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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Networking - Mesh Networking HSMM-MESH - Ten Mile Raspberry Pi WiFi - HSMM Pi Tour - YouTube Video

Here's a video and some links, on an interesting type of Wireless Networking. Mesh Networking HSMM-MESH - Ten Mile Raspberry Pi WiFi...


Let's Talk About Mesh Networking

"The interesting thing from a ham perspective is that the lower half of the Wi-Fi portion of the spectrum overlaps the amateur service 2.4GHz allocation. This means we hams can use power levels and antenna gains available to us (in the U.S.) under FCC Part 97 rules."


Networking - Mesh Networking HSMM-MESH - Ten Mile Raspberry Pi WiFi

Ten Mile Raspberry Pi WiFi (with a Catch) | Hackaday
HSMM-Pi Blog | Info about the HSMM-Pi project for the Raspberry Pi
urlgrey/hsmm-pi · GitHub
Mesh networking with multiple Raspberry Pi boards | Hackaday
Mobile Mesh Networks with the Raspberry Pi – Part 4 | Eric Erfanian
Babel — a loop-avoiding distance-vector routing protocol
Building a home automation mesh network | Hackaday
Embedded Adventures: 15. All meshed up - Part 1 - RF comms
Building a Mesh Networked Conference Badge | Hackaday
ZaCon V Badge [1/2]: Build Time « AndrewNohawk
ZaCon V Badge [2/2]: How they work « AndrewNohawk
Paterva / Maltego
Let's Talk About Mesh Networking::WhiskyZuluZeroWhisky
HSMM Pi Tour - YouTube
HSMM-MESH Design Philosophy
Networking - Mesh Networking HSMM-MESH - FAQs
Ubiquiti Networks - Wireless networking products for broadband and enterprise
Starting to use Broadband-Hamnet™
WNDW - The Book
Blue and Grey - hsmmmesh-step-by-step.pdf
Raspberry Pi in the Ham Shack::WhiskyZuluZeroWhisky

HSMM Pi Tour

Video link...

Published on Jul 25, 2013

A tour of the HSMM-Pi web interface. The HSMM-Pi project transforms a Raspberry Pi into a High-Speed Multimedia (HSMM) wireless mesh node. The web interface of HSMM-Pi greatly simplifies the process of creating the most common types of mesh nodes.

HSMM-Pi Project:

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