manufacturability | Hackaday
Hacking when it Counts: Much Space Station Hacking Saved Skylab | Hackaday
Hand-Cranked Cyclotron | Hackaday
Internet-Connected Box Displays Emotion, Basement Dwellers Still Unaffected | Hackaday
Kids Explore Engineering with Cartoon Tech Build | Hackaday
Macintosh Hard Drive Repair | Hackaday
Mr. Trash Wheel Cleans Baltimore's Harbor | Hackaday
Skarp Laser Razor Kickstarter Suspended, Jumps To Indiegogo | Hackaday
Tiny PIC Clock is Not a Tiny Bomb | Hackaday
Triple Frequency VFO on a Bamboo Breadboard | Hackaday
Water Wheel operating in a rain storm (Baltimore, MD) - YouTube
You Can Learn a lot about Social Engineering from a Repo Man | Hackaday
News 10-13-16 links
Hackaday Prize Entry: An Open Bluetooth Switch Interface | Hackaday
Bike Saddle As Workshop Stool | Hackaday
Fridge Parts Make Air Compressor That's Easy on the Ears | Hackaday
How to Build Ultra Quiet Refrigerator Air Compressor DIY: Silent Homemade Shop set up step by step - YouTube
Become Very Unpopular Very Fast With This DIY EMP Generator | Hackaday
News 10-14-16 links
Microwave Ovens Turn You into Spiderman | Hackaday
Counting Eggs With A Webcam | Hackaday
Graphene Refractions | Hackaday
Program Your Brain, Hack Your Way to Productivity | Hackaday
Pulley Lamp Stands Up With You | Hackaday
Li-Ion Tech Staring Into the Abyss with Note 7 Failure | Hackaday
Maslow Brings The Wall Plotter Into The Woodshop | Hackaday
Running LISP on an ESP8266 | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A Cheap, Portable Incubator | Hackaday
Pneumatic Launcher Gets Ham Antennas Hanging High | Hackaday
Lithium and Water - YouTube
Note 7 Battery Explosion!! CAUGHT LIVE ON CAMERA!! - YouTube
News 10-16-16 links (90) - Your customisable start page!
A Robot Arm From The Cupboard | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: October 16, 2016 | Hackaday
Developed on Hackaday: First Version of the Hardware | Hackaday
Open Hardware Summit 2016: morning sessions – OSH Park
Raspberry Pi project •
Mooltipass Mini - Your Passwords On The Go! by Stephan Electronics — Kickstarter
First AMAZING Solar Roadway UNVEILED! - YouTube
A Cheap, 555-Based Geiger Counter | Hackaday
Upcycle An Isolation Transformer | Hackaday
Teardown a Classic : Tektronix P6042 Current Probe | Hackaday
Estimate Your English Vocabulary Using Python | Hackaday
Homemade E-Drums Hit All The Right Notes | Hackaday
Finding A Use For Surplus Filament Spools | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: A 3D Printed Prosthetic Foot | Hackaday
Weather Ticker Shows How Easy It Can Be | Hackaday
Too Good To Throw Away: Dealing with an Out-Of-Control Junk Hoard | Hackaday
Look What Showed Up For Bring-A-Hack At OSH Park | Hackaday
News 10-18-16 links (79) - Your customisable start page!
Monstrous Suit of Power Armor 3D Printed over 140 Days | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Tongue Computer Interface | Hackaday
Pallette •
Rotating Frame Will Change Your View of Vertical Images | Hackaday
This Miniscule IR to HID Keyboard Hides in a Key Cap | Hackaday
A DIY, Visual Alexa | Hackaday
Design and Hacking Drilldown: SuperCon Badge | Hackaday
It's a Clock! It's a Puzzle! It's The GoonieBox! | Hackaday
The Little Things I Didn't Know About Small DC Motors | Hackaday
Retrotechtacular: Piano Rolls, Made By Apple ][ | Hackaday
A Vintage Single Transistor LED Blinker | Hackaday
News 10-18-16 links etc (94) - Your customisable start page!
Will the Real Schrodinger's Cat Please Stand Up | Hackaday
Electromagnetic Pulse: Pure Hollywood? | Hackaday
What's The Deal With Atmel And Microchip? | Hackaday
Sky Q smartphone app lets you take your recordings with you
News 10-19-15 links
An Intel Atom CPU In The Raspi Form Factor | Hackaday
A Sneak Peek at the AZIBOt Robot Kit - - YouTube
Breaking: Drone Registration Will Be Required Says US DoT | Hackaday
Free NFC Rings for Creatives › NFC RingNFC Ring
Hackaday Links: October 18, 2015 | Hackaday
How To Control Siri Through Headphone Wires | Hackaday
Mostly Non-Volatile Memory With Supercapacitors | Hackaday
NFC Ring 2016 Range. One Smart Ring. Unlimited Possibilities by John McLear — Kickstarter
Open Source Tracked Robot Supports STEM in Africa | Hackaday
Repairing $55,000 of Vintage Core Memory | Hackaday
Spherical Robot Rolls then Walks into Action | Hackaday
TEMPEST: a Tin Foil Hat for Your Electronics and Their Secrets | Hackaday
News 10-23-16 links (116) - Your customisable start page!
OpenFixture Takes the Pain Out of Pogo Pins | Hackaday
Two-Stage Tentacle Mechanisms Part III: Putting it All Together | Hackaday
Are Today's Engineers Worse? | Hackaday
Amalgamate is the Internet of Compost | Hackaday
3D Universe Theater | Hackaday
WarWalking With The ESP8266 | Hackaday
How to Make a Human Crossbow | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: The Fog – The Cloud At Ground Level | Hackaday
Making A Cassette Mass Storage Interface | Hackaday
Impressive Pi System Controls Large Office | Hackaday
Codebender Shuts Down | Hackaday
Hackenings: Burbank and Cairo | Hackaday
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Converting a TP Link Router to Mission Control for Cheap 433MHz Home Automation | Hackaday
An Open Source 96 MSPS Logic Analyzer For $22 | Hackaday
Retrofitting Smoke Alarms With Bluetooth | Hackaday
Physics or Phiction? | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Smart Bed Lighting | Hackaday
One Home Made NES To Rule Them All | Hackaday
A Short Introduction to Staking and Potting | Hackaday
Parts You Should know: A Universe Of Useful Injection Molded Standoffs | Hackaday
Qualcomm Buys NXP In Largest Ever Semiconductor Deal | Hackaday
BASIC Interpreter Hidden in ESP32 Silicon | Hackaday
Why You Should Own A Sewing Machine | Hackaday
Life on Contract: How to Find Clients as an Engineering Contractor | Hackaday
Death To The 3.5mm Audio Jack, Long Live Wireless | Hackaday
Should You Outsource Manufacturing? A Handy Guide | Hackaday
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Easy UFO Lights on your Drone for Halloween | Hackaday
Build the Simplest Bipolar Power Supply | Hackaday
Living off the Grid, on Water Power | Hackaday
Diamonds are for Data Storage | Hackaday
A Quick History of the Battery | Hackaday
Protecting Your Home Against Potato Invaders | Hackaday
Hackaday Prize Entry: Humidifeyes | Hackaday
Glow-In-The-Dark Antenna Helps You Spot Your Car At Night | Hackaday
Try Not to Look at this Giant Plasma Tube | Hackaday
News 10-30-16 links
Just In Time For Christmas! A DIY Desktop LED Tree | Hackaday
Robotic Farming, Aussie Style | Hackaday
Projection Mapping in Motion Amazes | Hackaday
Ultra-Polished, Handmade Settlers of Catan Redux | Hackaday
Litter Basket Automation | Hackaday
Primer on Servos Hits All the Basics | Hackaday
A Virtual Glimpse Into The Forest | Hackaday
Virtual Forest
Vintage Radio Transformed into Custom PC Case | Hackaday
Build the Simplest Bipolar Power Supply | Hackaday
Phone-To-Phone Power Theivery | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: October 30, 2016 | Hackaday
News 10-31-16 links (87) - Your customisable start page!
Building Transistors with Transistors | Hackaday
The Potowitzer: A Rapid Fire Potato Cannon | Hackaday
By the Glow of the CRT | Hackaday
What's New, ESP-32? Testing the Arduino Library | Hackaday
Making VR A Little More Usable With A Pinch Gesture Ring | Hackaday
The Lotus Sevens: The Real Most-Hackable Cars | Hackaday
Forget Wifi or Bluetooth, Pair Directly With Your Phone's Speaker | Hackaday
News 11-02-15 links
Are You Telling Me You Built A Lexus…Out Of Cardboard? | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: November 1, 2015 | Hackaday
Hair Enthusiasts Rejoice! Synthetic Follicles Are Now 3D-Printable | Hackaday
Lithium-Air Might Be The Better Battery | Hackaday
Magnetic Levitation with Arduino | Hackaday
Making the Case For Nuclear Aircraft | Hackaday
Stellarator is Germany's Devilishly Complex Nuclear Fusion | Hackaday
The Eloquence of the Barcode | Hackaday
The Flying Man | Hackaday
The Flying Man Slip N Slide - FRANCE - YouTube
Who Said FORTRAN is Dead? | Hackaday
News 11-02-16 and links
Minimal Arduino Clock | Hackaday
Magnets for a Machinist | Hackaday
Computer Emulation In The Manner Of A Turducken | Hackaday
Stealth Cell Tower Inside This Office Printer Calls to Say I Love You | Hackaday
Machine Learning: Foundations | Hackaday
Mastering Ball Screws | Hackaday
ESP32 Modules Popping Up Everywhere, In Stock Almost Nowhere | Hackaday
Rotary Cell Phone: Blast from a Past that Never Was | Hackaday
LED Matrix Shades You Can Actually See Though | Hackaday
Easy Parabolic Mirror from a Trash Can Lid | Hackaday
Linux Today - Nithya Ruff joins the Linux Foundation Board of Directors
Open Source leader Nithya Ruff joins the Linux Foundation Board of Directors | CIO
Linux Today - How to replace GRUB with BURG Boot Loader on Ubuntu 16.04
How to replace GRUB with BURG Boot Loader on Ubuntu 16.04
Linux Today - Hatchit: An open source game engine
Giving users more access to the programming side of the game development |
Linux Today - How To Convert IMG File To VDI File Using Oracle VirtualBox
How To Convert IMG File To VDI File Using Oracle VirtualBox - OSTechNix
Linux Today - 5 reasons to opt for a Linux rolling distro vs. a standard release
5 reasons to opt for a Linux rolling distro vs. a standard release | PCWorld
Linux Today - Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good
Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good • The Register
Linux Today - HTML 5.1 Now an Official Web Standard
HTML 5.1 Now an Official Web Standard - InternetNews.
Linux Today - How the Apache Way has Influenced Open Source [VIDEO]
How the Apache Way has Influenced Open Source [VIDEO] - Datamation
Linux Today - Fedora 25 Linux Now in Final Freeze, Slated for Release on November 15, 2016
Fedora 25 Linux Now in Final Freeze, Slated for Release on November 15, 2016
News 11-03-15 links
Building Memristors For Neural Nets | Hackaday
Check Out Who's Speaking at the Hackaday SuperConference | Hackaday
Cutest Possible Atari Disk Drive | Hackaday
Gameboy Camera Becomes Camcorder | Hackaday
Hack The Steam Controller? | Hackaday
iPhone Jailbreak Hackers Await $1M Bounty | Hackaday
No Pascal, not a SNOBOL's chance. Go Forth! | Hackaday
Overclocked Electric Mobility Scooter - YouTube
Photonicinduction - YouTube
The Evolution of Oscillations | Hackaday
News 11-04-16 links
Beyond The Prize: Eye Driving Wheelchairs | Hackaday
Forget Lithium Battery Technology, Just Boil A Potato | Hackaday
3D Printer Tragedy Claims a Life | Hackaday
Variable Thickness Slicing For 3D Printers | Hackaday
The Hacks And Puzzles Of The Hackaday SuperCon Badge | Hackaday
Specifications You Should Read: The NASA Workmanship Standards | Hackaday
Drum on a Chip–Not That Kind of Chip | Hackaday
The Final 10 Entries of the 2016 Hackaday Prize | Hackaday
The Comic Book World Of Capacitor Marketing | Hackaday
Emulating a GameBoy Advance Inside of a Gameboy Advance | Hackaday
Finalist Recap: Flypi, Dextra, Mechaduino - YouTube
Tom Taylor inquest - Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Station Manager Ian Woods - YouTube
Potato battery new and improved Video Reuters - YouTube
The Practical Potato Cell | Hackaday
Simple, elegant, lemon battery - Hack a Day
The Practical Potato – Marcel Varallo . com
News 11-05-15 links
Automatic Cat Feeder Dispenses Noms, Wants Cheezburger | Hackaday
Dealing with Fallout | Hackaday
Fail of the Week: OpenMV Kickstarter Project Hits Manufacturing Snag | Hackaday
Logic Noise: Digital to Analog with an R-2R DAC | Hackaday
One Dollar USB Sound Card Turned O-Scope | Hackaday
Rick's Portal gun from Hammerspace - YouTube
Rick's P-p-portal Gun | Hackaday
RPiTX Turns Rasberry Pi into Versatile Radio Transmitter | Hackaday
Slide Rules were the Original Personal Computers | Hackaday
Spark Plug Lights the Darkness | Hackaday
The IBM 1401's Unique Qui-Binary Arithmetic | Hackaday
News 11-05-16 links
All About Eve | Hackaday
Turn That Old Tablet Into A Sub-$100 Linux Laptop | Hackaday
See if You Can Reverse Engineer This Scrap Metal Battery | Hackaday
Hackenings: Retro Gaming and Computing | Hackaday
Slow Dance Appears to Make Time Run In Slow Motion | Hackaday
Hackit: Laser Cut Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle | Hackaday
Personal Compass Points to Your Spawn Point | Hackaday
After The Prize: A Libre Space Foundation | Hackaday
Ultra Simple Magnetic Levitator | Hackaday
Bake a Fresh Raspberry Pi: Never Struggle To Configure A Pi Again | Hackaday
Hams in Space Part 2: The Manned Spaceflights | Hackaday
Tools of the Trade – Injection Molding | Hackaday
Dtto Explorer Modular Robot Wins 2016 Hackaday Prize | Hackaday
Tools of the Trade – Solder Paste Dispensing | Hackaday
News 11-07-15 links
Breaking Out A Game Boy Link Cable | Hackaday
Code Craft – Embedding C++: Classes | Hackaday
Stegosploit: Owned by a JPG | Hackaday
The Latest, Best WiFi Module Has Been Announced | Hackaday
The USB Killer – Now A Crowdfunding Campaign | Hackaday
Three Watt Individually Addressable RGB LEDs | Hackaday
Tricking an Ancient Protocol To Play Tunes | Hackaday
Winning the Console Wars – An In-Depth Architectural Study | Hackaday
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Linux Today - Linux Foundation Fails Linux Mint: Suggests Upgrade to Windows or Mac
Linux Foundation 'Fails' Linux Mint: Suggests Upgrade to Windows or Mac | FOSS Force
Linux Today - How to install LXD container hypervisor on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server
Linux Today - Build Strong Real-Time Streaming Apps with Apache Calcite
Linux Today - Linus Torvalds says Linux 4.9 is coming along nicely
Linux Today - 5 terminal commands every Linux newbie should know
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Linux Today - ZTE ZX DRM Driver Proposed For Linux 4.10
Linux Today - 5 Best Linux PDF Editors
Linux Today - Is DNS What Makes My Internet Slow?
Crossing Wheatstone Bridges | Hackaday
Fail of the Week: Upcycling Failed 3D Prints | Hackaday
NASA Puts its 3D Models Up on GitHub | Hackaday
Hollow State Receiver | Hackaday
Primes In A Box | Hackaday
Neopixels Light the Way in Pressure-Sensitive Floor | Hackaday
Orange Pi Releases Two Boards | Hackaday
Tiny Game Boy (That Plays Witcher 3) and Other Things That Blew My Mind | Hackaday
Fictional Hacking: Michael Westen | Hackaday
A Car Stand made of Sand | Hackaday
Linux Today - KaOS 2016.11 Distro Gets KDE Plasma 5.8.3 & Linux Kernel 4.8, AMDGPU by Default
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Retrotechtacular: [Walt] Builds A Family Fallout Shelter | Hackaday
Resurrection — Pressing WW2 Radio Equipment Back into Service | Hackaday
A Pipe Organ For The MIDI Generation | Hackaday
Anti-Drone Fence: Science or Snakeoil? | Hackaday
When a CRT Isn't Retro Enough: LEDs | Hackaday
Simple Hearing Amplifier | Hackaday
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Alexa Brings Back Singing Fish, This Time It's A Good Thing | Hackaday
MP3 Player and Handheld GPS is an Odd Combo Work Of Art | Hackaday
Perceptrons in C++ | Hackaday
A Realistic Look At The Death of A Standard | Hackaday
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100kW Electric Vehicle Motor Drive •
2015 Hackaday Prize Finals Video Luka EV - YouTube
7 Day Alarm Clock (ancient) •
An e-Waste 3D Printer for Every Child? | Hackaday
Detachable Electric Drive for Wheelchair •
Electric Furnace •
Hackaday Dictionary: The Global Positioning System (GPS) | Hackaday
Hacklet 84 – Alarm Clocks | Hackaday
Halloween Doorbell Prop in Rube-Goldberg Overdrive | Hackaday
Low Parts Count ARM SDR | Hackaday
Measuring Capacitors Over Their Working Voltage | Hackaday
Merciless Pi Alarm Clock •
Messages •
Object Oriented State Machine Operating System Goes Open Source | Hackaday
Open Electric Car Kit •
OverKill RC Lawn Mower •
Results for "battery office chair" •
Results for "battery powered office chair" •
Results for "electric office chair build" •
Results for "electric office chair" •
Retrotechtacular: A Mechanical UART | Hackaday
RFM69 to MQTT Gateway on the Super-Cheap | Hackaday
Robotics for the Rest of Us •
Turning A Teensy Into A Better U2F Key | Hackaday
Yet another 100W LED flashlight •
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Getting a Handle on ESR with a Couple of DIY Meters | Hackaday
Power Wheels Rescued, Restored and Enhanced | Hackaday
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Ask Hackaday: How Do You Convert Negative Voltages to Positive? | Hackaday
Supermoon? Or Just Another Perigee Syzygy? | Hackaday
Path To Craftsmanship: Don't Buy Awful Safety Gear | Hackaday
Electronica 2016: Too Much Electronics | Hackaday
Fun with Fire: Oxy-Acetylene Basics | Hackaday
Linux Today - Docker 1.13.0 Enters Development, to Add Support for Ubuntu 16.10 and Fedora 25
Linux Today - Linux Foundation Back Reproducible Builds Effort for Secure Software
Linux Today - How to check if port is in use on Linux or Unix
Linux Today - Install and configure Apache HTTP server
Linux Today - How To Set Up Nginx Load Balancing
Linux Today - How To Use Nmap Security Scanner (Nmap Commands)
Linux Today - Project Darling Is Still Trying To Run macOS/OSX Software On Linux
Linux Today - IBM Advances Artificial Intelligence with PowerAI
Linux Today - AWS Gives Customers On-Premises Linux Option
Linux Today - A Loopy Non-Interview With Linux Advocate Marcel Gagne
Archaeology, Virtually. | Hackaday
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Autonomous RiverBot Goes 15 Meters Deep | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: November 15, 2015 | Hackaday
Passcode-Protecting the Means of Caffeine | Hackaday
Polyakov Direct Digital Synthesis Receiver | Hackaday
Powdered Glue Activates when Squished | Hackaday
Powdered glue is dry until you squish it - YouTube
SciTech Central Short: Cura Oceanus - YouTube
Visualizing Ballet Movements with E-Traces | Hackaday
VOCore Tutorial Gets You Started with Tiny Router | Hackaday
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Atomic Powered Robots and Records Played With Optics | Hackaday
Building the Infinite Matrix of Tamagotchis | Hackaday
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10 ways to manage the post-Thanksgiving madness
90,000 Lumen Flashlight Is Illuminating, Impractical and Blindingly Good | Hackaday
A new chiptune album is coming to the Nintendo Famicom
Basic Toolkit for the Basement Biohacker | Hackaday
Ben Heck's controller mods tutorial
ESP8266 BASIC WiFi Thermostat is Child's Play | Hackaday
Formula E is planning the first racing series for driverless cars
Hacklet 86 – Time-lapse Projects | Hackaday
Physics You've Never Heard Of Provides Power From Waves | Hackaday
See the radio waves constantly bathing you with this app
SRF01 Ultrasonic Sensor Teardown | Hackaday
Streaming Video on an Apple IIc | Hackaday
The Coin universal card is ready for 2012
The Internet of Reflow Ovens | Hackaday
The NSA's mass US phone surveillance ends tonight
Toymaker VTech says data was stolen from its kiddie app store
Transmitting Tee Vee From A Pi | Hackaday
You partly have Eric Schmidt to thank for the new $5 Raspberry Pi
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24 Hour Engineer Attaches Keyboard to Wrist Mount - YouTube
Building Custom Integrated Circuits | Hackaday
Details • Magic smoke enabled 18650 LiPo battery pack. •
First Raspberry Pi Zero Hack – Piggy-Back WiFi. | Hackaday
Keeping the LiPo Smoke Where It Belongs | Hackaday
Matikas/VU_meter · GitHub
Sit 'n Spin for Big Kids | Hackaday
Start Gaming Early with IKEA High (Score) Chair | Hackaday
Strike a Chord With This Pocket Keyboard | Hackaday
TallmanLabs inc Runawaybrainz: Building a Custom Integrated Circuit Package
The Redneck Spin Chair - YouTube
This VU Meter is Built Into the Speaker | Hackaday
VU meter on speaker •
VU meter - YouTube
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Vote With Your Feet | Hackaday
ESP8266 Lullaby | Hackaday
MicroLisp With Matching Parens | Hackaday
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Chemical Hacking at a Store Near You | Hackaday
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Linux Today - How To Use vi Editor
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Linux Today - Oracle Linux 7.3 Now Available with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4
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Linux Today - Set up OpenVPN on Ubuntu 16.04 for Safety's Sake!
Linux Today - Black Lab Linux 8.0 "Onyx" Officially Released, It's Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
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Linux Today - Steam Machines & SteamOS after a year in the wild
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A Fireside Chat with Grant Imahara | Hackaday
A Short History of AI, and Why It's Heading in the Wrong Direction | Hackaday
Because Art: Can Machines be Creative? | Hackaday
Chinese room - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Conjuring Capacitive Touch Sensors from Paper and Aluminum Foil | Hackaday
Easy Power Supply Mod Takes Control | Hackaday
KiCad 4.0 is Released | Hackaday
Listening to the Sounds of the Earth | Hackaday
Matthias Builds A Belt Sander | Hackaday
Memory-prediction framework - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NETtalk (artificial neural network) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On Intelligence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Raspberry Pi Zero, or Minus One? | Hackaday
Shanni Prutchi Construction of an Entangled Photon Source - YouTube
Storing Energy in Liquid Form | Hackaday
Uses for Quantum Entanglement with Shanni Prutchi | Hackaday
Watson (computer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A Structural PVC Cyr Wheel | Hackaday
Gitaar van Schroot – The Scrap Metal Guitar | Hackaday
Globally Distributed Sensor Net Monitors Air Quality and Radiation | Hackaday
Hairband Lights Up Depending on your Mood | Hackaday
Herring Bone Bed With Secret Compartment | Hackaday
How to Be the Hardware Engineer at a Startup | Hackaday
Mudd Hacks: Piloting a College Hardware Hackathon to Success | Hackaday
Old School Analog Meters Tell you the Weather | Hackaday
REM Detection Lets You Boss Around Your Dreams | Hackaday
The Death of Surplus | Hackaday
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3D Printing On Shims? | Hackaday
3D Scanning Entire Rooms with a Kinect | Hackaday
Aircraft Hackchat This Thursday | Hackaday
Alfred P. Morgan 1-tube radio and 3-tube amplifier by KC9KEP - YouTube
Alfred P. Morgan: A Generation's Radio Hacker | Hackaday
Beautiful Sidewalk Graffiti Machine | Hackaday
Compact Fusion · Lockheed Martin
Compact Fusion · Lockheed Martin
Echo of the Bunnymen: How AMD Won, Then Lost | Hackaday
Embed with Elliot: Debounce your Noisy Buttons, Part II | Hackaday
Esoteric Actuators | Hackaday
First Plasma In The World's Largest Stellerator | Hackaday
First plasma in Wendelstein 7-X | Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
Go From Prototype to Pilot Production with Zach Fredin | Hackaday
Hackaday Explains: Li-Fi & Visible Light Communications | Hackaday
ITER - the way to new energy
KC9KEP - YouTube
Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development - YouTube
Low-Cost Fusion Project Steps Out of the Shadows and Looks for Money - NBC News
The Square Inch Project | Hackaday
The Three Week Three Dollar Binary Watch | Hackaday
Vinduino: Full Irrigation With 25% Less Water | Hackaday
Which SD Card to Use in a Pi? | Hackaday
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3D-Printing the Most Ornate Room | Hackaday
ARM-Based Gesture Remote Control | Hackaday
Decoupling Lego Trains Automatically | Hackaday
FIRST Robotics Gives Us Hope In the Next Generation of Hackers | Hackaday
How Y Combinator Brings Hardware Startups to Life | Hackaday
Piezoelectric Transformers are a Thing, Have You Used One? | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi Communication Via LASER | Hackaday
Solder More USB Ports to the Raspberry Pi Zero | Hackaday
Squash Your ESP-8266 Bugs with ESP-gdbstub | Hackaday
This electric car took almost a decade to build
Thomas Midgley, GM, and the Dark Side of Progress | Hackaday
Turning a Pi Into a PDP | Hackaday
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Adding A Second Drive To A Forgotten Commodore | Hackaday
Hackaday Links: December 13, 2015 | Hackaday
Hackaday's Omnibus Vol. 2, Now In Stock | Hackaday
Maker Barn Organizer Creates Makerspace Access Control System | Hackaday
MSX with BlinkenLights | Hackaday
OSWatch, an open source watch | Hackaday
Seeing Around Corners with Frickin' Lasers | Hackaday
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Alleged Hit-and-Run driver Arrested After Her Car Rats Her Out | Hackaday
Ball Balancing Arduino-Style | Hackaday
Calculus is Not as Hard as you Think | Hackaday
Capture the Flag with Lightsabers | Hackaday
Critical and Creative Thinking in a Hacker's Work | Hackaday
Danielle Applestone and the Story of Every Othermill | Hackaday
Feeling Force Through a Servo | Hackaday
NFC Tags Add Old-School Functionality to New Phone | Hackaday
Philips Says: No Internet of Things for You! | Hackaday
Spectacular View of the Eiffel Tower is all Done With Mirrors | Hackaday
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A Scam of Galactic Proportions | Hackaday
Chewing Gum Plus Carbon Nanotubes | Hackaday
Christmas Star uses Two AA Batteries | Hackaday
Decypering The Illuminati | Hackaday
Maker Faire NYC 2013: The Summary; or, How I'm Declaring Shenanigans on the Power Racing Series | equals zero
Power Racing Series
Rory Aronson on Documenting Open Source Projects | Hackaday
Rubber Tanks and Sonic Trucks: The Ghost Army of World War II | Hackaday
Sparkfun Tears Apart Power Supplies | Hackaday
Taking the Pulse (Width Modulation) of an FPGA | Hackaday
The Last Week Of The Mooltipass Approacheth | Hackaday
Toilet Automatically Flushes for Your Bathroom Trained Kitty | Hackaday
transportation hacks | Hackaday
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11kV lightning arrestor and exploding disconnecter. - YouTube
bigclivedotcom - YouTube
Calculus is not Hard – The Derivative | Hackaday
Fail of the Week – Steam Cleaner fix goes bad | Hackaday
Finally, a Working Lightsaber! | Hackaday
Homemade Internal Combustion Engine – Sans Machine Shop | Hackaday
Let's Blow Up an Explosive Lightning Arrestor | Hackaday
Lise Meitner: A Physicist who Never Lost her Humanity | Hackaday
Microcontroller Lectures by Bruce Land | Hackaday
Muscle Wire Pen Dances to Duke Nukem | Hackaday
Neil Movva: Adding (wearable) Haptic Feedback to Your Project | Hackaday
Raspberry Pi Laser Beam Profiler | Hackaday
Real Burning Lightsaber - YouTube
The Scientific Implausibility of Starkiller Base | Hackaday
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32C3: Towards Trustworthy x86 Laptops | Hackaday
Color Sonification Could Be Key to Rainbow Connection | Hackaday
Is Robot Butter Better Butter? | Hackaday
Parts bin Emergency Lights Deal with Tornado's Aftermath | Hackaday
The Effects of Color on Material Properties of 3D Printed Components | Hackaday
V8 Javascript Fixes (Horrible!) Random Number Generator | Hackaday
Weightless IoT Hardware Virtually Unavailable | Hackaday
What Can Happen When You Do Try This At Home | Hackaday
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32C3: A Free and Open Source Verilog-to-Bitstream Flow for iCE40 FPGAs | Hackaday
32C3: Beyond Your Cable Modem | Hackaday
32C3: Vector Video Games | Hackaday
Amplifying the Body's Own Electricity | Hackaday
Drone Registration is just FAA Making You Read Their "EULA" | Hackaday
FAA Bans Drones For More Than Six Million People | Hackaday
Laser Cut Map Taken to the Next Level | Hackaday
Make A Cheap GoPro Remote From An ESP8266 | Hackaday
Simone Does Strange Things With Motors and Servos | Hackaday

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