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Monday, July 25, 2016

Kids Build a Real Hoverboard in Four Hours - YouTube

Here's a great Project for kids. These kids, build a Real Hover Craft - Board. With a little, behind the scenes help. Using a Leaf Blower, to Propel the Board. Check out the Related videos too...


Published on Mar 5, 2013

A Grandad supervised three grandsons (5-10 yrs-old) as they built and tested a 2'x4' hoverboard, powered by an electric leaf blower. Total material cost about $30. Fun with grandkids - Priceless! Changed to a gas leaf blower and fixes - Please see "Hoverboard in Four Hours II" for the whole story.

Hoverboard you can make at home for less than $500 and more expensive and fake ones too...

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