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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Multimeter I've been dreaming of - Introducing the Mooshimeter by Mooshim Engineering

This is the Multimeter I've been dreaming of!:)...


Introducing the Mooshimeter

Measure 600V and 10A with 24 bit resolution through 50 meters of space and 6 months of time

The Mooshimeter makes multi-channel measurements possible in situations that are too fast, too slow, too sensitive or too dangerous to use a traditional multimeter.  By harnessing your smartphone’s hardware, it does so at an insanely low price.

The Mooshimeter is now available for pre-order on Dragon Innovation for $99.

Visit the Campaign!

Fun fact – None of these images are simulated.

Every Mooshimeter on this page is gathering real data in real life


The Mooshimeter was born out of our frustrations as electrical engineers at the limitations of the “standard” digital multimeter.

Almost every digital multimeter will only let you use one mode at a time, meaning that to watch relationships in an active system you need to use multiple meters.  Most have a front panel dominated by a numeric LCD display and a gigantic mode selection knob.  Having the display mounted on the measurement hardware makes it very difficult to measure moving or enclosed systems, because the user must have clear line of sight to the meter to be able to read it.

Over the last few years, many of us have started carrying big beautiful touchscreen radios in our pockets all the time.  The Mooshimeter uses the hardware you’re already carrying with you to provide features previously available only on much more expensive instruments in a tiny, durable and affordable package.

Why Wireless?

A wired meter forces you to get up close and personal with what you are measuring.  This can be a mild inconvenience or downright dangerous.  The wireless link provides you the freedom in your measurement to:

• Allow a Mooshimeter to be on the wrong side of a blast shield while you exercise the better part of valor.

Need to check the bus caps in your musical tesla coil?
Do it safely with a Mooshimeter

• Make measurements across water- or air-tight seals.

this ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets
I’m on a boat logging data I won’t ever forget

• Measure performance without having to chase after your robot.

Monitor even the feistiest robot in real time!

• Finally answer the question we’ve all had since we were 4 – Does the light in the refrigerator actually turn off when I shut the door?


A Mooshimeter! (Campaign Page)

You get to experience the power of a Mooshimeter for the crowdfunding only price of $99. After the campaign the Mooshimeter will retail for $120.


  • A Mooshimeter
  • 3 high quality test leads with alligator clip ends
  • 1 spare HRC fuse
Skipping on down...


What currently stands between me and getting my hands on a Mooshimeter?

Just a click of the button further up the page. ;-)

Mooshimeter’s hardware and firmware are mature and essentially ready to go to production. It still needs to go through FCC certification, but we’ve pushed other designs with the same radio through this process before.

Can I use two Mooshimeters at the same time?

Two channels weren’t enough?  The app that we provide at launch will only support one Mooshimeter connection at once. The SDK will allow you and the rest of the community to build programs that can support more specialized use cases like this.

What is the wireless connection range?

The short answer is 50 meters.

The RF engineer / instructor in me insists on launching into a discussion of path loss and link budgets. We consistently hit over 50 meters of open space, and we’ve choked it down to as low as 3 meters when transmitting through a refrigerator. Depending on the smart device, expect a link budget of around 80dB.

Does this work with my particular brand of device?

From Apple, we support iOS 6 and 7 devices that are Bluetooth Low Energy enabled. Currently, this includes iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3, iPod Touch 5, and iPad Mini.

For Android we support 4.3 and later with native BLE support.

We will offer limited support for desktop linux at launch - API only.

We do not intend to support BlackBerry or Windows Phone at launch.

Why does Mooshimeter use AA batteries? Aren’t rechargeables all the rage?

One of the unique benefits of Mooshimeter is its very long battery life. This enables you to leave it in an experiment or test setup for many months or even years.

All batteries will slowly “self discharge”, losing energy without doing useful work. Rechargeable batteries experience this at a very high rate (5% each month or more), which makes them inappropriate for things that are as low power as Mooshimeter.

In fact, the self discharge can easily use more power than the Mooshimeter itself!

Have a question? Ask The Entrepreneurs!

Read More on the ...


DMM-BLE-2x01A ”Mooshimeter” Technical Specifications:

Document History:

  1. 2013/12/27: Initial Release
  2. 2014/01/07: Moved accuracy note to beginning of document.  Corrected input impedance in high precision voltage.

Note on Provided Accuracies:

The accuracies and tolerances listed here are preliminary and conservative.  They do not include temperature compensation or factory calibration.

Expect these numbers to improve as we develop our calibration procedures.


  • Up to 600V, DC or peak AC
  • Up to 420VAC RMS sinusoidal
  • Better than 0.5% accuracy DC
  • Better than 1.0% accuracy AC for harmonic content below 1kHz
  • >10 Megaohm input impedance

High Precision Voltage:

  • Up to 100mV with <15nV per count resolution
  • Up to 1.2V with <200nV per count resolution
  • >10 Megaohm input impedance

Current, Internal

  • Up to 10 Amps
  • 20 µV / mA burden voltage (using factory fuse)
  • Less than 5 µA per count in 10 Amp scale
  • Better than 1% accuracy


  • Better than 1% accuracy over 20 Ohms –  20 Megaohms


  • Better than 1% accuracy up to 1kHz


  • Up to 1V @ 100nA


  • 8kHz dual simultaneous sampling
  • 4kHz analog bandwidth for most measurements
  • 24-bit resolution max
  • >18 Effective bits at 125 samples per second

On Board Storage – SD Card

  • MicroSD Card
  • Up to 32GB
    • More than a week of constant logging two channels at 8kHz
  • SD or SDHC (not SDXC)


Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy

GATT Profile: To be released in 2014

Wireless Range

The wireless range has been tested empirically through the following media to an iPhone 5.

  • 50m air, line of sight
  • 5cm of refrigerator, door closed
  • 1m of 2006 Honda Civic – Engine compartment to the passenger seat
  • 10m air + safety shield of a Tesla Coil rock-bands testing facility



Simultaneous high-speed sampling of voltage and current gives the following power measurements:

  • True Power
  • Reactive, Complex, Apparent Power
  • Power Factor
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Phase Lead or Lag


Measure the supply sag under load to estimate:

  • Supply or Battery equivalent resistance
  • Battery State of Health

Current Measurement, External Shunt

  • Measure thousands of amps with sub-milliohm shunts
  • Measure precision currents with large shunts
  • Use the existing wiring for “quick’n'dirty” measurements
    • Use 1′ of 10AWG for 12µA per count resolution, up to several times the wires ampacity.


  • External Thermistors
    • Steinhart-Hart or Beta parameterized
  • External Thermocouples
  • Internal ambient temperature sensor
  • Internal temperature sensor for temperature drift compensation
Go there...

Mooshimeter makes multi-channel measurements possible in situations that are too fast, too slow, too sensitive or too dangerous to use a traditional multimeter. By harnessing your smartphone’s hardware, it does so at an insanely low price.

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