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Monday, November 10, 2008

Setting up Avast Antivirus to Protect your Windows PC...

Setting up Avast Antivirus to Protect your Windows PC...

After you have installed Avast and acquired your Free License Key from them... It's a good idea to run a full system scan, after you update the virus definitions of course... You can run it in Windows... Or the best and most efficient way to get rid of all Bad things hiding in your PC... is to run a Boot Time Scan. Here's how you do it... Right click on the Blue A Icon in the bottom right side or your Taskbar... If you have two Blue Balls... you can set Avast to Combine them into one Blue Ball with the A on it. I like this better, it's less confusing and you don't have that VRDB Ball spinning and moving on your screen, bugging your eyes... VRDB is an automatic Backup of System files, which Avast automatically does this for you, so they can be restored if damaged by a Virus... I like to set this to run when the Computer is Idle... The default is, while Screen Saver is running... But I don't usually use a Screen Saver... Unless it's the Avast Screen Saver, which Scans the Computer while the Screen Saver is Running... pretty good feature:) Ok... back to running a Boot Time Scan... Then left click on Start avast! Antivirus... After the window finished opening and scanning the Computers Memory, this may take a few minutes... Left click on the Menu at the top left of the Avast window. Note, the first thing I do is change the Skin to the Blue one, the Default is small, ugly and hard to read... Then look through the menu and find, Schedule a Boot Time Scan... Do this and when you reboot the computer, Avast will scan the whole HD before it Boots into Windows, the next time you Boot the Computer... You can set the advanced options to have it automatically move Suspected Virus Infected files to the Virus Chest... This is the safest thing to do with them, in case there are any System files that are infected. Be Careful with System files, if you delete them, your computer may not Boot into Windows! Even moving them to the Chest can cause this to happen... So if you have the time... you may want to set through the first Boot Time Scan and answer all the questions for each individual file that comes up with a problem... Then next time you will know how to set the Advanced settings... Not all suspected infections are actually Viruses. Avast is Pretty Good at finding the real Viruses. But just in case... read the info and decide for your self. If necessary, Google them on another computer... This is where that Lap Top, we both want to  have to be able to carry with us, comes int;) If the Boot Time Scan seems like it will be to time consuming or confusing... Then do the Full HD Scan in Windows the first time. And if nothing bad shows up... your fine. But if something does show up or cant' be moved to the Virus Chest, which is common with todays Viruses... Then do the Boot Time Scan and it will most likely be able to move them to the Chest, so you can Delete them later after you make sure that the Computer Boots and Runs Good... Also, if you hold your Mouse Pointer over the Icons in the Avast Program Window, in a few seconds... the title description of what each one does, will pop up. I always Set the On Access Protection Control... for E-Mail and P2P File sharing (p2p, which she probably doesn't use or even know what it is), Set these to High. You can Right Click on the Blue A Ball to get to all of the settings for this. Click on Detailed, to see them individually... If P2P is being used and you know it is a safe site or Program... the settings will automatically be set to Custom... this is fine. Shareza is a good P2P Downloading - File Sharing Program... this is an example of a good reason to have P2P set to Custom... But if there is no p2p being done on Purpose, you should set it to High... this could mean that her Computer has been compromised and is sending data out to someone somewhere... So, pay attention to the P2P Settings... Well, that's all I can think of right now... Avast is Powerful and pretty easy to use, once you learn the tricks...


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