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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Diana Eng - Tech Fashion Designer

I found a neat Video about Directional Antennas by Diana Eng with Make Magazine a few years ago and was watching it again today on my Blog. Then I decided to see what else Diana has been up to these days... And Wow! She's a busy girl!:) Smart and Creative too;) Check out some of here latest Videos. She's using LED's in Fashion Designs and doing all kinds of Creative Stuff too. You could be wondering... Why I didn't know who she is?... Well, that would be, because I'm really into Tech Stuff... Fashion, not so much;) But, I think it's really cool, how Tech and Fashion are "Mixing and Matching" These Days...


Computer Programming

Video Link (This was a Play list with several interesting videos. Not sure if this link will be one or all of them. But her Page has them all)...

DianaEng - YouTube

Uploaded by on Nov 30, 2009

This week we think about displaying information in clothing designs. We can create computer programs to gather information for our clothing designs. We talk with computer programmer Hilary Mason. Hilary explains what type of information we can display in clothing, and how to get the information through data mining.

Fairytale Fashion is using technology to create a collection magical clothing in real life (with blooming flowers, transforming shapes, changing colors, etc.) for Feb. 2010. We share our work in weekly research and development web videos. You can help us create the designs by answering the design question at the end of each video on

Go there...

Fairytale Fashion Show

Video Link...

The Fairytale Fashion Collection was presented on February 24, 2010, at Eyebeam Atelier in Chelsea, New York City. Models hit the runway while a quartet of circuit bending DJ's created music from a hacked sewing machine and conductive felt. Seated front row were celebrity scientists, designers, and school children.

More info and Videos on here site here...
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