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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Drag Racing - Big Daddy Don Garlits Close Calls - YouTube Videos and info links

When I was a very young boy, about 5 or 6 years old. I got to go, to the Green Valley Raceway, in TX. I was enamored with the Sounds and Raw Power, of the Cars. My Dad was a Hot Rodder too:) And I had lost, him to Cancer, when I was four. We still had Dad's old 1920's or early 30's Chevy Sedan in our Back yard for years. My Dad's Project. But, He never got to finish it. I use to play in that car. I would stand at the steering wheel or sit on something (there was no seat in that car). And pretend to I was driving it. I soon had big dreams, of finishing that Project and driving it my self (for real). When I go older. But, Later on, my Mom sold it to my Dad's Cousin. She, was convinced, by my relatives. That I would never be able to finish fixing up that car. I did get to ride in it though, when I was about 5 years old. Dad's Cousin, my Second Cousin. Got it running and drove it back down to Fort Worth, from Wichita Falls, where he lived. And gave me a ride in the car. That was, so cool! Actually getting to take a ride, in that car!:) It had a Hand Crank Starter and it was Hard to Start. But, that sealed the deal, for me. I have loved old cars and trucks, ever since. He, ended up selling the car. It was just too much work for him. So, I never saw it again. But, I did do a few projects of my own... I go into more details, in this Post, I still remember it like it was yesterday!:) Man I wish I had that Car now! So, back to Drag Racing... I actually never got to go back to a Drag Race again, until I was a young adult. I had big plans, throughout High School to go Drag Racing and Start my own Hot Rod Building Shop. But, I never got my Cars running fast enough. So that, I thought I could compete. So, I stuck to Hot Rodding around town. I did see the National Drag Races on TV, sometimes. And I thought I wanted to be the next Big Daddy, Don Garlits. I never actually knew allot about, him. Over the years. I just remembered, He won allot of races and his name was Don (like me). But, today. I found an old Video, on YouTube. I think I had watched the beginning of it before. But, today I watched the whole thing. It's about 50 minutes long. And I enjoyed every minute of it!:) Check out this Video and the Related Videos and links Below...


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