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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yum Apps install Script and Text file - Installs all Apps from my Fedora System

I have been running Fedora Linux as my main OS, since 2005. So, I have spent many years, now. Trying out Linux Apps and finding the ones I like. I use everything, from Web Surfing, E-mail, Audio Video Editing, FTP, Graphics, Programming, IDE's and many more. You, name it, and I have probably at least tried it out. Building a New Fedora System or Rebuilding one, can be very time consuming. So, I wanted to share my Current Apps List. Here's my Yum Apps install Script and Text files. This will Install all of the Apps that I have on my System. This will speed up a New Fedora Build or be good for Restoration - Rebuild of a Fedora System. You can either run the Script (".sh" file) in the Command Line - Terminal. Or Copy and Paste the Text (".txt" file) file into a Terminal Window (this method takes a while to finish the Paste, so wait till it's done). It will take an hour or so, to finish installing, all of the Apps, it you have a 12Mbps or faster Internet Connection. To do the Installs. Get root Privileges first, with the "su" Command (without the quotes). And enter your root users Password, when Prompted. It has all the Apps from Fedora 14 on my RedBlackBioStar System (made on 01-04-13). This can be used to install all these Apps on a Fedora System. Newer Systems should work too. As long as it is a 32bit System. Well, most of them, will install, anyway. Some may not get installed, if they are not available in your Fedora Repository's. If, either, they are not in the Newer Fedora Repos or you don't have the RPMFusion Repos installed. But, it will finish and install most of these Apps, in any case. Because of the "yum -y install --skip-broken" Commands I put in the files. So, before running them. Install the RPMFusion Repositories. Both, Free and Non-Free (in that order). Or you will only get the Apps, that are in the Official Fedora Repositories. Note: Proprietary Video Driver Conflicts Warning! If you have a Proprietary Video Card Driver installed on your System and there happens to be a Different Driver for the Same Brand (ATI Radeon, AMD, nVidia etc). Then a Script like this could Break your GUI and that's a Pain to fix! You would most likely have to Uninstall the Conflicting Driver in the Command Line, by typing out long Commands. You can Search my Blog for more info on that, Some of my other Script's on my Blog, do have the Proprietary Video Drivers in them. But, this one does not (as far as I can tell). I have an ATI Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Card on this System. And at one time I did have the Proprietary Driver installed. But, after a few Kernel Updates. It stopped working and I am now using the Open Source Driver, from the Fedora Repos. I did a search for the Proprietary ATI Radeon HD 4550 Graphics Drivers, in these files and found nothing. So, I may have Cleaned up the Orphan Packages at some point. I don't remember now. So, I think they will be safe for use on most any system. But, I can't Grantee that I didn't miss something in all the Apps in these files. So, do a search of your own, before using these files. If you find any Proprietary Video Drivers, that don't exactly fit your Video Card. Search Clue. The word Proprietary is usually used in the App Name. Then Delete or rename the Apps Name. Renaming them will cause them to be skipped via the "--skip-broken" Command. And if you find out later, that you needed the App or Driver. Then you can just undo your Edit have the Script intact to run again, on any Fedora System.

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