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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Microsoft Is Putting Data Servers In The Ocean - Microsoft's Underwater Datacenter Project Natick - YouTube

Microsoft Is Putting Data Servers In The Ocean

Here's an interesting Video. On, how Microsoft is putting Data Centers, under water, in the Ocean. I suppose, this is a great way, to keep the Servers Cool. But, I do have to wonder. How often, those Cables will be Cut? By, "Bad Actors". And I don't mean Element14's, Ben Heck;) I mean, you know... Terrorists and the like. This has been happening, already. Off the Coast of California and a couple other places, in 2015. I also, wonder. How long it will take. The Salt in the Sea Water. To eat into, those Containers. I'm sure, they figured out. That, they will last long enough. To, get their Money's worth, from them. I bet, in a few years. You could get a great deal. On some slightly wet. Under Sea Servers. Or Perhaps, an Ocean Treasure Hunter. Will come across one of the Spheres. In a few years. After the Sea Water has eaten off the Microsoft Logo. And Pull that thing up to see what's inside. What disappointment, that would be. What! No Silver or Goad!!!??? Hey, I wonder if my neighbor. Would let me Sink my Servers and Desktops, to the Bottom of his Pool. That would keep my Room So much Cooler! I could just get some Big PVC Pipe and... But, then what happens to my Cables. When he decides to Mow His Lawn??? I'm darn sure, not digging a Trench. All they way from his Yard to My House... Oh well, it was an Idea, Anyway...

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