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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old School Video Effects - Schele-Mixer This is a simple analog video mixer based on the LM1881 sync separator

Schele Mixer from Gijs on Vimeo.

This is a simple analog video mixer based on the LM1881 sync separator.

There is a cross fader, cross dissolve (50% in the center). And a fade effect, with 3 settings. The fade effect quickly charges a capacitor with the video signal, and slowly discharges it back into the video signal. Selecting the filter will filter out the color information, resulting in a black and white image.


Pretty cool. Looks like a fun tool to have. I use to like to play around with Analog Video Signals on a little push button mixer with efx, that a friend let me use for a while. It was late 80's - early 90's Tech. This was in the late 90's, when I was using it. I had a Sony BVP3 Pro Video Camera in the late 90's too. It was a 3 Tube Camera, that did 750 lines of Resolution.

Sony BVP3 More info at  


Sony BVP3 More info at

I didn't have the Sony Portable Recording Deck for it. So, I just hooked it up to a VCR, via the RF Aux Output. And I usually used a small audio mixer and a Sure SM-58 Mic to get my Audio. There was a very good built in Mic on the Camera. But, I don't remember if I ever wired it up and used it or not now. I believe it needed a different connector. Not a standard XLR. The BVP3 cost over $10,000, when it was new. I got it at an Auction for $350 and later sold it for $1500!:) This Camera, was Broadcast Quality until Digital Video became the Standard. Digital Video was already out. But not the standard yet. When I got my BVP3. You could get some interesting effects by using the different settings on the Camera. White Balance, Exposure, Gain and such (Not built in efx, like in a High-8 or 
SVHS Camera). I can't remember exactly now, all of the settings on the Camera. The thing I liked to play with best. Was Shooting at Night, in a moving Vehicle. You could get some cool looking Light Streaks, form Stop Lights and Road Lighting. It was like Shooting a Time Exposure with a 35mm Camera. But, with Video. And with all Analog Cameras. Including Web Cams. You can get some cool Feedback Effects, by aiming your camera at a the Display Monitor, while Recording. That can be fun to play with if you have some imagination. You can find some interesting things to shoot, with video feedback involved. Now I'm missing my BVP3!:O


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