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Monday, September 5, 2016

Homemade Wood lathe Duplicator using an angle grinder - YouTube

Homemade Wood lathe Duplicator using an angle grinder

Published on Aug 14, 2013

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Woodturning is a time consuming discipline, with a little ingenuity you can make a duplicator for your wood lathe to speed things up! If you repeatedly turn the same profiles for table legs, baseball bats, etc. This design might be right for you. It uses a small amount of plywood, some hardware and an angle grinder. I used a dewalt with a King Arthur chainsaw wheel. There are some expensive duplicators out there, such as the Vega. Save your money and become more skilled at the same time by creating your own duplicator.

Jump to the action! 03:35

Curious to see the final legs on a table, see them in my video about killing insects in lumber.

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