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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nixie Pixel (Nicole) Videos on Computers Linux and Gaming - Turning Things Around - YouTube

Hi Nicole - Nixie, nice to know your real name. I've been watching several of your videos today. I discovered you several years, ago. You always shared good info on Linux and other Software. And gave me a smile to boot:) I'm sorry to hear, that you have been ill. I'm writing this 02-16-17 and I see no new content, by you. So, I afraid that you are still ill. So, I'm praying for you, to get well soon. I my self have struggled with chronic with health problems, since 1983. And I know just what you are talking about. When it comes to being your own advocate, within the US Health Care System. And with Doctors and Insurance Companies, as well. It's all about making money, for most of them. It's very hard to find a Doctor, who actually cares about helping you get well. And sadly, with the system, like it is. The best Doctors cost the most money to hire. Yes, we hire out Doctors. Whether or not they realize it. They work for us. The ever Patient... Patients. Who dreamed up that word, to describe People who are ill and need help desperately, Anyway? Snake Oil Salesmen, the lot of them! That's what I say!;) But, over the years. I have, found a few good Doctors, Nurses and "Health Care Professionals". Or as they are aptly described. By the ever loving Insurance Companies, "Service Providers". This is truly what they are. Just like our ISP, Satellite TV or Cable Companies. An ISP via the Cable Co, being the only one I actually use. Or pick any of the millions of Services we Pay for, in life. If these Service Providers, don't Proved Service, to our liking. We Fire them and Hire Someone Else! But, some how, in the Medical Field. These "Health Care Service Providers". Seem immune, to our Supply and Demand, Business System, in the USA. Way to often, they can get away with, murder. Barely doing the minimum work we hire them to do. Never bothering to do any research or consulting with other doctors or Health Care Providers. They can't even be bothered, to read over. Our all important. But, terribly kept Health Records. And at a very high price, I might add. They just go through the motions. Order the most profitable (for themselves) Medical Tests. And then boldly say. "I don't know" what's wrong with you. And that's that... Now, if in our Jobs, as Employees or Service Providers, in other fields. We Said this, to our Employers or Customers. We would be looking for work elsewhere! When the Server is down. We stay up all night or all week. Until we Fix it. If the Phone or Electrical Lines or Down, etc etc... But, when it comes to the most important thing, in all of our lives. Our Health... We get... I don't know (and I don't care). Well, we could run another Test. If your Insurance Covers it, or you have the Cash Up Front... So, that's enough of my Rant... Nixie - Nicole, I sincerely hope you are getting better. And thanks, for all of the time and hard work. You have put into making your videos, over the years. I have recorded Audio and made Videos, too. For most of my life. And I know, just how much work it actually takes. To do good Videos. I hope you get to feeling like, making them again. But, most of all... I pray for you to get Well Soon!:)


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