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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Problems Downloading Sardu files from - Figured out

SARDU (short for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) is a free software application that can produce a CD / DVD or a USB device with multiboot support. It's a great App, for building Multiboot-Boot USB, CD, or DVD's. With Linux, Windows, Antivirus, Rescue and more. And they now have a Linux Version!:) I Downloaded the Sardu 3 beta 6 versions, for Linux and Windows. A week or so ago. But, am just now, getting around to trying them out. As soon as I opened up Sardu, on my Fedora Linux System. It notified, me. That there is an update and asked if I wanted to go and Download it. Sure, I do. The newer, the better, with Beta Software... But, when I got to the Site and clicked on Download. I had all kinds of problems. I wanted to get both the Windows and Linux Versions. So, I read through the Pages and Forum Posts on them Both. And tried to start my Downloads. But, nothing happened. I've been having trouble with one of my Routers, lately. Choking Down my Internet Speed. And I have to Reboot it, got get back to normal. So, I ran a Speedtest. While Downloading files from, They were coming in very slowly. And I wanted to makes sure my connection was ok. And at the same time I was downloading ClamAV Virus Definitions Updates, as well. The test was good, 65.9Mbps Down and 3.98Mbps up (see image below). So, I guess that the Server was very slow, at the time. Also, I had allot of trouble. Getting the Sardu 3 beta8a File Downloads to Start. The site, Auto Redirects you, to their Facebook Page. When you click on the Download link. This was very confusing. Since, my Downloads were not Starting. I got caught up in a loop. Clicking on the Download Links, on both the Download Page and the Facebook Page. Only to be sent back to the Download Page again. I only figured this out. After I read more info on their Downloads Page. "After downloading You will be redirected to our Facebook page". There is allot of info on the page. And I have been using Sardu for several years. So, I had just skimmed the page. Easy to miss, things, that way. Turns out. It was the Firefox Popup Blocker. That was stopping the Downloads, from working. Firefox, only has a small button, that comes up at the top of the Browser Window. That tells you, that a Popup Has Been Blocked. And it is easy to miss. I miss it allot. But, most of the time. It does not matter. I didn't want to see that Popup any way. After I figured this out. I still didn't see the Download Starting, in Firefox. So, I kept trying. By clicking on Allow on each URL. Finally, I looked in my Downloads Folder, in Krusader File Manager (I'm running Fedora Linux OS). And I had 4 Downloads going, at the same time. But, very slowly. I could watch each kilobyte come in, as they downloaded. But, after a few minutes, the Downloads did finish. Now, I will need to delete the extra Sardu files. I really like Sardu. But, using Popups, to Start your Downloads and Re-Directing to another Page, at the same time. Is not a good Idea. Not, for many of us, I think. Popups and Re-Directs, have been commonly used by Malware and Intrusive Advertising, for a long time. And Many of us, do all we can to Block and Protect our Selves from these things. The normal, little Popup Window. With, "Do you want to Open or Save, this File". Works much better. This way, we know what we are accepting, to be Downloaded into our Systems. I just now, tried it again. Remembering, that I almost always hit Ctrl + Left Mouse Click. When I click on all Links. To make sure that it opens up, in a New Tab and I don't lose the page that I am on... Then I tried it, again, by just Left Clicking on the Link. Yes, I did notice this, from the Start. "NOTE: If you have problems downloading SARDU, please try to stop using your download manager and avoid right clicking on files. Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referers." But, I don't use "Right Click". So, it didn't apply to me. I thought... So, after trying the links again. I see, that there is still no Download Showing, in the Firefox Downloads Progress Area. The little Arrow at the top of my Browser. Usually, you can click on this Arrow and see the Progress of all Downloads, if any are happening, at the time. But, again. When I go to my Krusader File Browser Window. I see the Download in Progress. This is very odd behavior. And I don't remember ever seeing this. In over 10 years of using Firefox in Linux. I don't know if this is a new issue, in Firefox or with the way the Sardu Downloads Popup is being Auto Closed and Redirected to their Facebook Page. Hmm... Well, at least I figured out how to Download the New Sardu Files...


Go there...

SARDU (short for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) is a free software application that can produce a CD / DVD or a USB device with multiboot support.

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