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Monday, March 14, 2016

Riding Dirt Bikes Trail Street Enduro Style Motorcycles - WRR22 Power Lines Lead to Abandoned Places - YouTube Video

I enjoyed this video. It's a POV Video, of some guys riding Dirt Bikes. Trail Street Enduro Style Motorcycles, not Bicycles. They Ride, through the Woods, Trails and Roads, of their Area. In Indiana, I believe. It's called, Weekly Rides with Rubin. It reminds me of my younger days. When I use to ride, in the Woods. Here in Texas. This was my favorite kind of riding. Exploring the Woods and Creeks, near where I lived. Back, in the 60's. When I was a kid. I discovered the Suzuki TS-250, in a Cycle Magazine. A writer for the magazine. Did Trail Street Road Trips. Hitting the US Highways. And any Trails he saw, along the way. He took a small bed roll and minimal camping gear. And camped along the way. I was about 12 years old. When I first discovered, this trend. And I was hooked. I decided. I didn't even want a Car. When I turned 16. I wanted a TS-250 and I want to go on Trips, of my own. So, I saved my allowance every week. Until I turned 16. Only trouble was. A brand new Suzuki TS-250, that I wanted costs $750. And I was only able to save $180. Hey! That was pretty good. Considering. I only got something like $1.50 a week allowance. So, I settled for a Car. I found a 1963 Buick Invicta for $160. Those were the days:) But, my love of Dirt Bikes. Never fades. Later on, in my early 20's. I discovered the Yamaha XT500. A 500cc Trail Street Bike. That could Pop Wheelies, in the first 3 gears. That was huge Power for a 4 Stroke. Street legal Dirt Bike. A few years later. I actually went to the Yamaha Dealership, to buy one. I justified the Expense and monthly payments. Thinking I would rid it to work and save on gas. By this time I had 3 kids and had to be very responsible with my money. I did have a good job. But, I felt guilty buying things for my self. I went and looked at the XT500. It cost $1800, brand new. But, I also saw a Yamaha Special Two 400, that looked allot like a Halley Sportster, of the day. And it was only $1300, brand new. So, I did end up buying a brand new Yamaha Special Two 400. I liked the bike. But, with 3 kids. They only way I could take my wife for a bike ride. Was to put the Kids, in the Truck. Take them to Grandmas. While I drove the Bike, as well. Then we could ride around a little, while. But, then we would soon have to go back and pickup the kids. So, as Grandma, wouldn't be to worn out. Every time I went out riding, by my self. I found the Road Boring. And I even took the 400 of in the Dirt a little bit. But, it was so nice and new. I didn't want to risk dropping it and messing it up. Then a guy at work convinced me to pick him up on my way to work, (He offered me money, for the ride). So, I only rode the bike to work a few times. I found, that Passing Cars, in the middle. On the Boulevard, was great fun. But, soon I realized. That could get me real dead, real fast. So, I refrained from such fun. Soon, I bought an Acre and a half out in the Country. In the Woods. With a Spring Fed Creek, in the Back. And I Sold the 400. So, that I could afford the payments on the Land. I already had a Mobile Home. Which I moved out there. I got a Husky 125 Circle Track Dirt Bike, in partial trade. From the guy who bought the Yamaha 400. But, it was useless for Trail Riding. It has a Specially Designed Front End. Made, just for Sliding around that long turn, on Dirt Tracks. I toyed with the idea. Of getting into Dirt Track Racing. We had a Track, about 20 miles, from were I lived. But, I never liked Sand and I was not consistently good at long Slides either. So, the Husky, set for a year or so. Then I sold it. Later on, I got my son a Yamaha 60 Enduro Bike. When he was about 8. It was actually my little brothers bike. When we were growing up. He had 3 bikes growing up. And I had a Mini Bike. And I got an old Honda TS-125. It was under powered for me and had worn out Shocks. But, I rode the heck out of that thing. With my son. On our Property and neighboring vacant land. Later on I met a guy. Who had a nice Kawasaki 250 Motocross Bike. He use to let me ride it and took us out to some really cool Dirt Bike Tracks around TX. Rock Ridge, was my Favorite. You could ride and camp, there. But, don't even think about driving your 4x4 Truck off of the roads there. The old man, who rant that place. Didn't even want to let me in. When We showed up in my 76 Blazer 4x4 to camp and ride. I had to convince, him that I would stay off of the Trails. We had a nice weekend, after we finally got things settled. We went there several times. One time I road my buddies - Dad's, Honda 350 4 Stroke. It was a nice cushy bike. With a Mono Shock. But, it was a Dog for power. It couldn't  Pop a Wheelie, to save it's life. And that's how I use to like to get over Logs. Just Pop-up the Front End and hit that Log Running. When your back wheel, hit the Log. Your front end would go down and you were over it before you could say Oh-Sh...;) I learned to do that. Riding my brothers, little Enduro Bikes. When we were growing up. They were so easy to handle. Being light weight and and had plenty of power too. Anyway, I babied that Honda 350. I was so afraid. That I would mess it up. Especially. After my buddy, told me. That, his dad, didn't know, that I was riding his bike. He told me, this after I had already been riding it, at Rocky Ridge. Later on. I broke m wrist, on his KX-250. It was a great 2 stroke Motocross Bike. With plenty of Power. But, on that day. He neglected to tell me. That, the front Shocks were messed up. And one had more oil in it, that the other one did. I decided to jump a small hill. And when I came down. Than thing jumped up, sideways and slammed me down on the left side. Not wanting to mess up his bike. I stayed with the Bike, all the way to the ground. And really, that's just how I rode. When I went to pick up the Bike. I noticed. That I now, had. Two Wrists. And then it started to hurt! We were up at a place, on Grapevine Lake, in TX. It was about 25 to 30 miles away form any Hospitals. And I didn't have Insurance, at the time either. It ended up being 4 hours. Before I was treated or got any pain medication. After my wrist healed up. I did ride the Beast again. But, he had put new gear shift arm on it. With too big of a hole, in it. I was following some other guys. We just had his one bike, that day. And my son on his 60. Anyway. These guys led me down this tremendously steep hill. Bigger, than I had actually ever done before. But, I figured. If they could do it. So, could I. I just put the bike in something like 3rd gear. And let the motor be my break. It was too steep, for me to even mash the foot break and I didn't trust the front break. Going down that steep hill.  I made it down the hill, just fine, with my feet still on the pegs. But, when I went to down shift, into first to get going. The darn Shifter, stripped itself on the shaft. And I was stuck in 3rd!:O I tried to take off in 3rd. But, killed the motor. What mortification;) I later realized. That most of those guys had gone down another Trail. That was not so Steep. Those, guys all took off. Then new the Trails. This was my first time there. And there was no going back, up that hill. Not, in 3rd gear, for sure. So, I followed the trails and found my way around the bid Circle, back to where we started. The only real trouble I had. Was, when I got to an open area. With deep Sand. I hate sand. My worst enemy, on a Bike. I think I killed the Motor a time or two. But, I didn't fall down. Only thing, was. It took me way over an hour, to get back By, that time. My buddy, was pissed at me and thought I had been hurt, etc. I had told him that the gear shift. Was going to fail. I'm mechanical and he's not. I even offered to make a shim for it out of a Coke Can. Before we started riding, that day. But, he wanted to do it hims self. And he didn't bring any tools. Besides, the one's under his Seat. He got all pissed off, trying to make the shim. And said. Oh it will be ok. So, by the time I got back. The sun was getting low. But, he got in one more ride. Before we had to go. I can't remember the name of that Riding Park. But, it was pretty coo. It was at least a 2 hour driver from, Bedford TX. Where my buddy, lived. That, was back in the early 90's. I don't remember getting to ride a Bike, much or at all after that. Dang, I miss Riding... So, if your your young and can get a hold of a good Dirt Bike. Do, it while you can. You never know, what will happen, in life. My health got bad and I fear I may never ride again... 

But, it is fun watching too. So, check out the Videos below...


WRR22: Power Lines Lead to Abandoned Places

Video link...

Published on Nov 20, 2013
Come ride with us! This week we go exploring around some abandoned highways and railroads, along with some awesome power line trails. Make sure you subscribe! Weekly Rides with Reuben are uploaded every Wednesday. Click here to read the story and see pictures from the day:

Weekly Rides

Weekly Rides are uploaded every Wednesday morning. This series is simply a vlog about life on two wheels. If you have any special requests of bikes you'd like to see, topics you'd like covered, or roads we should hit - let us know! Don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe.

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