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Friday, February 22, 2013

XBoot is an easy to use utility for creating Multi-Boot USB Sticks or CD - DVD's with ISO Files

This is my Go To USB and ISO File Multi-Boot Linux Distro and Windows Recovery CD - USB Builder. You can try out any ISO file in XBoot, by dragging it into the XBoot Window. Then it will ask you which Boot Method to use, if it can't be done automatically by XBoot. If your Distro or Recovery ISO is in the drop down list. Choose it and go. Allot of the time, the ISO's I want to use are not in the list. I have had the best luck of them working with the Grub for Dos Setting. But you can try them all. This can be time consuming. But, you can try out your Multi-Boot ISO or USB Stick in Qemu a Virtual Machine (built in to XBoot). Before putting your CD - DVD or USB Stick on a Real Machine to see if it works. I just wish I had about 20 USB Sticks of at least 5GB. So that I wouldn't have to keep Deleting my Great Multi-Boot Setups, to do a new one, for a different Purpose. I also, have a hard time remembering which ISO's worked and which ones didn't, last time. But, that's not XBoot's fault;)... 


XBOOT A Utility for creating multiboot usb/iso


XBoot is a easy-to-use utility for creating Multiboot USB/ISO.You may have seen many bootable ISO files like Linux live CDs , Antivirus rescue CDs etc. XBoot can combine these ISO files in to one Multiboot ISO file or create Multiboot USB in just few clicks.
Simply Drag and drop ISO files in to XBoot and click Create ISO or Create USB button.

Support for some ISO files have been added , support for some other ISO files will be added later on the request
 of users.If you want support for any language other than English then please request in Xboot forum.

Some reviews and articles have been written about XBoot by some third parties.You can read them for you reference.

If you want to add to above list any tutorial , reviews etc. on XBoot that you found on internet or you have written yourself , then please mention it by creating a new topic in XBoot Forum

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