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Monday, April 4, 2016

Live Concert Video of a Guitar Player Buckethead - YouTube Videos

This is a live concert video, of a Guitar Player. Named, Buckethead. He is very talented and plays instrumental music (1hr 37min). With a Drummer and a Bass, Player. There's a Keyboard Player in the firs two or three songs. But, he is just showing off and making noise. That doesn't even go with the rhythm or melody being played, by the rest of the band. He plays, some odd tunes, within the songs. Like, When Johnny comes marching home, again and some other very old classics. For no apparent reason. Not, the direction, the guitar and the rest of the band was going. Oh and the guy who introduces, them. Seems to think he is at a Rap Concert. He is very strange and goes on for 1 to 3 minutes. I skipped ahead and found where the music starts. Then I skipped ahead and found where the keyboard Player leaves. The rest of the music is Great! Buckethead plays, several styles. From Sweet and Smooth Jazz Fusion, Zeppelin, Erec Clapton 60's Slow Hand Style, to 90's Hare Core Metal and a bunch of Shredding in between. He plays, like I would. If I were any good. It's not a bunch of 2 minute pre-configured songs. It's one Big Long Jam. Reminds, me of the Live Concerts, of the 60's and 70's. Kind of like, Rock Jazz Fusion. With allot of versatility, in the sound. Reminds me of when I saw Led Zeppelin, live, in the 70's. I liked the live versions of the songs, better, than the shorter Album versions. I mixed, for Live Bands, throughout the 90's. Mostly Christian Rock, Hard Core Metal, and Punk Bands. I loved, sound and feel of live music. And for us, the Worship, of the Lord Jesus. I have no idea. Who is behind the Mask and that Buckethead. But, his music, even drew me to worship the Lord. Of course, that's just what music is for, to me. I use to worship God, listening to Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Yes and who ever else I liked. Back in the day. Before, I discovered Christian Rock. With music and lyrics, directed at Worshiping God. After I found Christian Rock. I stuck with the Christian Bands, I liked best. The one's who Worshiped the Lord and who's Styles I liked. I do like allot of different styles of music. And instrumental music. Can transcend, and lift me up, who ever is playing it. As opposed, to music, with dark and depressing lyrics. Which can ruin. Other wise, great music, for me. I noticed, that Buckethead plays recordings, of. What sounds like Russian Music, as interludes, between some songs. So, I wonder, if he is Russian. I even wondered, if that was a girl, behind the mask. But, from the size and stature of the person, behind the mask. I think Buckethead, is a he. I haven't done any searching. To find out, who Buckedhead really is. That would ruin all of the Fun;) I'll leave that to the rest...

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Published on Mar 27, 2012

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