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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Enterprise - YouTube Video with Karen Carpenter

I loved, Karen Carpenter, back in the day. Her voice, was so smooth and soothing. And I thought she was, very beautiful too. I was a kid, when "Close to you" (in the links below). Was on the Radio. And I couldn't get that song, out of my head, for years, to come. The song, "Calling Occupants", is a strange little song. And I barely remember it, from back then. But, this video, is Great!:) Check out the related links too, for more Carpenters songs...


Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Enterprise

Video link...

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2008

On September 8, 1966, 46 years ago, was premiered (perhaps) the most famous science fiction series. Star Trek is my favorite TV series and I love Carpenters' music so, here is a mix between them... Hope you enjoy it.

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This was not the first time that William Shatner, aka Capt. James T. Kirk, encountered the mesmerizing singing of Karen Carpenter. In 1968, Shatner was one of the celebrity judges (along with, would u believe, John Wayne and Zsa Zsa Gabor) on the American Idol-like tv talent show, Your All American College show, who awarded first place to the "Dick Carpenter Trio" for their performance of "Dancing in the Streets," with Karen Carpenter as lead singer and drummer. That was the take-off point for the Carpenters.

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