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Monday, April 3, 2017

The definitive Windows 10 Creators Update review - Windows Central and info links

If you are running Windows 10. Your getting an update. Check out the Article, info and video, on the linked page. Also, check out the related links, below too...


Microsoft's newest software update for Windows 10 is almost here, and it contains a whole load of tweaks and enhancements for everyone.

On April 11, Microsoft will roll out its next major update for Windows 10, which introduces a new set of features and enhancements to the OS. The update will roll out under the name "Creators Update," and is as its name implies, and update focused on being creative with Windows 10. Although the update is aimed at "creators," a lot of the features coming in the update benefit everyone, which is reassuring because the update will be rolling out to everyone for free.


Windows 10 info
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Scan report for at UTC - VirusTotal
Scan report for at UTC - VirusTotal
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Ultimate Outsider: Using GWX Control Panel to Permanently Remove the 'Get Windows 10' Icon
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