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Monday, November 7, 2016

Audio Leveling Normalizing Design - Automatic audio leveling circuit - audio compressor limiter - for scanning receiver - YouTube Videos and info links

Here are some very interesting Videos by w2aew  on YouTube. Videos #157 and #163 are on building a Circuit Board, for Audio Leveling - Normalizing. To achieve Automatic Audio leveling. This is much like an audio "Compressor Limiter". Used in Pro Sound Applications, when Mixing Sound for Concerts, Meetings and Theater. This one is used for an Auto Scanning Radio Receiver. Check out the Related YouTube Videos and info links, too...


#163: Automatic Volume Level Control circuit demonstration | scanner

Video link...

Published on Jul 30, 2014 · 2 years ago

In a recent video (linked below), I presented a circuit that was designed to be used with a scanning receiver, whose function was to provide a constant audio output level from the receiver - thus eliminating the annoying variations in volume of the various received signals. The video can be found here:
In today's video, the circuit is demonstrated by connecting it up to a scanner and listening to the affect it has on the audio level of different received signals. Note that the automatic audio gain in the camera's recording system will tend to make the results with this circuit seem less dramatic than they really are when listening to it live.

Ludvig, SM6XUN, was kind enough to design a PCB for this design, and has made it available on OSH Park for anyone to order. The project can be found here:
And here are the schematic and PCB placement files:

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