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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Good Hardware info App's for Linux

Here's a good Hardware info App for Linux...


HardInfo: System Profiler and Benchmark

System Profiler and Benchmark

HardInfo can gather information about your system's hardware and operating system, perform benchmarks, and generate printable reports either in HTML or in plain text formats.

It can also be easily extended, for developer documentation and full source code (released under GNU GPL version 2) is available.

Getting HardInfo

The most recent version of HardInfo is 0.5.1, which was released on April 6, 2009. See the download page for download options.

See HardInfo Run

You can see a screencast that show HardInfo in action; it is a little outdated, but should give you an idea of how HardInfo works. Alternatively, you may also see some screenshots.

Reporting Bugs


Hardware Lister (lshw)

lshw (Hardware Lister) is a small tool to provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configuration, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc. on DMI-capable x86 or EFI (IA-64) systems and on some PowerPC machines (PowerMac G4 is known to work).


  • Linux 2.4.x or 2.6.x (2.2.x might work, though)
  • a PA-RISC, Alpha, IA-64 (Itanium), PowerPC or x86 based machine
  • an ANSI (or close enough to ANSI compliance) C++ compiler (tested with GCC 2.95.4 and 3.2.2)
  • for the (optional) GTK+ graphical user interface, you will need a complete GTK+ 2.4 development environment (gtk2-devel on RedHat/Fedora derivatives)

Information can be output in plain text, XML or HTML.

It currently supports DMI (x86 and EFI only), OpenFirmware device tree (PowerPC only), PCI/AGP, ISA PnP (x86), CPUID (x86), IDE/ATA/ATAPI, PCMCIA (only tested on x86), USB and SCSI.


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HardInfo: System Profiler and Benchmark

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