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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Electronics Project - MotorMouth a speaking machine by Martin Riches done between 1996 and 1999

Check out "MotorMouth, a speaking machine." from Martin Riches on Vimeo. Also, see the info and links, below...


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More about MotorMouth

MotorMouth, detail of the head and throat
MotorMouth is an acoustic speech synthesizer with just one voice pipe. It is a mechanical version of the human mouth with moving lips, teeth, tongue, tip of the tongue, larynx and a blower which serves as the lungs.

These components and the motors and mechanisms which drive them are clearly visible. It is programmed with a few sentences and can pronounce individual vowels, semi-vowels, nasals, labials and fricatives. It can speak with varying pitch which it demonstrates when it says "I love you" and it can count from 1 to 10 in English and German.

The problem was how to reinterpret the human vocal tract (below) as a piece of functioning machinery. It took a couple of years - most of this time was spent making very small adjustments, both to the mechanism and to the software, listening to the results and then making some more very small adjustments. This painstaking process seems to have stilled my appetite for speaking machines ... although it is excruciatingly tempting to start on a new and improved version incorporating the experience gained.


Electronics Project - MotorMouth a speaking machine by Martin Riches
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