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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Conscience of a Hacker (also known as The Hacker Manifesto) is a small essay written January 8, 1986 by a computer security hacker who went by the handle (or pseudonym) of The Mentor (born Loyd Blankenship) - YouTube Video

This video, is a talk, given by. The author of, "The Conscience of a Hacker" (aka "The Hackers Manifesto") by "The Mentor", written in 1986. I found it very interesting. And fun to see the writer, all grown up and talking about it and how it has effected his life and others, as well. I must confess... I never really knew what the "Hackers Manifesto", really was or what it said, in it. I have seen it referenced to, on one of my favorite Web Sites, ( And other places, as well. I don't consider my self, a "Hacker". Although, I've used a Hack Saw, on many occasions. In my day. We, would say... I just Hacked it Together. Thus, the original use of the word "Hacker" (as far as I know). Were referenced to, a Hack Saw. Being used, to cut up something. To make it, into something else. Such as... Not, building something "From Scratch". But, "Hacking", one or several things together. To make something, somewhat new and different. Or for a different Purpose. Also, usually meaning. I didn't go to allot of trouble, on this Project. To make something new, from scratch. I just, "Hacked it Together"... So, when the kids of the 1980's. My, kids. Started referring to doing something on a Computer, as "Hacking". I found it, kind of comical. And I thusly, teased them about the use of this word, "Hacker". In reference to a Computer. Yes, I was late, in becoming interested in Computers. I always, loved. Electronics, Building and Making things. But, the first time, I saw a DOS Based PC, in 1975. The year I graduated High School. At a Career Fair, that the School was putting on. I thought... I could never remember all of those Commands! That you need to run this thing. And I told, the guy, who was demonstrating the PC, as much. He tried to convince me. That the Home Computer - PC. Was the next big thing. And that it was going to change the world. And there would be plenty of High Paying Jobs, available soon, in this Field. If I would just go to the School. He Represented and learn about them. I figured, he might be right. But, then again. That's what they all say... About their new Tech and Coming Trends... Besides, I wanted to become the next, Big Daddy - Don Garlits! I wanted to be a Professional Drag Racer and Hot Rod Builder. No, I didn't make it... Right after High School. I Promptly got Married and began raising kids and working for "The Man". But, a bit later on in life. I did, finally learn a bit about Computers. My first exposure to Windows 3.1, was in 1992. I took right on to the "Windows" interface. No commands that had to be typed, exactly and correctly and remembered. And I learned how to make Address Books and Drew a few Digital Pictures. A while after, that I played around on the Internet, a little bit, on that same Win3.1 PC. But, there was not much that interested me, there, at the time. That's about as far as I went. Until, I got access to a computer Computer, with AOL Dial-Up Internet. That I could use, pretty much any time I wanted. By this time, 1998. The Internet, had grown, to the point. That I could Research most anything, that I was interested in. And my love for music and writing. Could all, done and made on a Computer. I liked to write songs and poems. And had done some Singing and Recording, with some friends who were musicians, over the years. Now, with the advent of .Wav, .MP3 and Real Audio, File Formats. I could both listen to and share my music, Online. By, this time I was Hocked. And I'm still learning and using my Computers, most ever day. To this day. I discovered the Linux OS, in 2005. And have completely immersed my self into Free and Open Source Software, since them. Most anything, you want or need to do, with a Computer. Is Freely Available, with Open Source Software! So, about being a "Hacker". Well, I still can't type accurately enough or remember all those lines of code. So, I'm not a Programmer, Coder or a "Hacker". And I do respect other Peoples Privacy. I have no desire to get in trouble for Snooping into Someone Else's Computer. I do like to try and keep up with Computer and Internet Security. As much as I can. Since, I run a Home Web Server, of my own. With my Web Sites on it. So, that I can share my music, with the World ( And other things, that interest me, ( this Blog. It's Amazing, how much Information, that there is out there on the Wild Wild Web. And I'm so glad, that it's all there. Tor us (I mean For us) to freely share info and educate with each other....

Check out the video below and the related links, too...


Hackers - The Conscience of a Hacker (also known as The Hacker Manifesto) is a small essay written January 8, 1986 by a computer security hacker who went by the handle (or pseudonym) of The Mentor (born Loyd Blankenship)

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Video link...

Published on Sep 12, 2012

Saturday, July 13, 2002: 3:00 pm (Area "A"): Probably the most famous single essay about what it's like to be a hacker is "The Conscience of a Hacker" by The Mentor, written in 1986. It's been quoted all over the place, including the movie "Hackers." It remains one of the most inspirational pieces written about the hacker community and it's survived well over time. This year, we're pleased to have The Mentor himself give a reading of it and offer additional insight. "hack" Videos

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