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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don Bishop Testing the YouTube Live Event Streaming Screen Cast using XSplit Broadcaster App - YouTube Videos

I did some tests of the YouTube Live Streaming Video. Using the XSplit Broadcasting App, for Windows. Here is the Playlist to my Videos and links with more info...


XSplit Broadcaster Windows App to Create Web Casts for YouTube and many other Sites

XSplit - Account Activation
XSplit Broadcaster - Professional Live Stream Software
Download XSplit Broadcaster and XSplit Gamecaster - Free version available
XSplit - License Agreement and Terms of Use

Don Bishop Test 1 YouTube Live Event Streaming Screen Cast using XSplit Broadcaster App

Video Link...

Streamed live on Oct 27, 2014

Don Bishop Testing YouTube Live Event Streaming. Once I got it up and running. I went on and just kind of did a Screen Cast. Talking about the XSplit Broadcaster App. That I found and used to do this Web Cast. Showing the features and such. I tried to use Wirecast. The App that YouTube gives a Download link to. But, I could not get it to login to send the Stream. So, after spending all night messing with Wirecast (6 to 8 hours). I found XSplit, mentioned by several people. In my searches for Help on Wirecast. So, I tried it out. And after an hour or two, of watching a few of their How To Videos. I was up and running, with my Live Stream. I'm mostly just rambling on, about different stuff. Like, XSplit and my Web Sites, in this first test.

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