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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

FCC Votes For Unlicensed White Space Use

FCC Votes For Unlicensed White Space Use

By Clive Young.
New York (November 5, 2008)--The FCC voted Tuesday to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate in broadcast spectrum "White Spaces." The vote passed despite extensive opposition from the NAB; pro audio manufacturers; more than 50 members of Congress, including Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton; NARAS; the Grand Ole Opry; the Shubert Theater Organization; Harrah's Entertainment; the American Federation of Musicians; the Country Music Association; the NFL; NASCAR; the NBA; the New York City Council and innumerable artists.

The FCC noted in a statement that while it was moving forward with rules to allow the devices, it would enact "numerous safeguards to protect incumbent services against harmful interference." 
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Personally, after my 12 years of Mixing Live Sound for Bands and 5 years of running an online Pro Audio - Video Equipment Sales Web Site... I have to wonder if Shure Microphone's stake in this is more about them keeping a leg up on the little guys, than helping the Artist Community? I mean, did I miss something? Did Bill Gates take over Shure??? Don't get me wrong, I love Shure Microphones! SM 58's and 57's were my Mic's of choice for any live show. But I never could afford a good Wireless Microphone, I did small concerts on small budgets... And besides even the ones in the $750 range which I did get to use at times, already had too many interference problems for me to want to mess with them. I mean after all, a Concert is all about the Sound isn't it! I always went with a wired Shure Mic over any other choice. And theres just something about a quite girl twirling that Mic Cable around and around;) Maybe if I were one of the "Big Boys" and could afford a $2500 Shure Mic setup, then I would have had better luck with Wireless. But I doubt it, not with all the Mobile Phone Networks, Radio Stations, AC Wiring and Lighting in all buildings, my number one interference problem and now HD TV filling up the Bandwidth... I think the Possibilities of new technology, what ever that may be, becoming more available and hopefully cheaper for average consumers, not just the Elite Few... will over all be a good thing. So, in Response to this  quote from Shure... "While not unexpected, today's FCC decision will greatly complicate the lives of wireless microphone users across the United States and negatively affect tens of millions of Americans listening to live and broadcast events." Somebody Call a Wambulance! Shure is having a Panic Attack over nothing but their Bottom Line!:O There are more important things than Wireless Microphones in this Big, Big, World. Com on  Shure... Share the Band Width!:O


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