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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Immunet v2 update on the way: adds multi-engine malware and virus scanning to cloud-powered core

Immunet v2 update on the way: adds multi-engine malware and virus scanning to cloud-powered core

You may not be familiar with Immunet, the Canadian startup who burst onto the scene last year with a light weight, community-driven Windows antivirus app. Immunet's user base is rapidly approaching 300,000 -- pretty phenomenal growth considering this screenshot from August of last year when I was one member out of 64.

Immunet v1 has been a success, and the company is already hard at work on version 2. Now in closed beta testing, Immunet 2 will feature some big-time improvements to its antivirus and antimalware defenses. Thanks to a partnership with Sourcefire -- makers of the ClamAV -- and the introduction of Avira's scanning engine, Immunet 2 will be the first Windows antivirus app to sport multi-engine scanning.

That's not the only thing which sets Immunet apart from other free Windows antivirus programs. There's one other giant difference: Immunet is free for use anywhere -- including commercial environments. Yes, you can run Immunet's antivirus defense on all of your SMB's machines without spending a dime. The same can't be said of apps like Avira, Avast, AVG, Comodo, or even Security Essentials.

Immunet is, however, going to bring a paid version to market which will incorporate additional engines for even greater defense. I've been testing the new version, and the additions haven't come at the expense of system resources -- Immunet v2 is still one of the lightest antivirus apps I've ever used, and it runs nicely in tandem with Microsoft Security Essentials.

The paid version also gets you additional scanners: email, archived or packed files, and deep scan. Both versions offer scheduled scanning, exclusions, and blocking mode -- which prevents application installs temporarily until they are determined to be safe.

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One thing I noticed that is missing in the Free Version and is very important to me. Is the ability to scan email, archived or packed files, and deep scans. Avast my long time Favorite Windows Anti Virus Software will do all of this. Comodo which is a good one and is Rating Higher in Online Reviews I have read lately, will do this too. I use ClamAV on all my Linux Machines now, cause Avast just stopped working in Fedora 11 and 12. You can install Avast and Comodo on the same Windows machine without them fighting each other... believe it or not. Back in the olden days. I mean all they way back to Windows 3.1, with FProt AV, Dr Watson AV (or Dr something?), Mcafee and the like. The Anti Virus Experts Recommended using several different Antivirus Apps on the same machine for better protection. That was before they started fighting each other and trying to delete each others Virus Definitions. Hmmm, wonder what caused that??? Competition??? Anyway that's Pretty much the same Principal as used in Immunet. And I like the added protection!:)


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