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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Video: Radioactive Wolves in Chernobyl Russia - Watch Nature Online - PBS Video

Ever wonder what's going on at Chernobyl Russia, today in 2012? I found a PBS Program all about it called, Radioactive Wolves. Here's the info...


Nature  Radioactive Wolves

What happens to nature after a nuclear accident? 

Program: Nature

Watch Radioactive Wolves on PBS. See more from Nature.

Episode: Radioactive Wolves

What happens to nature after a nuclear accident? The historic nuclear accident at Chernobyl is now 25 years old. Filmmakers and scientists set out to document the lives of the packs of wolves and other wildlife thriving in the "dead zone" that still surrounds the remains of the reactor.

• Visit the Radioactive Wolves webpage

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Duration: (50:24)
Premiere Date: 10/19/2011
Episode Expires: Never
TV Rating: NR

Go there and Watch Radioactive Wolves...

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PBS - Radioactive Wolves at Chernobyl Russia
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