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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10 Webcams mixed in Real-Time Using a decent quality and inexpensive PS3-Eye WebCam by Sonic Robots

Here's an interesting Project. Using a decent quality and inexpensive PS3-Eye WebCam. Check out the info and related links below...


Many webcams mixed in realtime – on the cheap! - Sonic Robots

'Madcam' is an open frameworks (C++) based project for mixing USB Web Cameras (e.g. the 10$ cheap PS3-Eye web cam) im realtime. Why this is awesome? Its usually hard and/or expensive to mix many video signals in realtime and display them side by side. We found a way to make it cheap, quick and reliable!
The project is a visual extension for another awesome project called "Glitchrobot" where Robots are used to make electronic music, but thats another issue. Lets start!


The goal is set up an VJ setup which is based on live webcam material. One webcam? – Boring! 10 Webcams? – "Unlimited" fun!

So far we use 10 web cams, but the amount can probably be extended. The webcam content is mixed onto one screen, in different tilings and with Video-FX, all in realtime. Tiling and FX can be controlled by Midi and OSC. The system uses Open Frameworks. The allover costs were under 400€ (500$), with the main part being the computer.



Many webcams mixed in real-time – on the cheap

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