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Friday, September 14, 2012

Blue LED Helmet - Looks Great! - YouTube Video

My Blue LED Helmet

by Brian Cardellini

Video Link...

From Video Comments...
Yeah, it's for costume only. I built it to wear at Burning Man. For protection you'd be better off wearing no helmet than wearing this. I carved out most of the Styrofoam to fit all the electronics in, and there's a thick metal battery back right behind your skull. And it'd be even worse for street bike use because blue lights are a DOT no-no and it'll distract all the drivers you're hoping don't run into you.


This is a very well done Project and I love the visuals and the editing work in this video too!:) Looks to me like, you could add wireless control and have one of these change colors and turn on certain lights when you hit the breaks on your bike. I know... there would have to be considerable changes to make it safe for Riding...


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