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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Dream Car - Wooden Go Cart, Car Build Project with a Motor Cycle Engine

My Dream Car - Cart. The one that I always wanted to build when I was a Kid!:) This is a really cool Wooden Go Cart - Car Build Project. With a Motor Cycle Engine. Done by some Teenagers. They are working on Version two now. And it has some improvements over Version one. But they both work very well. Check out their Great Work!:)


Our kart / car

We have been engaged since July 2, 2009 fanatically doing a homemade car and here are the steps show.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This there were more pictures of previous designs on the site but we removed because the kart looks now very different. Photos of the crash to (see some below)

a new moterkap

moterkap can now fully open

Here we rijde pretty hard by the polder: P


Our new design: P

our new springs and bearings

the main frame is here now on the table

Now is the bracket for the rear suspension should put

the pivot point for the rear suspension

for the front suspension

Here are the rear wheels on

front suspension

here he stands completely on its wheels

New steering wheel

The engine block is now available in

Go there, Read More and see More Pics (Google Translate to English)...

Original Language Page...

Our kart / car old version! (Version one)

Skipping on down to the finished Version one Car (the one that crashed into a Tree)....

Building our go-kart / car
Teens pulled over while driving their wooden roadster - Hack a Day
Onze skelter/auto
Google Translate
Our kart / car old version!
Onze nieuwe auto! - YouTube
Rondje door edam - YouTube
Ons gekloot met de skelter :P 125cc 13 pk 4 versnellingen + vrij - YouTube
Ons eerste ritje met de skelter :P - YouTube
onze eerste test met de ingebouwde computer - YouTube
Driften met de skelter/auto - YouTube
Skelter/auto Ritje met tijdelijke aanhanger - YouTube
Zelfgebouwde Skelter 125cc 13PK 4 Versnellingen + vrij - YouTube

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