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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Audio Projects - Efx Processors and such, that were made by Peter over at, Hilltree Productions

Here are some really well made and good looking Audio Projects - Efx Processors and such, that were made by Peter over at, Hilltree Productions. I really like his work! Both the electronics and the craftsmanship too:) I've Posted some of my favorite projects here. Make sure and see the rest on his Projects Page, Hilltree Productions




On his page, information about Peter's electronic projects.
There are also pictures/manuals/instructions/schematics available for download. If you want to download a picture ,just single click on the picture, at the bottom end there is a download link. All circuits are for non profit use. Everything  on this page was given freely and is offered freely.


The plasmadisk synth controller

More information.

At this place i discribe one of my neon projects,… sound generation by high voltage and discharges. This is my plasma disk synth controller.
With this controller , i can controll a synthesizer or a filter  [filter or osc with control input], or for generating oscillator sounds such as my  hexillator. On the anode in the middle of the disc, there is a very high voltage . Therefore it must be carfully mesured, to prevent damages to my multimeters . Without touching the glass, the plate generates a fieldpower voltage of 10 up to 50 volts of alternate current power. See the lightning red  leds  of the duspol [it is nothing to connected.] when i put one contact of the meter to ground and the positiv of the meter connect to my hand, and with my other hand/finger plasma touches disk. .the multimeter displays 50 volts and up to 200 volts alternate current power. The voltage of  the lower part  of the disk varies from  50 volts to the upper part of the disk 200 volts. The high voltages are have no high Ampers so it is not really dangerous, but after all , there are many posibillities to use this disk in a nice diy project.

Maybe must i put a piece of metal or a piece of aluminum  tape on the edge of the disk and connect this to the ground/ground for more effect. Whith only the fingers on the plate will not generate enough voltage to controll another piece of gear.. I  think that I make it nevertheless an universal controller. With a standard voltage of 0~10 volts or 0~15 volts. To use the plasmadisk as a generator ,it is nevertheless a bit dangerous. There are still thousands off volts on that anode .

* Plasma disc Youtube video






The steampunk doomsday machine.

This is my diy project  "steampunk doomsday machine". it is a fuzz /compressor like external effect for guitar or synthesizer/drummaschine .But i made it with decent steampunk influences  . So with a lot of wood and brass/ copper .At the top you see two 230 volts DC driven lightbulbs . [very dangerous]. Through the burning lightbulbs i send a audio signal . [this trick was contructed with transformers] The 2 brass tubes at the top sides are fatt condensers /elco.  And the 2 brass plumbing tubes hold a couple of ldr for the optical compressor.The switches and potentiometers are input/balance, compressor, thru bypass,sence/impedancy,gain/output. I discribe no schematics here on this project, because the whole thing is lethal.

* Steampunk youtube video


* Steampunk strings mp3 Download

* Steampunk drums mp3 Download







Easy and simple pre-amp/booster

More information.

Last weekend i messed around with a reverb tank.
And the large disadvantage of these things is, which they are in fact entirely passive, and therefore for/after amplifying is necessary to work.
I had already searched in books and the Internet for a simple universal schematic.
In the books stand frequently solicit of that basis with general values which you yourself must count the Internet from, and not this way beautiful universally and minimalistic such as I have made this diy project.
Therefore. .what I here now mail does not exist in fact already, however. . also this way beautiful completely. [it is basis electronics]

Nicely universal pre-amp/ booster therefore. Simply put it ,for or after, a piece of gear.
Also nice as a stompbox fx for a [bass]guitar .For amplifying of reverb tank or ring modulator… your own imagination is the limit.
Or simply for an power amplifier .sounds well clean.
The price of the whole diy project is proximally not more than 3 euro.

The upper diagram is the final, therefore good version.
The bottom diagram works also good, but is more if basis/example version has thought with gain regulation these capacitances also no [100k] parallel concerning the entrance and termination for possible condensers at discharge [pop noise]… volume must regulate on the piece gear.
The npn transistor are again not critical, you can use any type.
I have try standard npn silicon bc547 and this sounds good with it.
Amplifies 4x up to 10x.
Also germanium types  can be used for a smattering luxuriously and vintage sound.

Diagram 1
R1 220k lin pot meter
R2, 22k
R3 220k
R4 4,7M
R5, 10k
R6 100k
C1 100nF
C2 100nF
T1 npn transistor [bc547 or other]

Diagram 2
R1 2,2M
R2 2,2M
R3, 10k
R4, 10k lin pot meter
C1 100nF
C2 100nF
C3 22uF elco [Tantalus]
T1 npn transistor [bc547 or other]


smashotronics™ compressor/Limiter

More information.

This is a minimalistic compressor/limiter that I have developed. This thing works on line audio level, and is purely for creatively use , not special for in the studio .Place it  behind a synthesizer or a sound source. Now I am again reasonable successful in creating The smashotronics™ compressor/limiter.

It is even for electronics beginners  cheap and easy to make .Easily to build in plastic/metal case or bend synth project .But the whole thing works with 1 active element, as it happens, normal npn transistor. For the transistor what can be used [such as bc547] If you want this project somewhat luxuriated ? ,use a germanium type transistor . The diode’s d2 and d3 are the passive limiter part.
For more limiting ,put some diodes in serial with d2 and d3.The complete diagram is not terrible critically, and any component can chance with another type. .One side of potentiometer R8 is possible with 1 leg for the condenser C1 [is now after] for real true-bypass a regulation. The whole thing works with 9V~12V dc voltage.

R1, 10k
R2, 68k
R3, 10k
R4 4,7k
R5, 25k Threshold
R6, 390 ohm
R7 330k
R8 500k mix dry/wet
R9, 39k
R10, 50k Limit [rapidly/soft knee]

D1 till D3 1n4148
T1 npn transistor
C1 till C5 47uF [Tantalus] 6.3 volts or higher

And how that sounds?
As an old pumping and sucking diesel with a very dirty edge.

*Compressor-limiter Demo mp3 Download



Steampunk "Equinoxe Device"

This is a steampunk project with wood and brass, based on the 70" electro harmonix small stone phaser. With decent steampunk influences , not overloaded with brass gear and wires that doesn’t work !!!. The small stone phaser was a broken second hand pcb  with no case . Repaired and modded. And ofcource …everything works fine now. On the top of the case there is a on /off pulse switch [with my normal relay to puls relay circuit] for the thru bypass and a status led.Inside the device there ar six potentiometers and a toggle switch and 2 color led. Controls from top left , Dawn, Cloud, Hue, Wave, Axial, Fog, Sun, Moon, Eclipse. Bending and mods from the original pcb are a wet/dry control , feedback/resonance , depth of the effect, speed , gain, and the Q from the filter.

* Equinoxe device youtube video



Tube pre-amp / Filter

Here I describe my tube amp/filter project.
I was a complete time busy with making/devise of tube filter which works on line level.
 Simple behind a synthesizer or audio sound source.I searched for a standard tube design [it exist already more than 100 years] that work on normal stompboxl low voltage of 9 up to 12 volts DC.Also had there and rather cheap, and easily available tube is used.
That became ECC82 [12AU7].But because fail technique already very old is, and much have been invented already and made, stands in fact therefore everything already described.Also is stuck you with many components to let work to the tube.What information concerning Ecc82, the beginning 1960s.Rather basis work therefore, and such documentation is described frequently already standard from the factory.

Now I met again that this design concerning am taken by Matsumi in its valvecaster called.
Also is there already quite what documentation about this to find on the Internet.
[For people who want know this, the design is therefore free of rights]
The tube can be used therefore of nicely, almost highend, hifi clean [components adapted with what], to reasonable overdrive.

Now the Ecc82 beside the many called advantages also couples has disadvantages.
This tube not to see you glowing, because the filament is hidden, this are beautiful solve behringer style If the tube on noval fsocket stands you can place in the middle of small ledje which the tube lighted.Also this tube is send very difficult in itself oscillation.
And if you have him in itself oscillation you no longer hear original audio indicator or grasp the complete circuit dead.

I this by my own DIY filter have solved design [that an active derivative is the baxandall tone regulation], minimum in the diagram to incorporate.This goes really as schakelbare [or one can omit it whole for audio/tube purists]Whole is for which what is not electronica make knowledge difficult.

Componenten lijst

1000uF electrolitic condenser 35 v
100uF electrolitic condenser 35 v
voltage regulator i.c 7812

ECC82 tube
Noval socket
Transistor bc547
2.2k ohm resistor

VR1 50k
VR2 5k
VR3 220k
VR4 100k

R1 1M
R2 220k
R3 100k
R4 470k
R5 56k
R6 1M
R7 56k
R8 56k

C1 47n
C2 47n
C3 1uF
C4 100n
C5 100n
C6 4.7 n
C7 4.7 n
C8 47n
C9 1.5n
C10 100n or option

Entirely terrible good sounds.
Beautiful tube sound, and with the optional filter also  very brutal.


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