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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Welders - DIY a Professional Spot Welder Made out of a Microwave Transformer - YouTube Video and How To info

Check out this How To Video, on making A Professional Grade Spot Welder Made out of a Microwave Transformer. There's more info, in the links below and check out the related links too...


DIY resistance fine-spot welder

Video Link...


Published on Nov 2, 2013

A fine-spot welder is one of the few equipment where building yourself is cheaper than buying.
See more here:

These are some unique features:
It can be used in 2 welding applications: opposed and series configuration.
The construction is kept very simple.
Accurate electrode force adjustment.
It has a solid electrode holder, made of a radiator earthing clamp.
An Arduino microcontroller is used to set the weld time accurately.
Creates a double pulse which improves clamping.
The current can be reduced for welding sensitive parts.

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